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17 May 2011
Supreme Military Court Sentences Minor to Death... EIPR Urges Immediate Suspension of the Sentence and a Full Review of Cases Heard by the Military Judiciary
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) is deeply troubled and concerned about the death sentence issued by the Supreme Military Court against four persons convicted of kidnapping and assaulting a young woman (case no. 390/2011/East Cairo/criminal). The sentence of death by hanging was issued yesterday, 16 May, 2011. Even more troubling, one of the defendants in the case is a minor (age 17).
14 May 2011
EIPR Releases Findings of Field Investigation into Imbaba Events
Rights Monitors and Eyewitnesses Concur that Security Failed to Protect Lives and Churches... Resorting to Street Justice and the Use of Weapons by Both Sides Threatens Wider-Scale Violence
9 May 2011
EIPR Update: Sectarian Clashes in Imbaba, Giza
The government will “strike hard” anyone “who compromises Egypt’s national security” Justice Minister Abdel-Aziz El-Guindy said yesterday during a press conference on Saturday’s clashes in Imbaba.
9 May 2011
Sectarian Crimes in Imbaba Threaten a Civil War and a Return to Organized Terrorism... Yes to the Rule of Law and the Natural Judge, No to Military Trials
The undersigned human rights organizations express their profound unease at the rising wave of sectarian violence, which threatens to drag Egypt into Muslim-Christian civil strife, after it has become clear that those in charge of administering the country’s affairs in the transitional period following the removal of key figures of Mubarak’s rule have failed to assume their responsibility to enforce the rule of law, protect the lives of citizens, secure guarantees for religious
8 May 2011
EIPR Blog Post: Attacks on Mar Mina Church in Imbaba, Giza
EIPR senior researcher Sarah Carr was in Imbaba last night and wrote the following account of the violent Muslim-Christian clashes that left at least 12 dead and over 200 injured.
28 April 2011
Letter from African NGOs to African States re Syria’s Candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council
Letter from African NGOs to the member states of the African group in the UN regarding Syria’s candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council, April 28, 2011.
19 April 2011
EIPR/NALI Workshop Participants Reflect on the Role of the African Human Rights System in Recent Uprisings
Cairo, April 19, 2011 – The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), in partnership with the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR), conducted a workshop in Tunisia earlier this month (April 5, 6 & 7) on “The African Human Rights System: Practical Steps for Creating Effective Litigation Strategies.”
10 April 2011
Army Shootings Against Civilians a Dangerous Precedent for Which There Must be Accountability... A Joint Human Rights Report on the April 9 Attack in Tahrir Square
The signatory human rights organizations to this report strongly condemn the Egyptian army’s use of firearms against protestors in Tahrir square and its surrounding areas during the early hours of April 9th.
31 March 2011

Letter from Human Rights NGOs to Officials on Security and Health Situation in Egyptian Prisons
31 March 2011
Libya: African Rights Court Issues First Ruling Against a State... Libya Ordered Immediately to End Threats to Life, People’s Security
(London, March 31, 2011) – The Libyan government should immediately comply with the first binding ruling against a state by the newly operational African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the Egyptian Initiative on Personal Rights (EIPR), Human Rights Watch, and Interights said today.
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