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Friday, 3 June, 2011, 8:44 ( 6:44 GMT )
Zaha Hadid's Contemporary Arts Centre Cincinnati: An Innovative Gallery Experience
It is often the case that the 'other', to use Edward Said's metaphor, is sidelined in artistic and architectural discourse. We find little more than token mentions of Islamic art and architecture in the canons of 20th century modernism, and the spatial implications of philosophical works by Ibn al-Haytham for example, are for the greater part unheard of in the West. It is comforting therefore to see the continued success of Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, who spent much of her life in the West struggling as an Arab 'other'.
DIFF's Dubai Film Connection 2010 selects 15 projects for production support
The Dubai Film Connection, the co-production market of the Dubai International Film Festival, has selected 15 new regional film projects for potential production support from over 130 submissions from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Algeria, Syria and Iraq, among other regional markets.
Libyan Novelist Al-Koni Wins Arab Novel Award
Libyan novelist Ibrahim al-Koni received in Cairo the Arab Novel Award and dedicated the value of the prize to the children of the Tuareg tribes in Niger and Mali.
Libyan-American, Khaled Mattawa, Wins Most Prestigious Poetry Award in USA
The Libyan-American poet, professor and translator, Khaled Mattawa, has been awarded the American Artist Fellowship for 2010, the University of Michigan news service reported recently.
Al-Mazaar Festival
The second day of Eid El Fitr in Zliten is a day awaited for throughout the whole year, even more than the first day, all in anticipation for al-Mazaar festival. This annual festival is exclusively in Zliten and takes place during both Eid El Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, but is primarily known best for former celebrations.
US Returns Some Usurped Iraqi Archaeological Loot Resulted from Its Invasion on 2003
As a reminder that the looting of Iraq's heritage has hardly been restricted to the militant thieves who pillaged the Iraqi National Museum after the 2003 American invasion, the United States has repatriated a group of objects, some of which were apparently taken as war booty, and others that reflect the region's history of artifact smuggling.
Christie’s to host art expo in Doha
The world’s leading art business Christie’s will host a public art exhibition in Doha from October 3 to 5 at The Four Seasons Hotel, showing highlights of modern Middle Eastern art, it was announced yesterday.
Ramadan goes high-tech on mobiles
Ancient Islamic traditions are going high-tech with modern offerings for those observing the holy month of Ramadan which began this week.
Hyderabad: Old Tales from a Living City
The Old City - the historical core - the three square miles of original Hyderabad around the majestic Charminar, from which the city grew outwards, is a treasure trove of sights, smells, traditions and tastes. If you are planning to visit the city, I suggest, you go on a walking tour of this ancient part if for nothing else but to get a better view of the place.
Venice film festival to showcase young directors
The new generation of filmmakers will come into its own at this year's Venice film festival, where 41-year-old US director Darren Aronofsky will raise the curtain with "Black Swan", organisers said Thursday.
The Mosque of Murad Agha in Tajura
The holy month of Ramadan this year is to commence in beginning of August and devoted men and women around the Islamic world would spend longer time in thousands of mosques worshiping God.
‘Young Imam’ Show Becomes Greatest Hit on Malaysian TV
Like the stars of smash-hit television talent shows around the world, the eight young men in sharp black suits and matching skullcaps draw adoring fans and dreams of marriage.
French photo festival puts Jagger in spotlight
Mick Jagger is the main attraction at the 41st annual Rencontres d'Arles photography festival in the south of France, with organisers hoping that he will put in a personal appearance.
Antiquities and Contemporary Art of Libya in the Heart of Russia
"The desert is not silent" exhibition of antiquities and contemporary art of Libya will open in Moscow on the 28th of June at the New Manege State Exhibition Hall. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be attended by Mr.Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow, Mr. Saif El-Islam Gaddafi, artist and architect and Mr. Amer Greebi, Libyan ambassador in Russia.
Islam would have Saved Michael Jackson, says Jermaine
Converting to Islam would have saved the life of pop legend Michael Jackson, his brother Jermaine said in an interview to be aired Thursday.
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 Zaha Hadid's Contemporary Arts Centre Cincinnati: An Innovative Gallery Experience 
 Libyan Novelist Al-Koni Wins Arab Novel Award 
 DIFF's Dubai Film Connection 2010 selects 15 projects for production support 
 Libyan-American, Khaled Mattawa, Wins Most Prestigious Poetry Award in USA 
 Al-Mazaar Festival 
 US Returns Some Usurped Iraqi Archaeological Loot Resulted from Its Invasion on 2003 
 Christie’s to host art expo in Doha 
 Ramadan goes high-tech on mobiles 
 Hyderabad: Old Tales from a Living City 
 Venice film festival to showcase young directors 
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Libyan Artist Participates at 25th Alexandria Biennale
LIBYAN artist and ceramicist Hadia Gana if one of about 30 artists from the Mediterranean region are currently participating in one of the leading art events in the world, the 25th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean countries, in Egypt that opened on December 17 and will last until the end of January.
Zliten Campus at Asmariya University for Islamic Sciences Wins Islamic Architecture Award at Cityscape 2009
The Libyan Zliten Campus at Asmariya University for Islamic Sciences in the city of Zliten, 120km southeast of Tripoli, has won the prestigious Islamic Architecture Award at Cityscape 2009 in Dubai on Tuesday 6 October 2009.

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