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June 7, 2011


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Sit, Stay, Catch... A Wave!
Canines Hang 10 For Charity Surfing Competition
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Simon Mainwaring: 10 Actions Consumers Can Take to Reinvent Capitalism
Founder of We First
We are in a unique moment when average citizens, not philosophers, have the power to change the world yet again by reinventing capitalism.
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Moving Beyond "AIDS Orphans"
Mark Canavera​, 06.07.2011
humanitarian aid worker, activist, writer
Popular American conceptions about so-called "AIDS orphans" are based largely on well-intentioned but ultimately inaccurate portrayals of children.
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All Children Deserve Vaccines
Melinda Gates, 06.06.2011
Co-chair, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Now that several vaccine manufacturers are offering their vaccines at much lower costs, GAVI Alliance will be able to roll out the rotavirus vaccine, as well as other vaccines, for the first time ever in many of the poorest countries.
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Corporations Commit to Sustainable Social Impact at UN Social Innovation Summit
Gabi Zedlmayer​, 06.06.2011
Vice President of HP’s Office of Global Social Innovation
Often said to be the "last frontier for IT," health could potentially be the industry sector with the most to gain from technology.
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Transparency Saves Lives
Michel D. Kazatchkine​, 06.06.2011
Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
The Global Fund could have been more vigilant in Mali. But we have learned our lesson. As a result of these efforts, the Global Fund is now better prepared to prevent and quickly detect fraud and misuse.
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Seeking Justice in Mexico, and the Legacy of Robert Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy​, 06.06.2011
Founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights
On this day, 43 years ago, in the midst of a national struggle to make real the promises of justice and equality, we lost Robert F. Kennedy. We honor his legacy when we stand with heroes who are devoted to the pursuit of justice and put their lives on the line for others.
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Branding Nonprofits in the Digital Age
Andrew Daley, 06.06.2011
Inbound marketer, social media, product development
Work with your supporters and brand yourself with them for success. Ignore your supporters and brand top down at your peril.
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Hackathons, Parolees and Jobs
Tanja Aitamurto​, 06.06.2011
Open X specialist
The hackathon had an amazing impact: A random group of about 10 people was able to create a rough demo of the SMS/web service in about eight hours, thanks to the awesome and skilled team.
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Slow Your Roll: Think Twice Before You Yell, Honk or Lose It!
Toan Lam, 06.06.2011
Founder of www.GoInspireGo.com
What would the world be like if we viewed all the slow drivers as though they are our aunties, friends, family members or neighbors, who are going through their own battles in life?
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Accelerating Progress to Help the World's Orphans
Dr. Jane Aronson​, 06.06.2011
Pediatrician and CEO of Worldwide Orphans Foundation
I am reminded painfully of how children essentially can end up lost in rhetoric and good intentions. Agencies are well-meaning, but slow-moving and bureaucratic.
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A Canadian Breakthrough: Fortifying Lives Through Nutrition
Marc Van Ameringen​, 06.06.2011
Executive director, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Almost one in three people -- 2 billion globally -- suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies impacting child survival, growth, development, learning capacity and earning potential.
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Silver Rights and Generation Entrepreneurship: What a President With Vision Can Do
John Hope Bryant, 06.06.2011
Author and philanthropic entrepreneur
It's called re-imagining our future, re-framing our success, seeing opportunity even in the midst of adversity, and never, ever giving up. Ever.
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Answering the Challenge for Small Farmers
Bill Gates, 06.06.2011
Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The vast majority of the poorest people in the world get their food and income from farming small plots of land. Helping these farming families grow and sell more helps them become self-sufficient and build better lives.
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Run, Zoe, Run
Mickey Goodman​, 06.03.2011
Author and Journalist
Preparing for the trip took nearly six months. Her plan was to fly to Huntington Beach, Ca., dip her toes in the Pacific Ocean, then begin running toward home.
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Remembering Dr. Benjamin E. Mays's Legacy
Marian Wright Edelman​, 06.03.2011
President, Children's Defense Fund
Ramrod straight of posture, unwaveringly principled and caring, keenly intelligent and elegant in speech, Dr. Mays was one of the most important people to me during my college years at Spelman.
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Red Velvet Cake for My Brother
Jamie Schler, 06.03.2011
Food blogger; Author, Life’s a Feast
I miss him. It's as simple as that. No long, rambling stories recounted, no wisps of nostalgia or idle memories rekindled. I simply miss my brother.
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Helping the Homeless: It Starts By Getting to Know Them
Rev. Peter M. Wallace​, 06.03.2011
Host of "Day1" radio program and author of "Living Loved" and other books
Governments at every level are cutting or even eliminating funding to a multitude of programs serving the homeless and those living in poverty. So the need is real. But the people are real, too.
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Volunteering With Spreadsheets, Not Screwdrivers
Stanley S. Litow, 06.03.2011
President, IBM International Foundation
This timely, new program offers the rest of us an opportunity to do our part, with our own unique skills.
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Sarge, Sarge, Sarge
Kevin F. F. Quigley​, 06.02.2011
President of the National Peace Corps Association
As the Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary, each of us can be inspired to serve and make a difference by taking a moment to reflect on the contributions Sargent Shriver.
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Study Reveals Race Plays A Role In Supporting Causes Online
Adjusting To My Job As A Peace Corps Volunteer In Botswana
By Ross Szabo
Person Cured Of AIDS Gives Hope For Others On 30th Anniversary
How Education Helped Cambodian Women Escape The Sex Trade
By Michaela Haas
Giving Americans With Disabilities Job Opportunities
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