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Issue #20, Spring 2011
First Principles: Arguing the Economy
As the economy begins to show signs of life, it's important that progressives own the recovery. Despite the fact that conservative policies plunged us into the economic crisis, the right's ideas continue to dominate the discourse. It's time for new ideas and arguments that can restore broad-based prosperity, and for a sharper critique of conservative economics.
Andrei Cherny: Individual Age Economics
David Madland: Growth and the Middle Class
Elaine C. Kamarck: Three Fights We Can Win
Paul Pierson: Inequality and Its Casualties
Jonathan Chait: The Triumph of Taxophobia
Rethinking Taxes: Proud to Pay
With Tax Day approaching, we offer two ideas that aim to change the American taxpayer's attitude toward paying taxes: a taxpayer receipt, and the ability to choose where some of your taxes go.
Ethan Porter & David Kendall: Seeing Where the Money Went
Cait Lamberton: Your Money, Your Choice
A World of Our Making
G. John Ikenberry: The international order that America created will endure—if we make the transition to a grand strategy based on reciprocity and shared leadership.
Metro Connection
Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley: With Washington paralyzed by gridlock, states—and the metropolitan areas that power them—need to take the lead in rebuilding the economy.
Fed Up
Matthew Yglesias: The Federal Reserve is shrouded in obscurity. That’s partly its fault—but it’s partly progressives’ fault, too.
Twain’s Gilded Age, and Ours
David Levering Lewis: The sage of Hannibal wasn’t right about everything, but we could use a dose of his outrage today.
Strength Through Restraint
Anatol Lieven: America can scale back its global ambitions and still emerge stronger. In fact, it’s the only way.
In Defense of Tenure
Kevin Mattson: It might be under attack, but academic tenure is essential to preserving academic freedom.
Corps Values
Mark Gearan: A pioneer of social entrepreneurship reflects on his career and the future of public service.
The “Hood Robin” Economy
Ezra Klein: No one can agree on the causes of inequality, but its effects are indisputable: more policies that benefit the already rich.
Editor’s Note
Michael Tomasky: Michael Tomasky introduces Issue #20.
Federal Case
Michael Lind: The neoliberal approach to governing ignores a crucial fact: Government is best when it is big. A response to Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer.
Red, White, and Blue Collar
Jefferson Cowie: The working class became more diverse in the 1970s—but we can’t wish away the fact that it declined as well. A response to Jennifer Klein.
Letters to the Editor
Democracy Readers: Letters from our readers
Making History
Elbert Ventura: The right has been relentless in explaining American history through a conservative prism.
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What Wisconsin Was Really About
Jennifer Klein: More than ever, America has a vast care work economy. Women’s labors—once considered outside the market or at the periphery of economic life—have now become central to the economy and strategic sites for workers’ struggles.
Bourne Again
Elbert Ventura: The choice of the scalpel over the machete was consistent with the President’s sensibility. That we could wield it with such care and accuracy—after a decade of flubs, of wild machete swings, of failure after failure—was just as surprising as the outcome of the mission.
The Death of Fear
Ethan Porter: While it is always strange to celebrate a death, the death of a terrible fear is very much worth celebrating.
Democracy on bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and 9/11
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: A sampling of our best pieces on Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and 9/11 and its consequences.
NPR’s “All Things Considered” Talks Taxpayer Receipt
NPR: On Friday, April 15, NPR host Robert Siegel interviewed David Kendall on the idea of a tax receipt on the show All Things Considered. Kendall and co-author Ethan Porter, contributing editor at Democracy, outlined their idea in our Spring 2011 Issue [“Seeing Where The Money Went,” Issue #20].
Liu, Hanauer Discuss “More What, Less How” Government at NDN Event
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas: On March 9, NDN hosted a panel discussion featuring Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer, making their case for a new theory of progressive government, as first published in our Winter 2011 Issue [“The “More What, Less How” Government,” Issue #19].
Washington Post Op-Ed: Porter and Kendall on Taxpayer Receipt
Washington Post: In the Spring Issue of Democracy, out in newsstands this week, Ethan Porter, contributing editor at Democracy, and David Kendall of Third Way have an essay promoting the idea of a taxpayer receipt. In the March 13 edition of The Washington Post, Porter and Kendall preview the idea in an op-ed.

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