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Tom Farr Offers Testimony before Congressional Committee
Religious Freedom Project Director Tom Farr testifies on "Prioritizing International Religious Freedom in U.S. Foreign Policy" before the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights.

Katherine Marshall Blogs: Pastor of Second Chances 

Father Greg Boyle moves swiftly around the headquarters of Homeboy Industries in central Los Angeles, looking a bit like Santa Claus. A 57 year old Jesuit priest, he is the founder and president of an organization with an improbable name and a remarkable mission: to give hope to people our society seems to have given up as lost.
updated on: May 25, 2011
The God Vote: A Weekly Feature with the Washington Post 
The Berkley Center is co-producing a weekly video magazine on the role of faith in the 2012 presidential election campaign. The God Vote is hosted by Jacques Berlinerblau and Sally Quinn.
updated on: May 24, 2011
Katherine Marshall Blogs: Setting the World on Fire 

Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, chose an inspirational challenge to open his homily at the wedding of William and Kate last month: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” His message was that marriage is an extraordinary chance for two people to help each other to be far more than could ever be alone.
updated on: May 12, 2011
IRH Hosts Consultation on Faith and Family Planning 
Georgetown's Institute for Reproductive Health hosted a consultation with global health leaders on the intersection of faith, family planning and family well-being, April 11-12, 2011. The consultation was also supported by USAID.
updated on: April 28, 2011
Katherine Marshall Blogs: Understanding 'The Least Among Us' 

The “hunger fast” inspired by Tony Hall, David Beckman, and others, in a passionate call for a “moral budget,” came to an end on Easter Sunday, highlighting its initial tie to the spirit and tradition of self-denial of Lent.
updated on: April 26, 2011
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Religious Pluralism in World Affairs
Thomas Banchoff

Globalization, Religions,
and the Secular
José Casanova

Foundations of American Freedom
Jean Bethke Elshtain

Religion and US Foreign Policy /
Religious Freedom Project
Thomas Farr

The Church and Interreligious Dialogue
Chester Gillis

Law, Religion, and Values
Michael Kessler

Religion and Global Development
Katherine Marshall

Religion, Conflict, and Peace
Eric Patterson

Religious Freedom Project
Timothy Shah

Prioritizing International Religious Freedom in US Foreign PolicyJune 3, 2011
Are We Programmed to Believe in God? Not Quite, but He Really is in the Mind, Say Scientists May 13, 2011
Embryo Politics: Ethics and Policy in Atlantic DemocraciesApril 1, 2011
Religion and Global Politics of Human Rights March 21, 2011
Abstracts of the Fourth Georgetown-Campion Hall Seminar March 5, 2011
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Consultation on Maternal Mortality
June 15, 2011
Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict
September 9, 2011
Religion and Security in World Affairs Course
September 12, 2011
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A Discussion with John Lewis, on Faith and Agriculture
March 31, 2011
A Discussion with Stephen Carr, World Bank Retiree and Veteran African Agriculturalist
March 26, 2011
A Discussion with Bedreldin Shutta, Asia Director, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)
March 21, 2011
A Discussion with Francis Halder, Anando
March 8, 2011
A Discussion with Farida Vahedi, Executive Director of the Department of External Affairs, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of India
March 2, 2011
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Religious Freedom and the Politics of Proselytism
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