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7 Dec 2007 - 3 Nov 2021
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Training and development
We provide a range of training and development opportunities throughout The Economist Group. They are designed to help employees carry out their current jobs more effectively, and to achieve their potential.
Training syllabus
We have a training syllabus available to all staff. It includes 20 events covering management training, communication skills and general business skills. We regularly add new courses to the syllabus.
We want to make sure that all employees get regular feedback on their performance and have the opportunity to discuss their career and personal development. We do this through the performance review process. Reviews take place at least once a year. We encourage all staff to produce individual development plans and these are reviewed by the HR department.
Further education
We regularly sponsor recognised courses of study. The aim is to make staff better at their job and to increase their potential. Funding is available if the course is relevant to an agreed career development plan.
Desktop and language training
We regularly offer desktop and language training to staff with external providers.
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