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12 Mar 2008 - 04 Jan 2012
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The Washington, DC Classroom - Georgetown College
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The Washington, DC Classroom
Learn from your community
Georgetown College provides students with proximity and access to the rich opportunities of the nation’s capital, one of the world’s most important and dynamic cities. While DC is a global center of political power, it is also a vibrant and diverse city of distinct communities, people, and places. College students customize their undergraduate education by extending their learning outside the classroom through internships and community-based work.

Community Service
Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service (CSJ) heads the university’s collaboration with communities in the great Washington, DC area.  

Integrating Service and Learning
Georgetown encourages its faculty to enhance classroom learning by incorporating community service into their courses. In turn, the coursework helps the student volunteers understand deeper specific societal problems. The Departments of Biology, Philosophy, and Sociology, as well as the American Studies Program and the Program in Justice and Peace, all offer coursework and research opportunities that connect students with the DC community. Other efforts in the area of integrating service and learning include:
…read more about volunteerism and service at Georgetown​.

In addition to working with faculty using DC-specific scholarly resources, many College students choose to enhance their undergraduate education through carefully chosen internship, often gaining real world experience desirable to employers. College students interns with the Federal government, the DC government, and with think tanks, NGOs, Smithsonian museums, and associations.  
Visit the College's Internship page and the MBNA Career Education Center for more information on internships.

The Lincoln Memorial
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