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Walking Great Britain’s great coast
By Sarah Baxter, Lonely Planet
From English rambles to Scottish strolls to walking coastal Wales, these routes take you along beaches, bays, coves and cliffs. Read more…
Vancouver Island’s wild side
By Jonah Flicker
The West Coast Trail is located in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled and remote regions on the continent. Read more…
Mexico's underground rivers
By Adam McCulloch, Lonely Planet
The Mayan Riviera on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is home to several deep wells of gin-clear water that provide entry into a surreal underworld.​Read more…
Cruises for non-cruise people
By Johanna Jainchill
Alaskan wilds, African rivers, the Northwest Passage, tall ships and more for those who might find a traditional cruise experience a bit staid. Read more…
Postcard from Belfast
By Marina O’Loughlin, BBC Olive magazine
Northern Ireland’s capital has a relaxed culinary renaissance and a covetable fry-up. Read more…
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Editor's picks
Dine underwater in the Maldives
An all-glass restaurant 16 feet below sea level
Food & Drink
Business travel is big business
Business trips cost money, but make much more
Sailing in style
New ships makeover cruising's image
Tips for travel disruptions
Minimise delays, cancellations and overbookings
Travel Tips
Taiwan’s Dragon Boat Festival
One of the country’s biggest celebrations
Drawing on experience: Netherlands
Have book and pen, will travel
The latest news from Fast Track
Travel ads that don't add up and hip hotels
Wellington for hobbits
Inspired by where The Hobbit is being filmed
New Zealand
Mini guide to Normandy
French territory with beautiful landscapes
Vestiges of historical Dubai
Putting a priority on preserving the past
Where in the world? with Lonely Planet
This city's new bicycle lending program allows travellers to bypass the car-clogged arteries.
Where in the world?
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