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Supreme Court: Texas May Proceed With Execution
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Conrad Black Appeal Rejected By Supreme Court
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Jessica Levinson: Corporations Can Now Donate Directly to Candidates (According to One Federal Judge)
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Addicted to Incarceration
Sam Slovick, 05.31.2011
Journalist living in Los Angeles
A sharp divide in the recent Supreme Court ruling ordering California to drastically reduce its prison population represents a deeper national division.
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McCain Dethrones the Rule of Law
Bruce Fein, 05.31.2011
Author, 'American Empire: Before the Fall'
John McCain's latest war gospel hangs an alarming tale. The rule of law has been dethroned and the president has been endowed with absolute power as the American Empire has eclipsed the American Republic.
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Will Rendition Always Remain a State Secret?
Emily Berman, 05.27.2011
Counsel in the Liberty and National Security Program, Brennan Center for Justice
On President Obama's first day in office, he stated unequivocally that his administration was "committed to operating with an unprecedented level of openness in government." It is time for the president to live up to his promise.
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Campaign Finance Ruling Inappropriately Attempts to Overrule Supreme Court Decision
Fred Wertheimer, 05.27.2011
President, Democracy 21
Federal district courts cannot overrule Supreme Court decisions. But that is exactly what the district court judge in United States v. William Danielczyk, Jr. is now attempting to do.
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Democrats Need Their Koch Families
Brent Budowsky, 05.26.2011
The 2012 election involves historically high stakes and could be decided by razor-thin margins of victory. These elections should not be decided because Republicans take legal donations and Democrats do not.
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Every Child Deserves a Second Chance
Anthony Barkow, 05.25.2011
Executive Director, Center on the Administration of Criminal Law, NYU Law
As a society we can no longer afford to declare youth worthless and sentence them to die in prison without giving them an opportunity to have their sentence reviewed.
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Why the Supreme Court Won't Review Guantanamo Cases
Maryam Khan Ansari, 05.25.2011
Tax attorney
The Supreme Court is sending the message to the Guantanamo Bay detainees loud and clear: It's not that easy to get out of here.
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Can The DNC and Our President Break Their Establishment Ties?
Pearl Korn, 05.25.2011
Advocate for Improved Medicare For All
For the DNC to become relevant again, it needs to truly embrace that spirit of "change" from 2008 and support some real Progressives for Congress in 2012.
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Michael Sky is Dying
Norm Stamper, 05.25.2011
34-year veteran police officer who retired as Seattle's chief of police in 2000
Unless you live on a small, green island off Washington State, or haven't read his books or participated in his workshops, you've probably not heard of Michael Sky. He is a dear friend, and he is dying.
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Why Don't You Profit When Pharmacies Sell Your Prescription Data?
Jake Whitney, 05.25.2011
Freelance journalist and contributing writer for Guernica Magazine
The battle over prescription data has been raging since 2006, and it is more than just another skirmish in the ongoing war over information privacy. The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship is at stake.
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Stop, Think and Contemplate: BP Anniversary, Fukushima Disaster & Fracking... Are Our Lives in Jeopardy?
Mitchell J. Rabin, 05.25.2011
Holistic Psychotherapist, Host of A Better World Radio
I'd rather stop, think and contemplate a beautiful sunrise really, a powerful, yellow ball rising above the horizon by the shore. Or a sunset with a ...
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Supreme Court Ruling Is Not Bad News For Consumers, the Class Action System Is the Real Culprit
Lawrence W. Schonbrun, 05.25.2011
Executive director of Class Action Watch
Our local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, published an editorial headlined, "Supreme Court Ruling Is Bad News For Consumers," which reflects t...
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Supreme Court Makes it Harder to Hold Contractors Accountable for Fraud
Project On Government Oversight, 05.25.2011
Exposing corruption, exploring solutions
We urge Congress to reject draft legislation that would silence potential whistleblowers, weaken SEC enforcement actions and allow law-breaking companies to evade accountability.
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The Supreme Court's Stinky Ruling on Marijuana Odor: What Does it Really Mean?
Scott Morgan, 05.25.2011
Associate Director, FlexYourRights.org
This week's Supreme Court decision in Kentucky v. King has civil-libertarians and marijuana policy reformers in an uproar, and rightly so, but it's not exactly the death of the 4th Amendment
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The Constitution and the Tea Party Part Company
Bruce Fein, 05.25.2011
Author, 'American Empire: Before the Fall'
If Tea Party Caucus Members wish to keep their constitutional escutcheons unsullied, they should not tarry in taking legislative action against unconstitutional presidential wars and unconstitutional unaudited military spending.
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Supreme Court Rules That Small Claims Cannot Be Pursued Against Big Corporations
Judge H. Lee Sarokin, 05.25.2011
Retired in 1996 after 17 years on the federal bench
With AT&T; Mobility vs. Concepcion, the Supreme Court has permitted alleged corporate fraud to go unheard and unpunished and, in turn, has silenced the voice of the consumer in the process.
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The Republican Supreme Court Sticks It to the Little Guy (Again)
Joseph A. Palermo, 05.25.2011
Associate Professor of American History, California State University, Sacramento
Once again the US Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts has shown the nation it will always favor corporations over people even if it means conjuring new law out of thin air.
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Do Parents' Rights End at the Schoolhouse Gate?
John W. Whitehead, 05.25.2011
Attorney and author
Helping America's teens make positive, healthy and responsible lifestyle choices is a worthy goal, but it must start with parents within the home.
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Appeals Court Considers Virginia's Challenge to Health Law That Already Benefits Millions
Ethan Rome, 05.25.2011
Executive Director, Health Care for America Now
The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond, Va., will hear arguments Tuesday on contradictory rulings by two Virginia federal judges on attempts to invalidate the new health care law's requirement that everyone who can afford private insurance must buy it.
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Supreme Court Justice Still a Fashionista
Stephanie Green, 05.25.2011
Washington, DC Journalist
She may be an aging widow, but Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg proves she's still got it going on in the style department.
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The Abortion Battle: Is the Pro-Choice Movement Gun-Shy?
Nancy Northup, 05.25.2011
President, Center for Reproductive Rights
While the number of anti-choice bills we are tracking this year is similar in number to past years, they are some of the most extreme that we've seen in decades and are passing at a faster rate than in the past.
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Supreme Court: California Prison System Inmates Suffer From Cruel And Unusual Punishment
Quick Read | Comments (1,314) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court Decision Orders Release Of 30,000 Inmates
Quick Read | Comments (847) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court Turns Down Guantanamo Detainees' Appeal
Quick Read | Comments (67) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court: California Must Cut Its Prison Population
Quick Read | Comments (3,028) | 05.25.2011
Simon Johnson: When Regulators Side With The Regulated
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| 05.25.2011
Justice Thomas Takes Aim At Supreme Court Critics
Quick Read | Comments (876) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court Won't Revive Torture Lawsuit
Quick Read | Comments (1,888) | 05.25.2011
Experts: Proposed Ethics Bills Could Withstand Tests
Quick Read | Comments (19) | 05.25.2011
Court Refuses Appeal Of 'Silent' Cheerleader Who Claimed Sexual Assault
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| 05.25.2011
Retiring Justice Stevens Writing Book On 5 Chief Justices
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| 05.25.2011
Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court To Reinstate FCC Indecency Policy
Quick Read | Comments (240) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court: Inmates Can't Sue For Religious Rights
Quick Read | Comments
| 05.25.2011
Russ Feingold's PAC Fighting Corporate Influence Brings In $1 Million
Quick Read | Comments (387) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court Pulls Another Brick From Church/State Wall
Quick Read | Comments (180) | 05.25.2011
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Supreme Court Decision Orders Release Of 30,000 Inmates
Supreme Court Won't Revive Torture Lawsuit
Supreme Court Upholds Order For California To Cut Prison Population
Bob Cesca Sarah Palin's Narcissism Feeds Her Constitutional Incompetence
Cruel But Not Unusual: Clarence Thomas Writes Of One Meanest Supreme Court Decisions Ever
Quick Read | Comments (2,030) | 05.25.2011
Supreme Court: Arizona Tax Break For Donations To Religious Schools Continues
Quick Read | Comments (215) | 05.25.2011
Federal Reserve Names Banks That Drew Loans During Crisis
Quick Read | Comments (17) | 05.31.2011
Supreme Court To Hear Case Of Fired Church Teacher
Quick Read | Comments (39) | 05.29.2011
Court Decision Makes It Easier For Government To Hold Gitmo Detainees
Quick Read | Comments (329) | Guantanamo Bay
What's At Stake In The Massive Walmart Anti-Discrimination Case Before The Supreme Court
Quick Read | Comments (2,358) | 05.29.2011
Supreme Court Hears Argument In Wal-Mart Sex Bias Lawsuit
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| 05.29.2011
Supreme Court Skeptical Of Arizona Campaign Finance Law
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| 05.28.2011
Supreme Court To Decide If Narcoleptic Teacher At Church School Gets Disability Rights
Quick Read | Comments (119) | Teachers
Walmart Sex Bias Suit Heads To Supreme Court
Quick Read | Comments (57) | 05.28.2011
Supreme Court To Take Up Sex Bias Claim Against Wal-Mart
Quick Read | Comments (570) | 05.27.2011
In Wake Of Citizens United, New Rules Yet To Be Devised
Quick Read | Comments (103) | 05.25.2011
Walmart Will Urge Supreme Court To Reject Record Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit
Quick Read | Comments (115) | 05.25.2011
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