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In the same way that a liberal arts degree is an advantage, a degree from the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics lays a strong foundation for students to succeed in any number of careers, many international in scope.  Graduates of the FLL are currently working in a wide array of fields:
FLL graduates are teachers, diplomats, and business owners; they are engaged in international scientific exchange, translation, and commerce; they run law firms and financial institutions; they work in international telecommunications, industry, and all branches of government.

They produce opera broadcasts, auction fine art, and teach in foreign countries; they are creative artists and academics; they engage in volunteer networks and in professional development firms; and many of them work, at least for a while, in foreign countries.

Combining a strong liberal arts education with an international and intercultural emphasis, the FLL presents students with endless possibilities in a globally-connected world, and provides them with the skills to succeed in whichever career path they choose.
Career Resources
The MBNA Career Education Center provides Georgetown students with services to help identify careers, prepare successful portfolios, and develop interviewing techniques.
The FLL Alumni Network (FLLAN) is a targeted resource that allows FLL students to connect with FLL graduates in order to smooth the transition from undergraduate studies to the working world.
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