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21 May 2011 - 12 Aug 2011
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Extraordinary measures were wound up during 2010

During 2010, the Riksbank wound up the extraordinary measures adopted in connection with the financial crisis. At the same time, the Riksbank’s profit decreased by SEK 13.7 billion to SEK 0.5 billion. This can be seen in the Riksbank's annual report for 2010, which was submitted to the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) today.
”Behind us, we now have a couple of dramatic years since the international financial turmoil erupted into an acute global financial crisis in the autumn of 2008. Looking back on these years, it seems increasingly clear that, despite everything, the Swedish economy has coped fairly well with the crisis. Although production fell more in Sweden than in certain other countries, the recovery has been much quicker. The Swedish banks, which were impacted by the confidence crisis that swept across the financial system worldwide, can now obtain funding on the market without problems. For the Riksbank, this means that, during 2010, we were able to wind up extraordinary lending and take the first steps to normalise monetary policy.”, says the Governor of the Riksbank, Stefan Ingves, in his comments on the Riksbank's annual report 2010.
Among other data, the annual report presents a review of the Riksbank’s work on adjusting towards a less expansionary monetary policy. The Riksbank also describes its work on managing the repercussions of the financial crisis and presents the results of its other activities during 2010. The annual report also includes the Riksbank’s balance sheet and profit and loss account.
The Riksbank’s annual report for 2010 can be obtained as a parliamentary document in Swedish via the link below. The report will be published in the Riksbank’s standard layout in both Swedish and English on 30 March 2011. Then it will be possible to download the report or order copies of it through this website.
Submission to the Riksdag 2010/11:RB1 Annual report for Sveriges Riksbank for the financial year 2010 (in Swedish only) | 846 Kb

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