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Fiscal Factoid
Steve H. Hanke on Paul Krugman and Keynesian economics in Globe Asia.
Ending Afghan War Aids Pakistan
Malou Innocent in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Cato University 2011
Annapolis, MD
July 24-29, 2011
Liberating the Future:
Cato Institute $50 Million Capital Campaign
The Constitution and Declaration of Independence: Discover Cato's wealth of online resources.

May 23, 2011
New Cato Policy Report Tackles International Property Rights, Political Philosophy
In the latest issue of Cato Policy Report, Jacob Mchangama looks at the strong link between property rights, freedom, and prosperity, and argues, "There can be little doubt that strengthening classical private-property rights should be an urgent priority of the human-rights movement." In the same issue, Cato founder and president Edward H. Crane discusses collectivism vs. individualism in today's political environment.
May/June 2011 Issue of Cato Policy Report
In a speech at the State Department on Thursday, President Obama presented his vision for the Middle East. Obama announced "a new chapter in American diplomacy," and has promised economic aid for Egypt and Tunisia, including loans and debt forgiveness. However, Cato scholar Christopher A. Preble warns, "There is a right way, and a wrong way, to go about promoting human freedom. ...I hope that the president reaffirms the importance of peaceful regime change from within, not American-sponsored regime change from without."
The 2011 State Legislative Guide is designed to help state policymakers address important issues in a manner that expands individual liberty, promotes free markets, and reduces the size of government. This new online guide is a convenient way to access all of Cato's state-specific research relating to education, transportation, tax and budget, health care, and criminal justice. Each section features specific policy ideas from Cato Institute experts, a "best of" list of Cato publications in each subject area, and contact information for the Cato scholars in each area of research.

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Daily Podcast
Climate Coup
A first-rate team of experts offers compelling documentation on the pervasive influence global warming alarmism now has on almost every aspect of our society--from national defense, law, trade, and politics to health, education, and international development.
Schools for Misrule
This new book reveals how our nation's law schools have become a hatchery of bad ideas, many of which confer power and status on the schools' graduates and faculty, as law comes to pervade more areas of life.
The False Promise of Green Energy
Offers an outstanding, nearly unprecedented evaluation of claims by green energy and green jobs proponents that we can improve the economy and the environment, almost risk free, by spending billions of dollars on what are ultimately false promises.
Rehabilitating Lochner
A timely reevaluation of a widely misunderstood and unfairly criticized 1905 Supreme Court decision (Lochner v New York), which invalidated state laws limiting work hours, and became the leading case contending that novel economic regulations were unconstitutional.
Government Failure
Politicians often cite 'market failure' as justification for meddling with the economy, but this classic book shows how government 'cures' often cause more harm than good.
The Case for Gold
This landmark book was the minority report from the U.S. Gold Commission in 1982, which evaluated the role of gold in the monetary system. It covers the history of gold in the United States, explains how the breakdown in its use as a financial standard was caused by government, and details the critical need for sound money.

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India Twenty Years after Reform
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Why Leaders Lie: The Truth about Lying in
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