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15 Jun 2004 - 02 May 2019
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Jubilee and commemorative coins
The Riksbank applies the following principles with effect from 2009 to the issuing of commemorative coins and special minting of coins:
Circulation coins with special minting can be issued to honour the memory of historical persons, to mark events of major importance to Sweden’s development or to celebrate important jubilees.
Events that are commemorated by means of special minting must be of broad national interest. No more than one commemorative coin shall be issued per year unless special circumstances motivate issuing several coins.
Commemorative coins can be issued to mark events of particular national importance. The issuing of such coins shall be restrictive.
Special minting of circulation coins means that one side of a common coin has a motif that is different to the normal one.  Such coins are distributed in the same way as other circulation coins.
Jubilee and commemorative coins issued earlier
Over the years, the Riksbank has issued a number of different jubilee and commemorative coins. Pictures and information on jubilee and commemorative coins from the 21th century can be found in the menu on the left. If you are interested in pictures and information on jubilee and commemorative coins issued earlier (from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries), this can only be found on the Swedish part of the website under “sedlar & mynt/mynt/jubileums- och minnesmynt”, see link down below.  Low resolution and high resolution pictures of jubilee and commemorative coins from the 21st century can be found under press photos, see link down below.
Picture of Jubilee and commemorative coins

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