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27 May 2011 - 29 Aug 2012
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  Friday , May 27, 2011
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Seven wounded in clashes at Shucha camp »
Protest in Shusha Camp degenerates, killing 2 and injuring 16 »
French medical aid for Ettadhamen health centre »
Shusha Camp refugees block national road n°1 claim evacuation »
New projects for Governorate of Sidi Bouzid announced »
Suspicious car intercepted and cartridges for Kalashnikov seized near Tunisia-Libyan border »
Fire kills four Eritreans at Ras Jedir refugee camp »
More than 45,000 Libyan refugees in Tataouine »
Ras Jedir: slight drop of Libyan refugees fleeing to Tunisia »
Massive flow of Libyans to Ras Jedir »
TAP News Services
Saturday, January 29, 2011 13:08
TAP has a number of specialized news desks which provide two main bulletins: the National News Bulletin (TAP A) and the international News Bulletin (TAP B).
National News Bulletin (TAP A)
TAP A specialized services are:
-The Politics and Diplomatic desk covers current national political events: activities of the president, the government, the diplomacy, the various institutions, as well as those of civil society (political parties, associational life, and NGOs).

-The Economics and Finance desk covers economic and financial events taking place in Tunisia and abroad in addition to activities of the national business companies and those of foreign companies based in Tunisia. The desk also covers various areas such as the environment, new technologies, IT, national development, public amenities, and housing.

-The Regional and Social desk covers current events related to employment, training, health, women, family, children and senior people. It also focuses on regional life.

-The Culture desk covers current events in the areas of culture, arts, and publishing.

-The Youth and Sports desk covers activities relevant to youth and sporting events.
International News Bulletin (TAP B)
The International News desk provides the international news bulletin TAP B and covers current events of Arab, regional and international interest which take place in Tunisia. It also broadcasts international news round-the-clock.
General News Bulletin (TAP G)
TAP broadcasts a general news service labeled TAP G which brings together TAP A and TAP B bulletins. It allows the agency’s subscribers to receive its daily services on a single technical medium.
TAPEX Bulletin
TAP broadcasts an English News bulletin which consists of a selection of the mains news carried by TAP A.
TAP has developed a computer system that makes it possible to receive, store, file and process news items through a main server “TAPINFO.” This system allows for the implementation with speed and efficiency of various tasks, including in particular:
-The reception of news items on a single pc in Arabic, French and English;

-Processing more than one news item at a time;

-The consultation and targeted retrieval of news items by keyword.
TAP Multimedia Desk
In operation since November 15, 2005, just before the Tunis phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the Multimedia desk has a site that carries news in Arabic, French and English. It allows Internet users in Tunisia and abroad to keep instantaneously informed about national and international events.

Last Updated on Monday, April 04, 2011 06:38
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Two high-ranking Libyan officials on Tunisian territory

Fire kills four Eritreans at Ras Jedir refugee camp

Quantities of weapons and ammunition found in different locations in southern Tunisia (Interior)

Tunisia warns Libya over border shelling

More than 45,000 Libyan refugees in Tataouine

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