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Policy Scholars
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Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
Research Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity
Doug Bandow
Senior Fellow
David Boaz
Executive Vice President
Mark A. Calabria
Director of Financial Regulation Studies
Gabriela Calderon de Burgos
Research Associate and Editor, ElCato.org
Michael F. Cannon
Director of Health Policy Studies
Ted Galen Carpenter
Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies
Andrew J. Coulson
Director of the Center for Educational Freedom
Edward H. Crane
Founder and President
Tad DeHaven
Budget Analyst
James A. Dorn
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Editor of Cato Journal
Chris Edwards
Director of Tax Policy Studies
Thomas A. Firey
Managing Editor, Regulation; Cato Senior Editor
Benjamin H. Friedman
Research Fellow in Defense and Homeland Security Studies
Jagadeesh Gokhale
Senior Fellow
Daniel Griswold
Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies
Steve H. Hanke
Senior Fellow
Jim Harper
Director of Information Policy Studies
Gene Healy
Vice President
Nat Hentoff
Senior Fellow
Juan Carlos Hidalgo
Project Coordinator for Latin America
Daniel J. Ikenson
Associate Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies
Andrei Illarionov
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity
Malou Innocent
Foreign Policy Analyst
Sallie James
Trade Policy Analyst
Jason Kuznicki
Research Fellow and Managing Editor, Cato Unbound
Justin Logan
Associate Director of Foreign Policy Studies
Tim Lynch
Director, Project on Criminal Justice
Neal McCluskey
Associate Director of the Center for Educational Freedom
Patrick J. Michaels
Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies
Jeffrey A. Miron
Senior Fellow
Daniel J. Mitchell
Senior Fellow
William A. Niskanen
Chairman Emeritus and Distinguished Senior Economist
Johan Norberg
Senior Fellow
Walter Olson
Senior Fellow
Randal O'Toole
Senior Fellow
Tom G. Palmer
Senior Fellow and Director of Cato University
Roger Pilon
Vice President for Legal Affairs
José Piñera
Co-chairman, Project on Social Security Choice
William Poole
Senior Fellow
Christopher A. Preble
Director of Foreign Policy Studies
Alan Reynolds
Senior Fellow
David Rittgers
Legal Policy Analyst
John Samples
Director, Center for Representative Government
Julian Sanchez
Research Fellow
Adam B. Schaeffer
Policy Analyst, Center for Educational Freedom
Ilya Shapiro
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies and Editor-in-Chief, Cato Supreme Court Review
Michael D. Tanner
Senior Fellow
Jerry Taylor
Senior Fellow
Peter Van Doren
Senior Fellow and Editor, Regulation
Ian Vásquez
Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity
Climate Coup
A first-rate team of experts offers compelling documentation on the pervasive influence global warming alarmism now has on almost every aspect of our society--from national defense, law, trade, and politics to health, education, and international development.
Schools for Misrule
This new book reveals how our nation's law schools have become a hatchery of bad ideas, many of which confer power and status on the schools' graduates and faculty, as law comes to pervade more areas of life.
The False Promise of Green Energy
Offers an outstanding, nearly unprecedented evaluation of claims by green energy and green jobs proponents that we can improve the economy and the environment, almost risk free, by spending billions of dollars on what are ultimately false promises.
Rehabilitating Lochner
A timely reevaluation of a widely misunderstood and unfairly criticized 1905 Supreme Court decision (Lochner v New York), which invalidated state laws limiting work hours, and became the leading case contending that novel economic regulations were unconstitutional.
Government Failure
Politicians often cite 'market failure' as justification for meddling with the economy, but this classic book shows how government 'cures' often cause more harm than good.
The Case for Gold
This landmark book was the minority report from the U.S. Gold Commission in 1982, which evaluated the role of gold in the monetary system. It covers the history of gold in the United States, explains how the breakdown in its use as a financial standard was caused by government, and details the critical need for sound money.

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