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FROM AP: Art exhibit offers 'urban therapy' for NYers...  2 hours ago

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Rihanna FIRES BACK At Critics
Rihanna Fights Abuser, Shoots A Man Dead In Newly Released Video
NAKED RIHANNA! Nude Photos Hit Web- With A Nipple Ring

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This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Jessica & Ashlee Simpson and Rihanna
Judy Kurtz, 06.02.2011
FOX45 Reporter, Starpulse Entertainment Writer
Perhaps taking a page out of the Olsen twins' book, Jessica Simpson announced this week that her sister Ashlee, 26, will aid her in designing a tween fashion line for her self-named clothing label.
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This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Rihanna and Snooki
Judy Kurtz, 05.25.2011
FOX45 Reporter, Starpulse Entertainment Writer
It seems that the pint-sized "Jersey Shore" star is doing what many suddenly-famous folks do -- slimming down big time.
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Everybody Eats Where? In Los Angeles, Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, a Final Toast to My Friend
Mara Gibbs, 05.25.2011
Food and travel writer, co-author of "Everybody Eats There"
I received sad news on Monday that my friend, teacher and favorite restaurateur Giorgio Baldi died over the weekend. Giorgio was a legendary character.
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The Real Reason Everybody Hates Chris... Brown, That Is (It's Not Why You Think)
Keli Goff, 05.28.2011
Author, commentator and contributing editor, TheLoop21.com
Today, no one responsible for anything apologizes anymore. Despite his handlers' fears, a sincere, detailed apology could only help Chris Brown. Goodness knows it can't make things any worse.
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Sandy Vee: The Starmaker (AUDIO)
Jeff Rivera, 05.25.2011
Entertainment Reporter
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Divorce & Music Part 2: Love the Way You Lie
Marah Nudel, 05.25.2011
For some people, the most difficult part of getting a divorce is realizing that they need one.
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Aren't You Sick of Too Skinny Girls?
Bonnie Fuller, 05.25.2011
President & Editor-in-Chief, HollywoodLife.com
First, New York Fashion Week, then Sports Illustrated -- It's been a double hit of diet-inducing beauties in our faces this week!
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What's the Big Deal About Rihanna's S&M;?
College Candy, 05.25.2011
Some critics and fans are outraged by Rihanna's sexual lyrics and fetish-filled video, leaving me to wonder where the boundaries of entertainment actually stand.
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Top 21 Albums & Tracks of 2010 -- What Are Yours?
David Wild, 05.25.2011
TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor and author, 'He Is... I Say'
Here are my top 21 fave raves of 2010. In no particular order.
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The Joy of Glee
Andy Ostroy, 05.25.2011
Political & pop culture analyst
What Glee shows us is that viewers still hunger for quality. For originality. For something different. For shows that break the mold and succeed in turning old-fashioned into new-fashioned.
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Have We Had Enough of Euro-R&B;?
Joseph Patterson​, 05.25.2011
Editor - MTV: The Wrap Up
I know us European folk are very influential when it comes to music, art and fashion, but some things should just be left alone, like mixing electro/dance with R&B.;
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If Pop Stars Were Breakfast Cereals: A Delicious Analysis (PHOTOS)
The Frenemy​, 05.25.2011
A network of girls who are the urban normal
I decided to turn our most popular pop tarts into something that I can stomach: breakfast cereal.
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Celebs Strip Down Post-Fashion Week
Chloé Harris, 05.25.2011
Managing editor, StyleBistro.com
At the close of NYFW, I headed to a cabin where nobody could see my freshly scrubbed face and, yes, Ugg boots. Turns out, I'm not alone in this deep-seated desire to shelve my five-inch Alaïa booties and nurture my inner bum.
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'Season of the Witch': A Crafty Playlist for Christine O'Donnell
David Wild, 05.25.2011
TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor and author, 'He Is... I Say'
Here's a playlist for a Jersey girl with big dreams, at least some of them not involving "Witchcraft" or "That Old Black Magic."
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Is The "Glee" Cast Singing and Dancing Their Way into Homelessness?
Joel John Roberts​, 05.25.2011
CEO of People Assisting The Homeless, Publisher of www.PovertyInsights.org
"Glee" is a story of teen misfits who discover their identities and hidden talents by joining the school's chorus. Their personal life tales mirror the typical hardships of young people who have become homeless all over this country.
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Los Angeles Events and Gossip: Teen Choice Awards, Jonathan Club Luau, Nylon party, BlackBerry Torch AT&T; Launch Party and InStyle's Summer Soiree
The Daily Truffle, 05.25.2011
A Los Angeles social diary
Weekend report: I spent my Saturday in Malibu ... Friend and fellow LA Native and Malibu Colony neighbor Chad Rogers finally sold the Wells Fargo par...
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Sexing Up Domestic Violence
Randy Susan Meyers, 05.25.2011
Author, The Murderer's Daughters
Does violence at home have a throbbing beat for a backdrop and erotic sex burning up the house? Eminem might think he's presenting a case against domestic violence, but his song lyrics only show it as sexy.
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MTV and Eve Ensler Take a New Approach to Teen Sex Issues in the Digital World
Tina Wells, 05.25.2011
Founder, Buzz Marketing Group
For more than a decade, MTV has sought to teach their viewers on the importance of safe sex, and now in the new age of digital dating they are once again bringing the issues to a forefront.
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A Date With Darling Lilith, Part 1
Michael Bialas, 05.25.2011
Entertainment and Sports Journalist
To know Lilith is to love her. Unfortunately, more than a few of her former paramours apparently can live without her.
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"Crazy Little Thing Called Love": A Playlist for Bristol and Levi
David Wild, 05.25.2011
TV Writer, Rolling Stone Contributing Editor and author, 'He Is... I Say'
Here is my loving playlist for two kids who remind us all about a sometimes flickering yet ultimately difficult to extinguish force in our world -- a crazy little thing called love.
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OneRepublic Singer Talks Touring and Songwriting in Vegas
Jon Chattman​, 05.25.2011
Founder, thecheappop.com
The OneRepublic frontman and songwriter is only interested in creating new music, and having a career that challenges him. Yep, that means no "Apologize Part 2," people.
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