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"I have to tell you, you guys really run a tight ship. I've brought half a dozen Cato voices to our show now and not once have I been disappointed. Accessible, compelling, and dynamic."
- News Commentator, National Public Radio
Take advantage of one of the most significant resources the Cato Institute can offer your organization: speeches and presentations by our nationally recognized policy experts.
As hundreds of professional associations, universities, industry groups, trade associations, companies, and many others have learned, appearances by experts from the Cato Institute add immeasurably to the quality and enduring value of any event.
Cato speakers don’t just restate what you can learn from cable news or newspapers, or provide views from a distance. Our experts are extensively involved in policy issues. They are often a part of the process, working to shape and direct critical components of the issues they address. Presentations by Cato experts enable audiences to truly learn, and provide fascinating, provocative insights and analysis by slicing right through the political and media jargon and getting to the heart of the matter.
On the wide range of subjects where their expertise is nationally recognized – Social Security, health care, Iraq, the Middle East, foreign policy, defense spending, global trade, campaign finance, civil liberties, immigration, energy and environment, property rights, corporate regulation, school choice, Medicare, taxes, and more – policy experts at the Cato Institute are some of the most experienced, well-versed policy professionals in the country, and they energetically provide audiences with the benefits of their work.
It’s no wonder that Cato’s experts are some of the most frequently cited in major newspapers and are so often called upon to present their viewpoints and to clarify issues for the public on national news programs – radio, CNN, CNBC, NPR, and MSNBC, among many others. In addition to the tremendous value of their presentations, other advantages of using Cato speakers include
  • Immediate access. When scheduling a Cato speaker for your organization, you work directly with the speaker to craft a presentation that fits your precise needs. Cato speakers work with organizations to ensure that their speeches – whether as a single speaker or as a member of a panel – provides maximum value. And they share your dedication to making your program an unqualified success.
  • Discounted Publications. Many Cato speakers are also noted authors and have published books and articles in their areas of expertise. In most cases the Cato Institute has been the publisher. As a result, we can provide you with these publications at exceptionally discounted prices.
  • Insight into the Issues. Given our years of experience in providing speakers across the United States and abroad – and with our unparalleled knowledge of subject areas – we can help you determine the ideal subject area for your group and then provide you with the perfect speaker on that topic.
  • Simply put: Affordable. Since first priority for us is the advancement of policies and ideas, the cost of having a Cato speaker (including honorariums and travel expenses) is often less than you might imagine. We are happy to work with you, and make every effort to accommodate your budget.

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