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May 24, 2011
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The past two polls in the race showed Democrat Kathy Hochul (right) with a small lead over Republican Jane Corwin.
Parties Preparing for Political Spin in N.Y. Special
By Steve Peoples | 48 minutes ago
The political world will be watching western New York today. It is there, along the suburbs of Buffalo and Rochester, that the stage is set for a GOP special election upset in the once-sleepy race to succeed former Rep. Chris Lee (R).
By Steven T. Dennis | 48 minutes ago
The Senate vote this week on the budget blueprint of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will be a gut-check moment for Republicans, who risk angering constituents no matter what they do.
By Amanda Becker, David M. Drucker | 48 minutes ago
Congressional Democrats are gathering signatures this week on a letter to the White House supporting a draft executive order that would compel government contractors to disclose their political spending.
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North Carolina’s ‘Idol’ Factory
By Neda Semnani | 48 minutes ago
Sen. Kay Hagan (D) will host the North Carolina delegation for an “American Idol” finale viewing party tonight.
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Democrat Eyes Bid Vs. Freshman Walsh 48 minutes ago
Former Illinois Deputy Treasurer Raja Krishnamoorthi (D) launched an exploratory committee Monday to look at running for the House in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
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Highway Money Fight Shifts to States
By Janie Lorber | 48 minutes ago
With a highway bill stalled and a ban on earmarks in Congress, some Washington, D.C., lobbyists are telling their clients to staff up for local battles over federal transportation funds.
Republicans Pivot Back to a Jobs Agenda
By Jessica Brady, Anna Palmer | 48 minutes ago
House Republicans are trying again to focus their efforts on a job creation agenda, with leaders acknowledging they want to boost the GOP’s political standing with voters.
K Street Files: Doctors Arrive to Argue for Liability Reform
By Kate Ackley | 48 minutes ago
Capitol Hill denizens won’t have trouble finding a doctor in the House — or Senate on Tuesday. That’s because nearly 500 emergency physicians will be on the Hill lobbying for a medical liability reform bill.
By Don Wolfensberger | 48 minutes ago
On Feb. 23, President Barack Obama divorced himself from the Defense of Marriage Act by directing the Justice Department to stop defending its constitutionality in the courts. That prompted a partisan split in the House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group on March 9 over whether the House should defend the act.
Shrinking Republican Field Benefits Pawlenty
By Stuart Rothenberg | 48 minutes ago
That former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is widely regarded as one of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination says a great deal about the GOP field.
By Stan Collender | 48 minutes ago
It obviously would have been a terrible event for the human race if the world had ended Saturday as some had prophesied, but it might not have been all that bad from a federal budget perspective.
Consensus Is Building for South Carolina Map
By Joshua Miller | 48 minutes ago
Top Republicans in South Carolina say a map released by the state House Judiciary Subcommittee last week is likely to be close to the final product that gets signed into law.
By Shira Toeplitz, Kyle Trygstad, Steve Peoples | 48 minutes ago
Roll Call Politics is releasing the first House ratings for the 2012 cycle. We’re beginning with the states that elect Members to at-large seats. The seven seats are largely expected to not be competitive, except in Montana.
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May 23, 2011
House Republicans will unveil a jobs-growth agenda May 26, Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters May 23 in the Capitol. The initiative, which will include tax and regulatory reform, marks House Republicans’ return to the jobs issue after months spent focusing on spending cuts and follows several unsuccessful attempts to cast job growth as part of a larger economic platform.
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Defense Policy Briefing
Should combat curbs on women be lifted? Should they — and the rest of the troops — be brought home from Afghanistan? Should the alternate F-35 engine be revived? Members offer their best “yes” and “no” arguments on these big questions in this year’s defense authorization debate.

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Shop Talk: Blueprint’s Fresh Look
By Kyle Trygstad | 48 minutes ago
Amy Niles Gonzalez and several other former strategists at MSHC Partners recently launched the website for Blueprint Interactive, a new media strategy, marketing and design firm.
The Political Acrobatics Of Cheerleading
By Erin Mershon | 48 minutes ago
Sen. Thad Cochran learned much about politics and campaigning when he ran to be elected a cheerleader in college.
Bipartisanship Forms on Both Sides of PATRIOT Act Extension
By David M. Drucker | 6:50 p.m.
A small, bipartisan group of Senators formed Monday in an unsuccessful attempt to block a reauthorization of the Sept. 11-era anti-terrorism law known as the USA PATRIOT Act.
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