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13 Dec 2010 - 13 Oct 2014
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"The advice I recieved from my colleagues helped me set my mind on some very important things about my future. It was an impressive experience."
Mira Yacoub, 2010 intern based in Dubai
"The things I have enjoyed the most are the level of responsibility we are given, exposure to the company leaders and the variety of projects we are working on."
Mateo Blumer, 2010 intern based in London
"The hands-on approach of the internship meant it was very important to be proactive and to throw myself into every task."
Marianne Parkinson, 2010 intern based in Paris
"This internship broadened my view and understanding of world issues, something I wouldn't have experienced anywhere else."
Lenina Mortimer, 2010 intern based in New York
“Internships you will be proud to talk about and employers will be impressed to hear about." 
Paul McHale, HR Director, The Economist Group
Washington, DC
Home to:
The CQ and Roll Call offices in Washington, DC are located on 77 K Street NE, Washington, DC. They have about 350 employees between them.
The Economist​'s editorial offices are based at Rhode Island Ave.
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Editorial intern
The Economist newspaper's editorial department has no formal training scheme.
Interns, when they come, are treated as members of staff and are expected to join in accordingly. The competition is fierce. There is no guarantee of a job or anything else when the internship comes to...
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Research and editorial interns
CQ Roll Call provides essential intelligence and grassroots advocacy resources to take action. As the premier source of timely news, objective facts and analysis, and coverage of elections and the politics of legislation, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the legislative process and give our...
United States
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