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The Economist's philosophy informs the editorial approach adopted across the Group.
The Economist Group
"Our vision of the world, our style and our whole philosophy are different from other publications.

"We are international, we stress the links between politics and business, we are irreverent and we are independent."

John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief
The Economist
Founded in 1843 to support the cause of free trade, The Economist is and always has been a publication of sometimes radical opinion with a reverence for facts. It is firmly established as one of the world's most authoritative and influential publications.
Editorial independence lies at the heart of The Economist. The constitution of the company does not permit any individual or organisation to gain a majority shareholding. The Editor is appointed by Trustees, who are independent of commercial, political and proprietorial influences. The respect accorded to The Economist's journalists because of their independence is such that they enjoy access to political and business leaders who make the news and whose views can illuminate what is happening, or is about to happen.
The Economist is different from other publications because it has no by-lines. It is written anonymously because it is a paper whose collective voice and personality matter more than the identities of individual journalists. This ensures a continuity of tradition and consistency of view which few other publications can match.
Although The Economist is published weekly in a magazine format, it is called a newspaper because it covers news as well as opinion and works to a newspaper deadline. Great care is taken to ensure its topicality, so much of its editorial is rewritten up to the moment of going to press late on Thursday in Europe, Asia and the USA.
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