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4 Jul 2008 - 21 Aug 2014
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The faculty of Georgetown College and its diverse departments includes many who pursue research and teach on the nations and peoples of the Americas. They are listed here by department, with links to their web resumes.
Denise Brennan Global sex trade, human trafficking, migration, women's labor and Latin America and the Caribbean
Melissa Fisher Gender and class in America, Wall Street and global cities, corporate anthropology
Joanne Rappaport Ethnicity, historical anthropology, new social movements, literacy, race, Andean ethnography and ethnohistory
Susan Terrio Social class and educational systems, craft and commoditization, food and foodways, national identities and ideologies, history/historiography, urban culture and conflict, juvenile delinquency, Anthropology Chair, France-US comparative studies
Art, Music, and Theater
Anna Celenza Music, 19th and 20th centuries
Alison Hilton American art, 19th and 20th centuries
Elizabeth Prelinger Modern art and architecture
Peter Armbruster Phenotypic evolution
Edward Barrows Biodiversity, ecology and conservation of Asthropods
Martha Weiss Evolutionary ecology, plant-animal interactions
Susan Collins International economics, economic development
Jonathan Heathcote Macroeconomics, international finance
Mark Huggett Macroeconomics, monetary theory, growth theory
Arik Levinson Public finance, environmental economics
Randall Bass New technologies, pedagogy, educational change
Louise Bernard American and post-colonial literatures
Gay Cima 18th and 19th century black and white American women critics
Scott Heath African-American literature, black public culture
Edward Ingebretsen Gothic and popular culture, Gay and lesbian studies
Wayne Knoll Modern American literature, poetry
Dana Luciano 19th-century US literature, feminist and queer theory
Lucy Maddox American Indian literature, literature of the American West
Mark McMorris 20th century poetry & poetry writing, Caribbean poetry
Lori Merish 19th-century American and Anglophone Caribbean literature and culture
Angelyn Mitchell American, African American and Caribbean literatures, critical theory
Patricia O'Connor Grammar of agency and the functions of story in everyday lives,  prison narratives, Appalachian literature
Ricardo Ortiz Latino literature, comparative literature
Christine So Contemporary Asian American literature, race and popular culture, theories of consumption
Norma Tilden Twentieth-Century American Literature: Literary Nonfiction
Sylvie Durmelat Immigration in France, francophone Caribbean literatures and cultures
Miléna Santoro Literature and culture of Québec
Georgetown Public Policy Institute
Jonathan Ladd Political behavior, American political system
Mark Rom American politics and public policy, social welfare policy.
R. Kent Weaver American and comparative social policy, politics of expertise
John Bailey Mexican politics, national and public security in the Western Hemisphere
Michael Bailey American politics and political economy: trade, Congress, election law, the Supreme Court,
Andrew Bennett American foreign policy process, international relations theory, qualitative research methods
George Carey U.S. Political Theory, foundations and development of American political institutions
Roy Godson World politics, transnational relations, and security studies
Michael Hanmer American Politics: voting behavior, public opinion, electoral reform, political methodology
James Lengle American presidential elections
Eusebio Mujal-Leon European and Latin American politics
Douglas Reed American constitutional law, judicial politics, American politics
Michele Swers Congress, women and politics, issues of representation
Arturo Valenzuela Origins and consolidation of democracy, Latin American politics, electoral systems, civil-military relations, political parties, regime transitions, U.S.-Latin American relations
W. Clyde Wilcox Public opinion and electoral behavior, religion and politics, gender politics, politics of social issues
Alison Games Colonial America, Atlantic, migration
Maurice Jackson Atlantic, African-American, radicalism, history of antislavery
Ronald Johnson American urban, African-American, U.S. social
Michael Kazin U.S. social movements and politics, Reconstruction to present
Erick Langer Latin America, Andes, social, economic, frontiers
Chandra Manning U.S. civil war
Bryan McCann Latin America, modern Brazil, popular culture
Joseph McCartin 20th-century U.S. labor, social, political
J.R. McNeill Environmental, Mediterranean, Atlantic
David S. Painter U.S. diplomatic
Adam Rothman Early national U.S., slavery, Atlantic
John Tutino Latin America, Mexico, social/cultural/political
Robert Veatch Medical ethics
Sandra Calvert Impact of information technologies on children's attention, comprehension, and social behavior
Norman Finkel Psychology, public policy, and law,
Deborah Phillips Early child development, environmental influences on development, child poverty
Jennifer Woolard Adolescent development in the family and legal contexts
William McDonald Crime and the administration of criminal justice
Timothy Wickham-Crowley Political sociology, religion and society, revolution and society
Spanish and Portuguese
Gwen Kirkpatrick Latin American literatures, gender
Naomi Moniz Brazilian, Portuguese and Latin American studies, modernism and postmodernism, identity formation, cultural hegemony and difference, feminist studies.
Bárbara Mújica Early modern Spanish literature and contemporary Latin American culture.
Verónica Salles-Reese Latin American literature
Vivaldo Santos Brazilian literature, Brazilian popular music, Brazilian cinema
Chester Gillis U.S. Catholic church, history of Catholicism, and the papacy,
Diana Hayes Womanist theology, Black theology, U.S. liberation theologies, contextual theologies, religion and public life
Otto Hentz the Catholic church in the modern world, Christianity and Jesus Christ, systematic theology
Frederick Ruf Literature and religion
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Feb 15, 2pm-7pm:
Rethinking Brazil: The History Behind Brazil’s Economic Eme
Feb 16, 12pm-1:30pm:
'The State of Presidentialism in Latin America'
Feb 23, 5:30pm-9pm:
Political Women in the Americas
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Feb 7, 2012
Political Women in the Americas, Feb 23-24, 2012
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