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June 5, 2011


FROM AP: Portugal votes for new govt, fears more austerity...  1 hour 48 minutes ago

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U.S. Probing Tech Giants' Patent Deals
Can Democrats And Republicans Make A Deal On The Debt Ceiling?
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Primary Cause Of Foreclosure Now Unemployment
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Russell Simmons: Confessions of a Life-Long Entrepreneur
Founder of GlobalGrind.com
My whole life I have never stopped dreaming. We all have dreams, but here is what is different about dreams today: now is the time to dream big, because even during tough times like these, you can still make your dreams happen.
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Hoodwinked! Selling Job Despair as "The New Normal"
Richard (RJ) Eskow, 06.03.2011
Consultant, Writer, Senior Fellow with The Campaign for America's Future
Almost three years later, people are still hewing to the flawed philosophies that led to the financial crisis. That prevents the country from taking steps to end the permanent recession that enshrouds whole segments of our population.
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On the Job Numbers
Jared Bernstein​, 06.03.2011
Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
We can smooth out the month-by-month data all we want, but the fact is that job growth in the United States is just too slow to provide working families with the job and income opportunities they need.
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Roundtable: Where are the Jobs?
Pelosi: Blame unemployment on Boehner, GOP
Teenagers scrambling to find summer jobs
Supreme Court Misses the Mark on Legal Arizona Workers Act
Raul A. Reyes, 06.03.2011
Attorney, USA Today columnist
Arizona's law has not been shown to reduce illegal immigration. In 2008, the first year it was in effect, state income tax collection dropped 13%. But sales tax revenues on food and clothing remained fairly steady.
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The Myth of "Rightsizing" the Federal Workforce
Steve Ressler​, 06.03.2011
Founder, GovLoop
President Ronald Reagan was no fan of big government. But would the man who famously said, "As government expands, liberty contracts," agree with the latest efforts to contract the federal government?
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Let's Focus on Creating Jobs, Not Playing Chicken With the Debt Ceiling
Rep. Keith Ellison, 06.03.2011
U.S. Congressman from Minnesota's 5th District
I wonder how long House Republicans are going to continue playing ideological games with the economy. Dilly-dallying with the debt ceiling is clearly the wrong direction for our country.
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What I Learnt in Rio: Discussing Ways to Manage Capital Flows
Olivier Blanchard​, 06.03.2011
Economic Counselor and Director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund
Governments have five tools to adjust to capital flows: monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign exchange intervention, prudential tools, and capital controls. The challenge is to find, for each case, the right combination.
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The Siesta Phone Call
Bant Breen, 06.03.2011
Could we ever incorporate an idea like siesta into the US working day? Could we set aside our five-hour energy drinks for a nap instead?
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Why Loyal3 May Point the Way to a Successful Facebook IPO, And More
David Kirkpatrick​, 06.03.2011
Author, 'The Facebook Effect'
Loyal3 could help answer the question of how Facebook might both go public and retain its independence and innovativeness, without being crushed by Wall Street's shortsighted pursuit of quarterly profit.
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Against Their Own Interests
Mike Lux, 06.03.2011
Author, The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be
It's unfortunate that some community bankers have gotten caught up on the wrong side of this battle, but the bottom line couldn't be clearer. Swipe fee regulation is a straightforward fight between Main Street and Wall Street.
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GBC at 10: Time to Look at the Big Picture
Aron Cramer​, 06.03.2011
President and CEO, BSR
Climate disruption means more precarious livelihoods, which also interfere with health and well being. And these challenges will only grow more acute as global population expands from 6.9 billion today to 9.2 billion in 2050.
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Crowdsourcing: Putting the "Public" Back in the Public Sector
Alison Craiglow Hockenberry​, 06.03.2011
Contributing editor at Ashoka's Changemakers
It won't be much longer that the IMF can select its leadership like it's still the 1940s -- in back room conversations between the Americans and Europeans.
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Back Toward Double-Dip
Robert Reich, 06.03.2011
Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley; Author, 'Aftershock'
The May jobs report is a disaster -- the weakest reading since September. The recovery has stalled. And while we're not in a double-dip recession yet, the odds of it are increasing.
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Inside Ford Finance Staff
Steve Mariotti, 06.03.2011
Founder, Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
My employment at a corporate giant gave me the tools to bring entrepreneurship education to at-risk youth around the world by focusing on the value of teamwork and courtesy. My transition from fast-track entrepreneur and later teaching was not easy, but it was worth it.
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Like Economists in Headlights
Michael Pento, 06.02.2011
Senior economist, Euro Pacific Capital
The only real solution for an economy mired in debt and inflation is a period of balance sheet reparation and deflation.
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How Do You Innovate Dignity?
Marc Stoiber, 06.03.2011
Creative Director
"You should be able to eat a nutritious meal with the same dignity as everyone else, in the same place as everyone else. It would let you hold your head up high, and rebuild a bit of your confidence."
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Homeowners Hold Grudges
Lita Smith-Mines​, 06.02.2011
Real estate attorney and Editor in Chief, Boating Times Long Island
There's a new grudge war, between homeowners who can afford their mortgages and ones who can't. They express ill feelings towards neighbors, focusing on some break they sense a struggling homeowner is getting.
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Can Your Strategy Pass the Infomercial Test?
Deepa Prahalad​, 06.03.2011
Co-author of Predictable Magic (Wharton School Publishing), and business strategist
Infomercials manage to do something that big companies struggle with: they clearly communicate their value proposition and they tell a story on the consumer's terms.
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Going Flat: Creating the Freedom to Succeed
Dov Seidman​, 06.02.2011
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LRN
Tearing down our vertical structure was easy. Building a new self-governing mindset is where the real work begins. The right balance needs to be struck between governance, leadership and culture.
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Shaun Donovan
Greener Homes Means a Stronger Economy
Russell Simmons
Confessions of a Life-Long Entrepreneur
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GBC at 10: Time to Look at the Big Picture
Aron Cramer​, 2011.06.03
Is America on the Verge of Another Credit Crisis?
Chriss Street, 2011.06.03
Why Loyal3 May Point the Way to a Successful Facebook IPO, And More
David Kirkpatrick​, 2011.06.03
The Siesta Phone Call
Bant Breen, 2011.06.03
What I Learnt in Rio: Discussing Ways to Manage Capital Flows
Olivier Blanchard​, 2011.06.03
Market Stalls But No Panic Signs Yet
Protestors Accuse Apple Of 'Tax Cheating'
Boeing To Cut 510 Jobs
The Roadblocks To Wall Street Reform
Mike Lux: Against Their Own Interests
Toyota President Sees Full Production By November
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Saki Knafo
'Any Work Wanted': Job Seekers React To Dismal Jobs Report
Jared Bernstein: On the Job Numbers
Robert Reich: Back Toward Double-Dip
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William Alden
Debt Ceiling Fight Could Strain Economy Even Before Deadline
Rep. Gary Ackerman: Patriots Don't Let Their Nation Default
Richard (RJ) Eskow: Hoodwinked! Selling Job Despair as "The New Normal"
Alan Greenspan: Having a Debt Ceiling 'Makes No Sense'
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Peter S. Goodman
No Jobs, No Leadership: Obama's Big Fail
HuffPost Reports
William Alden
'NO MORE DEBT': Municipal Bond Issuance Down By Half This Year
With Economy Weak, Americans Continue To Avoid The Doctor
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Lila Shapiro
America's Inability To Create Jobs Raises Likelihood Of More Lean Times
States Spending Most On Education
HuffPost Reports
Dave Jamieson
Job Losses Mount In Local Governments
Farmland Becoming One Of Wall Street's Hottest Investments
HuffPost Reports
Zach Carter
How Obama's Failed Foreclosure Relief Plan Contributes To The Jobs Crisis
Simon Johnson: Explaining France's Determination To Run The IMF
Krugman: 'Strong Chance' U.S. Economy Will Get Even Worse
America's 'Little Ray Of Hope': The Service Sector
Chrysler Will Soon Sever Ties With U.S. Government
Joe Stiglitz: Next IMF Chief Must 'Continue Along The Reform Path'
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