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Censorship continues to force itself on Egypt's cultural scene
Despite an open attitude by the Minister of Culture with regard to censorship, some government officials still bear the old mindset

We will document Egypt's revolution, not dictate the story: AUC professor
The head of a volunteer team doing the critical job of collecting the revolution’s documents to display to the public via high technology tells Ahram Online of a few of their glitches and ambitions

Book review: "Memoirs of a Horse Carriage Driver" exposes post-revolution life nearly 100 years ago
First published after the 1919 Egyptian revolution, the satirical memoirs tell of those who tried to steal the revolution

Book review: Roots of the Salafist Movement in Egypt
Shalata researched the Salafist movement, tracking its origins outside Egypt and its path into Egyptian society, highlighting their recent activities and sources of power among Egyptian youth

Egypt's publishing industry between suffering and hope
The cancellation this year of the Cairo International Book Fair left the country's publishers reeling but the revolution has given them hope of greater freedom and a more discerning reader

Book review: The Book of the Revolution from Al-Ketaba Al-Okhra
Al-Ketaba Al-Okhra, an independent publication by a group of authors, records the impressions of the revolution: writings, photography and caricatures

Book review: Away from Egyptian domestic politics, ElBaradei speaks of IAEA years
The global nuclear non-proliferation regime is failing, says Mohamed ElBaradei in a new book reflecting on his time as head of the IAEA

Upcoming Egyptian Writers Union elections sees new faces but no new customs
Despite the slew of new faces nominated for the board of Egypt’s Writer’s Union, the history and membership structure render fundamental change highly unlikely

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