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27 May 2011 - 26 Jul 2011
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  Friday , May 27, 2011
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High Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives to hold two sessions Friday
Caretaker President enquires about security situation
Interim President receives BCT Governor
UNDP supports Tunisia's democratic transition
Caretaker PM in Deauville to attend G8 summit
Tunisia, Morocco sign framework agreement on military co-operation
Justice Minister receives Special UNO Rapporteur on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
EIB steps up support to democratic transition in Tunisia
K. Jendoubi: "Constituent Assembly's elections set for October 16, according to HIAE's calendar"
Tunisia to submit economic and social programme to G8
G8 plans to launch "sustainable partnership" with Tunisia and Egypt
G8: Tunisian citizens travel to Deauville
Interim President receives credentials of new foreign ambassadors
Alistair Burt: "Tunisia has had the virtue of being the driving force of change in the Arab world"
New governor of Mahdia sworn in
Tunisia takes part in NAM 16th Ministerial Conference
K. Jendoubi: "Date of Constituent Assembly's election part of calendar to be submitted Thursday to political parties"
Interim President receives written message from Emir of Kuwait
National Defence Minister visits refugee camps in Ben Guerdane region
Qatar reasserts support to Tunisia at transition stage
G8: For massive support to transition in Tunisia
International conference on international election observers' role
Financial transparency and fight against corruption guarantees of good governance
"Tunisia can only be a successful democratic model," says François Hollande
Caretaker PM receives Libyan NTC representative
Resignation of Secretary of State to Youth confirmed
Investigating magistrates close inquiries in 26 criminal cases
Regular press meeting with Ministries' delegates
François Hollande suggests converting Tunisian debt into donation by international community
Cabinet meeting keeps date of July 24 for National Constituent Assembly's election
Tunis Declaration on Africa Day
Arrest warrants against ousted president and his relatives followed up in Interpol
Woman to chair Tunisian Judges Union
Mr. Mohamed Najem Gharsalli appointed as new Governor of Mahdia
OMCT: Torture eradication, key criterion to success of democratic transition
Japan calls on international community to help Tunisia's democratic transition
Suggestion to postpone Constituent Assembly's elections to be looked into on Tuesday by Cabinet
Ras Jedir: Several Libyan politicians cross to Tunisia
Over 100 000 visitors for "Jasmine Village " in Paris
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights on official visit to Tunisia
High Authority for Elections suggests delaying vote to next October 16
AMT satisfied at refusal to waive Judge Farhat Rajhi's immunity
National Defence Minister condoles with family of martyr Corporal Walid Hajji
Higher Islamic Council condemns terrorist acts in Rouhia
Higher Council of Judiciary rejects request to waive Judge Farhat Rajhi's immunity
Two letters rogatory to freeze assets of deposed President and his relatives in UAE and Qatar
A person refusing to comply with security forces warning killed
Political Parties condemn terrorist acts in Rouhia
Justice Minister receives OMCT delegation
Government is ready to assist Independent Authority for Elections
Justice Minister receives US Ambassador in Tunis
Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui: holding elections on set date will help stabilise country
China supports Tunisian people and transition process
Tunisia hails US efforts to mobilise international support for its benefit
UAE's full readiness to support Tunisia at political and economic levels and further strengthen co-operation
High Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives condemns Ruhia events
President Obama: economic plan to back up "Arab Spring"
PM offers condolences after martyrdom of two Tunisian servicemen
Means to fight all forms of torture and violence looked into
Funeral of Lieutenant Colonel Tahar Ayari
Tunisia's will to adopt all guarantees materialising human rights values
Seminar in Tunis on "EU and New Tunisia: on Path of Advanced Status"
Interim President receives credentials of new ambassadors
Ways to strengthen co-operation between Tunisia and UN in matters of justice looked at
Interim President condoles with families of two martyr servicemen
Libyan car loaded with highly sophisticated telecommunication equipment intercepted in Djerba
High Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives expresses outrage at recent events
Interior Ministry provides further details on Rouhia events
Intense activity at Ras Jedir frontier post
World Organisation against Torture shows interest in democratic transition in Tunisia
France stands with Tunisia on road to democracy, says President Sarkozy
Malian arrested with 55 fake passports
President Sarkozy: France supports Tunisia on path of democracy
DCAF supports Tunisia in setting up transitional justice
"Tunisia deserves commitment," Béji Caid Essebsi tells Europe 1
Curfew lifted in Greater Tunis
Interior Ministry provides further details on Ruhia events
Celebration of 55th anniversary of National Army
Three killed in gun battle in Rouhia
Tunisia takes part in Arab League Council extraordinary interministerial meeting
Tunisian-French co-operation agreement in vocational training
French PM hosts dinner in honour of Tunisia's Interim PM
Tunisia warns Libya over border shelling
Qatar's will to increase efforts of development and investment in Tunisia
Interim President extends written message to Emir of Kuwaït
Canadian authorities start taking control of accounts and assets of deposed president and his family (Canada's Ambassador in Tunis)
US humanitarian aid to refugees in Ras Jedir
Caretaker PM arrives in Paris
Claude Guéant: "Illegal immigration is everybody's failure"
Two high-ranking Libyan officials on Tunisian territory
Tunisian-French co-operation agreement in civil defence signed
Mortar shells fall again near Wazen-Dhehiba crossing from Libyan side of border
Round table on election oversight mechanisms
Interim President receives Polish Senate Speaker
Line-up of Independent High Elections Authority further looked at
Arab preparatory meeting on electoral reform and election oversight in Tunisia opens
Interim President receives Bundestag delegation
Mongi Safra and Ahmed Friaa released after interrogation
Caretaker PM confers with French Interior Minister
Examination of call for withdrawing Judge Farhat Rajhi's immunity postponed for Saturday May 21
Two young people attempting to illegally enter Tunisian territory arrested
Interim PM to pay visit to France next May 17-18
Cabinet meeting insists on holding elections next July 24
Tunisia calls for political and peaceful solution in Yemen
Two terrorists arrested in Remada (Interior Ministry)
Libyan officials cross Ras Jedir border point
Quantities of weapons and ammunition found in different locations in southern Tunisia (Interior)
Mediterranean tribute to Tunisian Revolution
Large gathering in Tunis to support Palestinian cause
Ennahdha Movement holds meeting in Jendouba
FDTL committed to hold election of Constituent Assembly in scheduled date
Attempt of illegal migration to Italy thwarted
Three dissidents from pro-Gaddafi forces arrive in Zarzis
Libyan locality near Tunisian border bombed by NATO
Farhat Rajhi apologises to National Army
Tataouine: infiltration attempt by pro-Gaddafi forces foiled
Two terrorists arrested in Rémada
Military court kicks off investigation in case of deposed President and his security subordinates
Interim President receives Albert Londres Awards' jury members
French President's Envoy: "France willing to help Tunisia in every way possible"
Curfew in Greater Tunis shortened from midnight to 04.00 a.m.
Conference on "Parties' Laws and Financing in Tunisia"
Polish Senate speaker to visit Tunisia May 15-16
End of conference on "Parties' Laws and Financing in Tunisia"
Amnesty International presents its annual report in Tunis
Interim President receives report on country's security situation
Interim FM pays working visit to France
Tunisia sends humanitarian aid to Japan
UN Mission in tunisia next May 15-22
Higher Council of Internal Security Forces looks at situation in the country
Increased border controls at Dhehiba-Wazen post
Call to inform security authorities about any accommodation of foreigners or suspicious activities
Interim PM receives three independent lawyers
AMT withdraws from High Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives
Cases of deposed President and former Interior Minister referred to Military Justice
Procedures to recover assets transferred abroad by ousted president and his relatives looked at
Meeting to exchange views between Interim Government and High Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives
Members of High Independent Authority for Elections
Jewelry and sums of money found and seized at Carthage Palace
Seventy persons arrested after operations of destruction and looting in Greater Tunis
Dehiba: 100 mortar shells land in national territory
Interior Ministry: Practical measures to protect journalists to be reviewed
Tunis plays host to international conference on trade unions in democratic transition
Call for abiding by curfew imposed in Greater Tunis district (Interior and Defence)
TV debate with Interim PM
President of Swiss Confederation arrives in Tunis
Interim President addresses Tunisian people on Labour Day
Tunisian League for Human Rights calls for freedom of belief
Cabinet meeting: Draft decree-law on repairing recent months' damage looked at
Defence Ministry criticises "media sensationalism" in dealing with military helicopter crash
Kamel Morjane interrogated and released
Caretaker President receives delegation from Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe
Pro-Kadhafi brigade returns to Libya after having taken refuge on Tunisian territory
Presentation of candidacies for High Independent Elections Authority set for April 20-30
Juppé: "I came to reaffirm France's support to Tunisia, not to give lessons"
Libyan rebels control "Libya-Tunisia border crossing "
Interim President receives French FM
Tunisia voices discomfort at four mortar shells that fell into Tunisian territory
Rebels control Libya-Tunisia border crossing
French FM arrives in Tunis
"Tunisia deserves only to be prosperous says " Mahmoud Abbas
"Tunisian Revolution emanates from exclusive will of people" says Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen)
UNHCR looking at Ras Jedir refugees' asylum requests
Interim PM receives France's ambassador in Tunis
French FM to visit Tunisia next week
OSCE Chairperson: "Tunisia a model for whole region that should not fail"
Cabinet meeting looks into new draft decree-laws
New governors sworn in
First governors' conference after January 14 Revolution opens
Libya's new FM crosses into Tunisia heading for Cyprus
Barroso meets the press in Tunis
Zouheir M'dhaffar interrogated by investigating judge of Tunis Court of First Instance
"The democratic process in Tunisia is unique and unprecedented" says President of the ICJ Pedro Nikken
Barroso on eve of visit to Tunisia: "My message to Tunisian people is clear: Europe stands with you!"
French PS delegation calls on Ettajdid Movement
Former Secretary General of French PS Hollande received at PDP headquarters
Mohsni: call for unity in MDS
FDTL to publish its programme next June 1
Ettajdid Movement holds meeting in Sousse
Coalition of centrist parties created
Rached Ghannouchi: influence of Tunisian Revolution will help free Arab nation from dictatorship and achieve Arab unity
Movement of Democratic Patriots warns against foreign intervention in electoral campaign
CJD holds debate with members of Ettajdid Movement
PM receives PTPDT Constituent Committee chairman
MDS reasserts support for July 24, 2011 date
Moncef Marzouki: " Holding elections in time responsibility of specialised commissions"
Political Parties hail efforts exerted by security forces to fight against terrorism
"Afak Tounes" calls on all Tunisians to contribute to building new Tunisia
Ahmed Néjib Chebbi confirms his party commitment to hold Constituent Assembly election next July 24
Political parties call for concord for sake of country's security and stability
New political parties consult together
Political parties denounce attempts at sowing discord and disorder
Interim PM receives Ennahdha Movement Chairman
Tunisian Judges Union holds first Congress
UGTT calls on society components to face up to intrigues against Tunisia's security
UGTT takes part in 12th ETUC Congress
UGTT congress next December 2011
LTDH condemns aggressions against journalists
Creation of Tunisian Workers Union
Information meeting with representatives of some Ministries
Independence and neutrality, conditions for developing public press
Tunis plays host to Albert Londres Award ceremony
SNJT and AJJ denounce attacks on journalists
Situation of media sector in transitional stage and means to restore confidence of journalists examined
IFEX supports fair and transparent allocation process for broadcasting licences
"Analysis and reception of media political images" as theme of training workshop in Tunis
Qatar willing to provide technical and financial assistance to Tunisia
Tunisia takes part in "Denim by Premiere Vision" show in Paris
Energising Tunisian-German partnership in the wake of Revolution
World Bank plan to promote eco-tourism in South Tunisia
Finance Minister: Tunisia counts on friendly countries' support
WB: slowdown of growth in Middle East and North Africa (+ 3.6%)
Zoellick: 1 billion dollars for Tunisia in support for budget and investment projects
First "employment-training" cheques handed to 7 Tunisian firms
Tunisia-South Korean shellfish farming project
EBRD adopts plan to expand into Middle East and North Africa
Tunisia's exports to Libya down 32%
Coffee plant to open shortly in Zarzis
''Jasmine Village'' exhibit in Paris May 21-22
Tunisian tourism's new promotion campaign in Algeria
Main economic indicators of this year's first 4 months
Finance Minister in Washington ahead of G8
Tunisia takes part in SITEV in Algeria
FDI fell by 24.5% in first four months of 2011
"Délice" Group to create dairy plant in Sidi Bouzid
Making the most of Spanish tourism experience
Tunisia to produce 244 MW from wind energy in 2012
Economists issue call to G8 to adopt road-map for Tunisia
New SIEL exhibition opens
Sfax to host seminar on funding local and regional development projects
Tunisia elected as Chair of General Union of Arab Accountants and Auditors
Air carriers' turnovers drop
British Gas "forced to shut down" if sit-ins in front of its plant go on
13th SIEL exhibition next May 17-20
Tataouine: 70 MTD for infrastructure
UTICA calls to restore security to save economy
WB ready to carry on funding environmental projects in Tunisia
Totally-exporting industrial project to be operational shortly in Jendouba
Sea products on the rise in Médenine
Services sector: Rise in FDI
Paris plays host to seminar on French-Tunisian exchanges
Cruising: resumption confirmed
Summer fruit crop to increase by 10 to 15%
"Two Hundred Manifesto" to support Tunisian economy on eve of G8 Summit
Tunisair : delivery of second Airbus A320-200
First post-Revolution tourism campaign to be launched next May 9 in France
Seminar on business opportunities in Africa
Government's stance about draft decree-law on election of Constituent Assembly
INNORPI : Setting up of technology transfer office in Tunis
"New Tunisia, New Opportunities"
"Tunisia in 2011: New Policy for New Growth," April 27 in Paris
AUPP to air four programmes on Tunisian tourism
Japan grants Tunisia 50-mln-dinar donation to create thermo-solar steam generator
Chinese loan to finance investment projects in Tunisia
Spain pledges to complete projects underway
Tunisia-Germany: for decentralised and horizontal co-operation
Tunisia: investment opportunities in priority regions looked at with IBRD, AfDB and AFD
BCT Governor: Tunisia needs funds in billions
WB to lend Tunisia 500 MD dollar for budget to support reforms in Tunisia
Tunisia climbs four positions up in WEF ranking
Training session in gene banks management
AfDB brief on economic outlook in Tunisia
DFI at their lowest in Tunisia
Forum of Tunisia on Investment next June 17
Call to safeguard archeological heritage
UTICA commends Tunisian people’s revolution
UTICA commends Tunisian people’s revolution
BCT denies any change in monetary and commercial gold stocks
BCT denies any change in monetary and commercial gold stocks
Economic and political volatility impacts Tunisia’s sovereign grade
Economic and political volatility impacts Tunisia’s sovereign grade
Seven wounded in clashes at Shucha camp
Protest in Shusha Camp degenerates, killing 2 and injuring 16
French medical aid for Ettadhamen health centre
Shusha Camp refugees block national road n°1 claim evacuation
New projects for Governorate of Sidi Bouzid announced
Suspicious car intercepted and cartridges for Kalashnikov seized near Tunisia-Libyan border
Fire kills four Eritreans at Ras Jedir refugee camp
More than 45,000 Libyan refugees in Tataouine
Ras Jedir: slight drop of Libyan refugees fleeing to Tunisia
Massive flow of Libyans to Ras Jedir
Djerba's Ghriba pilgrimage shortened to two days
Mahdia: Aid for benefit of Tunisian nationals returning from Libya
Fighting resumes at Dehiba/Wazen border crossing
Two Libyans belonging to terrorist organisation arrested in Tataouine
Libyan citizens carrying highly sophisticated telecommunication equipment arrested
Two young people attempting to illegally enter Tunisian territory arrested
Minor earth tremor in Tabarka
French travel agents on visit in Monastir
Call to protect livestock
Boats with Libyan nationals drop anchor in El Ktef and Zarzis ports
Tataouine: 70 MTD for infrastructure
Totally-exporting industrial project to be operational shortly in Jendouba
Sea products on the rise in Médenine
Monastir plays host to meeting on American educational system
Libyan families arrive in Monastir
Delegation of Saône-et-Loire visits Sidi Bouzid
437 Libyan cars and one bus intercepted at Tunisian-Libyan border
Ras Jedir: 1 696 Libyan nationals cross Tunisian border with Libya
Tataouine: refugees from Libya hosted
Scores of Libyans return home
Colloquium on "Demographic Changes, Peoples' Territory and Identities in Maghreb and Western Mediterranean"
WHA adopts resolution on youth's health at Tunisia's initiative
French medical aid for Ettadhamen health centre
Vocational training: Tunisia, France sign Declaration of Intent
Tunisian private clinic gets Merck Serono Fertility Award 2011
At Tunisia's initiative, World Health Assembly holds special session on youth and health risks
Tunisian-French Civil Society Forum
World Day of Refugees to be celebrated next June in Tunisia first
Forum on "Development of Educational and Training System in Africa"
Boosting co-operation to spread democracy culture
Friedrich Naumann Foundation's new Director in Tunis
WHO praises Tunisia's care for refugees fleeing Libya
International Conference in Tunis focuses on Arab Programme to improve education
Role of private sector and organisations in development of education in Africa
Geneva for Human Rights: Training programme for Tunisian social workers
Tunisian-French Civil Society Forum, next May 20-21 in Tunis
World Day of coelicac disease: Nearly 3000 Tunisians suffer from gluten intolerance
Tunisian-European agreement on regionalisation and employment
Students from Gabès governorate to take part in 2011 World Imagine Cup
Tunisia takes part in UNESCO's Executive Board meeting
US ambassador to Tunisia visits two Sfax medical-social assistance centres
Tunisia takes part in Islamic Cultural Week in Rome
Tunisian Culture Days open in Tlemcen
Banderas hails "Tunisians' bravery"
Cannes Film Festival: Tunisian pavilion attracts foreign film directors and producers
Cannes pays tribute to Tahar Cheriaa
Albert Londres Prize Association chairwoman: "Tunisia's choice, this year, is a friendship and solidarity gesture"
France Télévisions CEO expected in Tunis
Tunisian cinema honoured
About 70 French personalities visiting Tunisia for "Voyage du jasmin" on May 7-10
Global Change Makers: Workshop in Hammamet next April 29-May 1
Tunisia to take part in 27th International Film Festival "Vues d'Afrique" in Montreal
Prospects for co-operation between Tunisia and ALECSO looked at
Tunisia celebrates, for first time, International Day for Monuments and Sites
Sit-in of “Freedom Caravan” continues outside Kasbah Palace
Call to safeguard archeological heritage
UTICA commends Tunisian people’s revolution
BCT denies any change in monetary and commercial gold stocks
Economic and political volatility impacts Tunisia’s sovereign grade
Démission des ministres du gouvernement de l'union nationale du RCD
FDLT: les mesures et les initiatives décidées "insuffisantes pour donner un message clair au peuple tunisien"
Mme Moufida Tlatli, nouveau ministre de la Culture prend ses fonctions
M. Moncef Marzouki à Sidi Bouzid
FIFA U-20 World Cup: Tunisian assistant referee Mohsen Ben Salem selected
National Handball Championship- playoff - Day 1: Results
National Soccer League 1 - Day 16 delayed games: Results
National Basketball Championship/ first-leg final: Etoile du Sahel 83 Stade Nabeulien 72
World Junior Championships - 1st round : Tunisia with Denmark, Germany, Korea and Russia
National soccer League 1- delayed games: results
Tunisia's Volleyball Cup: Saydia Sport join CO Kélibia in final
Tunisia's Seniors Handball Cup: ES Sahel and Club Africain through to final
2011 All-Africa Games : National teams absent from handball tournament
National Basketball Championship - 2nd-leg semi-final: Stade Nabeulien join Etoile in Final
Tunisia's Handball Cup - Club Africain through to final
Tunisia's Volleyball CUP - CO Kélibia through to final
Tunisian Wissem Hosni wins Arab Police Semi-Marathon
Co-operation agreement between Tunisian and Algerian Athletics Federations signed
WTA: Tunisian Ons Jaber tops African tennis women ranking in May
National Basketball Championship - 2nd leg semi-finals: Etoile du Sahel through to final
National Soccer League I - Matchday 20: Results and standings
Soccer/ACN 2012 qualifiers: Tunisia to play Central Africa at friendly
National League 1 to end next July 10
National Soccer League 1 - Matchday 19: Rematch JS Kairouan Vs ES Sahel set for next Sunday
National soccer League 1 : Matchday 19 results
CAF Cup- second eighth final: Club Africain to play Kenya's Sofapaka
CAF Champions League: Esperance in Group B with Egypt's Al Ahly, MC Alger and WAC or Simba
National Basketball Championship - playoff: First leg semi-finals results
CAF Cup- eighth final : Etoile du Sahel disqualified
National Handball Championship - 1st phase /Matchday 22: Results
Tenth African Juniors' Athletic Championship: Gold medal for Tunisia
National Soccer League 1 - Matchday 19: Results
Soccer: two matches behind closed doors and an 80.000 dollar-fine for Tunisia's Club Africain
National Soccer League 1 - Matchday 18 - delayed game: Espérance de Tunis - O. Béja 1-1
CAF Champions League - second-leg eighth final: Espérance de Tunis through to group stage
CAF Cup last 8 first leg game: Tunisia's Etoile will not go to Nigéria
National Basketball Championship - Play-off/play-out: day 2 results
Tunisia's Handball cup last 8 results
Tunisia's Volleyball cup last 8 results
Anouar Haddad appointed as TFF Interim President after Ali Hafsi's resignation
London 2012 Olympic Games/Soccer- Women's qualifiers: Tunisia knocked out
AJU Senior Championships: Tunisia's team win title
Tunisia's Fethi Hachicha elected as Vice President of AAC
2012 London Olympic - African qualifiers: 3rd round Tunisia to play Senegal
Civil war threat in Yemen
Mexico gang shootout in Nayarit state kills 28
US withdraws diplomats from Yemen amid clashes
Syria's Assad vows to launch dynamic reforms
Conflict in Yemen escalates as tribes join uprising
Suicide truck bomb razes Pakistan police station
Palestinians say Netanyahu speech will not bring peace
Egypt’s prosecutor general: Mubarak and sons to face trial over protester deaths
Blast rocks Iran's largest oil refinery
Israel cannot return to pre-1967 boundaries, leader insists
NATO bombs Tripoli, U.S. says time against Gaddafi
Yemen's Saleh refuses to sign deal to step down
Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for Pakistan naval base attack
Netanyahu vows to work with Obama to renew peace talks
Lagarde has many countries' backing for IMF
EU opens diplomatic office in Libya's rebel east
Syria says armed groups kill 17
Pakistan stops NATO supplies after 16 people killed in blast
Israel PM defiant over Obama border proposals
Obama, Netanyahu at odds before White House talks
Yemen's Saleh calls for early elections
Libya: Nato strikes hit eight Gaddafi warships in ports
Israeli PM Netanyahu rejects Obama '1967 borders' view
Obama salutes Mideast longing for freedom
At least 25 killed, 70 wounded in Iraq's Kirkuk twin bomb attacks
Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigns as IMF Managing Director
Obama orders sanctions against Syrian President
Yemen opposition says power transition deal agreed
Civilian killed in Baghdad bombing
Afghanistan: 'Ten dead' at protest over Nato raid
Abbas: UN nod would give Palestinians leverage
White House urges "maximum restraint" in new Mideast violence
Bomb found near Dublin ahead of UK Queen's visit
Gunmen kill Saudi diplomat in Pakistan's Karachi
Libya: Nato hits oil port of Ras Lanouf
Israel fires warning shots at Malaysia aid ship
Military calls for increased NATO airstrikes
Egypt: Suzanne Mubarak in hospital after arrest order
Gaddafi denies death as Libya claims NATO has killed more civilians
Palestinian teen dies after East Jerusalem clash
Petrol bomb attack on Chinese bank
Taliban bin Laden revenge bombing kills 80 in Pakistan
Thousands gather in Cairo for unity rally against religious strife
Deadly crackdown as Yemen protests persist
Spain earthquake: Thousands in Lorca sleep out in fear
Nigerian Army clashes with militants in oil delta
NATO chief urges political solution as fighting rages in Libya
Syrian President sends tanks into major city
Security forces fire on Yemen protest, 10 wounded
Libya soldiers say Gadhafi troops retreating from Misrata
Egypt extends Mubarak’s detention by 15 days
Syria: 90 killed and 80 injured in crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators
U.S. sends drones to Libya as battle rages for Misrata
3 Thai soldiers dead, 13 others wounded in Thai-Cambodian clashes
Japan earmarks first $50 billion for post-quake rebuild
Syria lifts emergency but police arrest leftist
Libya warns against UK military advisers
U.N. fails to agree on Yemen response
NATO: five coalition members killed in Afghanistan bombing
Gaddafi forces using cluster bombs, claim rebels
Nigeria presidential election: Polling stations open
Gunshots looting damp hopes for quick recovery in Ivory Coast
Libyan rebels take to the world stage
Egypt detains Mubarak and sons
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