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22 Oct 2006 - 08 Nov 2021
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Department of Linguistics
The Department of Linguistics will be moving from its present location in the Intercultural Center (ICC) to the second floor of Poulton Hall at the end of July. We will be closed for regular business from July 26 through August 5. For urgent matters, you can reach us via email during this time. Our phone numbers will remain the same following the move, but phone service may be disrupted for a few days.
Our new address is:
Department of Linguistics
Georgetown University
1437 37th Street NW
Poulton Hall 240
Box 571051
Washington, DC 20057-1051
We look forward to welcoming you to our new home at the intersection of 37th and P Streets, NW beginning Monday, August 8. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Best wishes,
Heidi E. Hamilton
Professor and Chair
The Linguistics Department at Georgetown is committed to analyzing a diversity of linguistic phenomena through different modes of inquiry. Our view of language as a cultural, social, and psychological phenomenon leads us to examine the dialectic between what is universal and what is particular and unique across languages. We do so through analyses of the structure of language, the acquisition of language, the use of language in context, and computational models of language. Our course curriculum, departmental areas of research, and individual research interests allow us to incorporate a wide range of modes of inquiry, including those drawn from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Logic and Mathematics, and Natural Sciences. By valuing the legitimacy and relevance of research at every level of analysis, and acknowledging that no one model of language can provide all the answers (or even address all the pertinent questions), we provide a foundation for the following degrees in a department that is built upon a tradition of unique pluralism:
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Department of Linguistics
Box 571051
Intercultural Center 479 Washington​, DC 20057-1051
Phone (202) 687-5956
Fax (202) 687-6174