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Science at Georgetown College
A more prominent place for the sciences in the 21st century
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Engaging students in authentic inquiry is the hallmark of science and mathematics education at Georgetown College. More than a dozen science and mathematics majors and minors provide multiple pathways to prepare for careers in research, industry, medicine, and associated careers in areas such as policy, teaching, journalism, and law. This preparation, while broadly applicable, is rigorous and focuses on developing knowledge through hands on learning in the lab and field in order to move students from studying science to being scientists. The low faculty-to-student ratio provides ample opportunity for undergraduates to engage in collaborative research with faculty members through fellowships, tutorials, and thesis projects.
Faculty members also promote understanding the role of science and mathematics in society. For example, select students can enroll in a 3-course series that culminates in a thesis focused on teaching biology in K-12 settings or develop a lobbying strategy for a politically hot topic by enrolling in Shaping National Science Policy. Well-grounded study placed in a global contextual framework reflects our exceptional science and math education in the liberal arts tradition of the College.

A joint dual degree program in science and engineering provides College students the option of combining rigorous science study at Georgetown with engineering at Columbia University, resulting in undergraduate degrees in each area in a 5-year program.
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