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Rights and syndication
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Reprints and Permissions
One-off re-use of Economist features for print or web.
Bespoke reprinted features or sections for conferences and marketing.
At a glance:
"To source my stories, I read a tremendous amount of books and papers, I subscribe to research services, and I read The Economist religiously."
Jim Leitner
Founder of Falcon Management
The Economist grants one-off permission for the republication of articles, special reports, charts and maps from The Economist and Intelligent Life and The World In 2012. These are available in both print and electronic format, and are subject to a copyright fee.
We also offer a complete reprinting service to supply customised reprints for marketing/informational purposes with the options to add your own company logo and promotional pages. To find out more, please contact us.
One off Permissions
The process is now fully automated, via our Rightslink application. If you would like permission to republish Economist content, please follow the five simple steps below:
  1. Locate the content you wish to reuse on The Economist online.
  2. Follow the link for "Reprints & Permissions" in the toolbar at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select how you would like to reuse the content by filling out the relevant information.
  4. Open a Rightslink account – it only takes a minute or so.
  5. Print your license and republish the relevant content.
If you would like more information about using Rightslink, please contact us.
Customised reprints
The Economist can supply standard or customised reprints and e-prints of either individual articles or special reports, to suit your needs.
This service allows marketing/PR professionals to maximise the impact of relevant positive press, whilst business leaders find reprints useful for research, conferences or to support project proposals.
Economist reprints are also ideal for presentations or brochures.
Customisation includes: the creation of bespoke covers, co-branding with your company logo, inclusion of editorial inserts or adverts and embedded audio and video content.
The Economist content is available for photocopying.
The Economist has an agreement with the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) in the UK and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) in the USA, to issue licences to educational, business and governmental institutions on our behalf. If you are requesting permission on behalf of a school, college or university please check with your librarian to see whether your institution has a NLA or CCC license.
If you do not have a licence, please contact the NLA or the CCC directly:
The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)
Wellington Gate Church Road
Tunbridge Wells
Email: copy@nla.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1892 525 273
Fax: +44 (0) 1892 525 275
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) 222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers MA 01923
Email: info@copyright.com
Tel: +1 (978) 750 8400
Fax: +1 (978) 646 8600
Other copyright requests:
For all other photocopy/territory requests please contact us.
Please note that we charge a fee for the right to photocopy Economist material.
Find out more
If you would like more information, or want to discuss other ways in which you would like to use Economist content, please contact us.
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