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27 May 2011 - 29 May 2011
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  Friday , May 27, 2011
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New projects for Governorate of Sidi Bouzid announced
Monday, May 23, 2011 19:41
SIDI BOUZID (TAP) - A working session bringing together members of the Interim Government and representatives of the civil society was held on Monday in Sidi Bouzid.
Significant projects coming under the development programme for 2011 were announced for the region.
Mrs. Habiba Ezzahi Ben Romdhane, Public Health Minister said medical services provided by the regional hospital of Sidi Bouzid will be improved and the local hospital of the delegation of Meknassi will be transformed into a regional hospital.
The local hospitals will be reinforced by 16 specialised physicians, in addition to 27 basic health doctors, she said.
Paramedics will also be reinforced through the creation of 169 new positions and five mobile medical units to bring health services closer to inhabitants of remote areas.
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Refaat Chaabouni announced the creation in the region of a multi-disciplinary university pole.
Works for the construction of the Higher Institute for Technological Studies will be completed soon, he said.
Minister of Agriculture and Environment Mokhtar Jallali said efforts continue to solve problems related to state lands.
The minister announced the publication of a circular allowing electrification of wells constructed prior to April 2011 by taking into account the state of ground water.
Programmes to develop dams and hill-side lakes will also be set up to feed ground water, said the minister.
He said his department will seek to help farmers set up their own business and create agricultural development firms by providing needed financial assistance to them.
He added that a special committee is conducting studies to promote, re-organise and ensure good management of water groups and fit out more than 211 km of rural tracks.
Minister of Industry and Technology Abdelaziz Rassaa emphasised the need for different local industrial units to resume work, saying that 350 jobs were lost in the past period.
The minister announced the start of the construction of a dairy plant to generate 300 jobs and the launch of an industrial project that will generate 1,000 jobs.
The minister also announced plans to create a brick production plant to generate 240 jobs and launch other projects in the textile sector that could create 1,000 jobs.
Minister of Regional Development Abderrazek Zouari stressed the need to ensure a balanced regional development and break with former practices in local governance and planning.
He called to elect a regional development council representing all local inhabitants which will work according to a well defined regional plan to define priorities in matters of development.
Mr. Zouari said the budget allocated to the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid was brought up to 91 million dinars (MTD) instead of 56 MTD in 2010.
This budget will help create a new economic momentum through fair distribution of investment between different delegations, he said.
Minister of Women Affairs Mrs. Lilia Laabidi said her department is seeking, in collaboration with the Culture Ministry, to entrench the values of citizenship and democracy by holding a set of symposia in all regions.
She said that these meetings aim to raise women's awareness of their rights and duties and enhance their contribution to building a modern State.
She said the ministry plans to hire specialised executives in childhood, create mobile units in remote areas and strengthen integrated childhood centres to raise them to 200.
Culture Minister Ezzedine Bachouach announced the creation of a centre of dramatic and performing arts, a regional museum of archaeology, heritage and history, a centre of tourist activities in Bir Lahfay as well as a cultural complex in Meknassi.
He announced that five public libraries will be created in the governorate.
Participants in this meeting focused on ways to boost development in the region.
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