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What to do about ants in your house
Even if scientifically they are beneficial, ants in the house can get annoying so Ahram Online speaks with experts on Egypt’s ants to give you a hint for how to deal with them  
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Short wait for breast cancer surgery seems safe
Women newly diagnosed with earlier-stage breast cancer can take a few weeks to prepare for surgery without raising the odds that their tumor will progress, a new study suggests

Embedding, a severe type of self-harm
In a new study this week, doctors describe a form of self-injury among teenagers called self-embedding, which involves inserting objects into the skin or muscle

Do video games make your kids eat more?
An hour spent playing video games may make teenage boys eat more over the rest of the day, a small study suggests

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Family meals might help kids keep a healthy weight
Parents can reduce their kids’ probabilities of being overweight, eating junk food or having eating problems by eating with them at least 3 times per week, according to US researchers

Perimenopause: it can catch you off guard
Everyone knows about menopause, but perimenopause? It comes early, so Ahram Online interviews an expert to help readers master the art of dealing with it efficiently

Bids soar for princess's "toilet seat" wedding hat
The much-mocked hat worn by Princess Beatrice to Britain's royal wedding last month -- widely described as looking like a "toilet seat" -- is up for sale on eBay where bids have reached 18,400 pounds ($29,940)

Fashion changes too fast these days: Pierre Cardin
Today's fashion designers change styles much too fast, partly due to twice-yearly collections, making it harder to create couture that lasts for years, designer Pierre Cardin said

Honeysuckle is the colour for 2011!!
The reddish pink shade lights a fire to your senses

Experience Kempinski's luxurious "Floor 10" dishes at home
Kempinski Nile Hotel's executive chef Holger Jackisch presents a delightful three course meal.

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