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Licensing The World in 2012
Republishing The World In 2012 in another territory
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Annual publication
Expert contributors
On sale each December
"Essential reading for the presidents of countries and conglomerates alike."
The World In is an annual publication forecasting the political, economic, financial and scientific developments that will shape the globe over the coming year. Expert contributors - among them Amartya Sen, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Carlos Ghosn, Paul Wolfowitz and Bob Geldof - as well as journalists from The Economist Newspaper, make their predictions. This high-quality, international annual publication, which goes on sale each December, is available for licensing and translation by international publishers.
Typically, we sign contracts with partners between January and September each year, and supply content in October and November for you to produce the magazine for launch in December.
Sample Content

Sample content from World in 2010 (Spanish edition)
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