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23 February 2011
Dozens Dead and Hundreds Injured at the Shebin al-Kom Prison as the Prison Administration Continues to Use Excessive Force Against Inmates
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) today called for an immediate investigation into the excessive violence being used by officers at the Shebin al-Kom Prison in Monufiya against prison inmates since 25 January, which has left dozens dead and hundreds more injured. The EIPR asked the Public Prosecutor to take immediate action to stop the use of violence against prisoners and provide the necessary medical care for the injured and sick.
21 February 2011
The Egyptian Government Must Positively Respond to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Request for a Facts Finding Mission
Member organizations of the Forum of Independent Egyptian Human Rights Organizations (the Forum) welcome the request filed by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) with the Egyptian government, asking for approval to send an official fact-finding mission of international experts to assess the status of human rights in the country.
12 February 2011
Statement by the Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations| Long Live the Egyptian Popular Revolution...Roadmap for a Nation of Rights and the Rule of Law
The Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations congratulates the Egyptian people for their successful revolution and the removal of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, who denied dignity and humanity to Egyptians for three decades. The Forum especially salutes the revolution’s martyrs and the young people who sparked the uprising, creatively mobilized and organized, and bravely fought to achieve the first goal of deposing the dictator under a coalition of youth leaders.
10 February 2011
Complaint to the Public Prosecutor for an Immediate Investigation into the Murder of Dozens of Al-Qata Prison Inmates
Update 1 March 2011: The Prosecutor for North Giza, Mahmoud Al Hefnawy, visited Al-Qata prison on 27 February, to inspect the place and register the situation, including traces of bullets impacts in the walls of the cell-blocks and traces in the prison administration and the prison hospital that caught fire.
5 February 2011
What Mubarak Must Do Before He Resigns
As Egyptian citizens and human rights defenders, we have been on the streets here, including in Tahrir Square, since Jan. 25 to demand dignity and freedom for all Egyptians. There is nothing we want more than an immediate end to the Mubarak era, which has been marred by repression, abuse and injustice.
23 January 2011
The Government Must Submit the Sexual Violence Bill to National Debate... 23 NGOs Urge the Government to Initiate a Debate on Amendments to the Law on Sexual Violence before Submission to Parliament
The "Taskforce Combating Sexual Violence" (thereafter "the Taskforce") expressed grave concern today about the government's proposed amendments to Penal Code provisions relating to sexual violence. The amendments were approved by the Cabinet on 16 January and referred to the President on 19 January in preparation for their submission to the People's Assembly during its ongoing session.
19 January 2011
Memo to the Prime Minister| Strengthening the Pillars of the Civil State and Achieving Equality Requires the Formation of a Commission to Include Representatives from Social Sectors Denied Equality
Yesterday the Forum for Independent Egyptian Human Rights Organizations submitted a memo to Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif asking that he form a commission under the cabinet to assume the mission of activating constitutional guarantees for citizenship, equality, and equal opportunity for all Egyptians, regardless of religion, belief, ethnicity, or place of birth.
15 January 2011
Widespread Security Abuses during Investigations of Alexandria Bombings
Cairo, Geneva, 15 January 2011- Alkarama Foundation (Geneva) and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (Cairo) today condemned the arbitrary arrests and other violations committed by Egyptian security forces following the bombings at the Two Saints Church in Alexandria earlier this month. The two organizations called on the Public Prosecutor to investigate these abuses, hold those responsible accountable and refer them to a speedy trial.
4 January 2011
Joint Statement by 12 Egyptian Human Rights Organizations... Let the Massacre in Alexandria Be the Beginning of the End of Failed Government Policies
Twelve human rights organizations under the umbrella of the Forum for Independent Egyptian Human Rights Organizations strongly condemn the bombings which took place on New Year's day targeting worshippers leaving Saints Church in Alexandria after New Year's church service. The bombings killed 22 and injured at least 97 others according to official figures. Until the writing of this press release no group has claimed responsibility for this crime.
28 December 2010
The Egyptian Government Must Intervene Immediately to Save African Hostages in Sinai... Terrifying Details of Torture and Mass Rape While Officials Remain in Denial
Thirteen Egyptian human rights organizations expressed their distress today about the Egyptian government’s continuing dismissal of reports confirming the detention, torture and rape of hundreds of African hostages in Sinai by human trafficking gangs over the last few months. The gangs are demanding ransoms of thousands of dollars for their release.
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