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June 6, 2011


FROM @3awadalla​: Good morning everyone! :)...  just now

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Syrian TV: Israeli Forces Kill At Least 13 Protesters
British, French Helicopters Strike Gaddafi Troops
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William Hartung: Costs of War Hit Home, Politically
Director, Arms and Security Project, Center for International Policy
The combined costs of the wars this year amount to nearly $170 billion. While $19 billion less than '08, its a modest drop considering Iraq spending decreased almost $100 billion since then too. In other words, 4 of every 5 dollars saved from Iraq were reinvested in Afghanistan.
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Cuba's Much Lauded Health Care System No Longer Has Even Aspirin to Give Us
Yoani Sanchez​, 06.05.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
Given the choice between the Hippocratic oath and ideological fidelity, many physicians prefer to violate the privacy of their patients rather than to oppose, with the truth, the State that employs them.
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The "Cheney Brigades": A Second Chance for War Advocates to Fight
Doug Bandow​, 06.04.2011
Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute
How noble an enterprise, creating "second chance brigades" for those who found themselves too busy promoting wars to serve in them when they were young. Congress might want to name the program after a figure who inspires us all: the Cheney brigades.
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Thousands attend Pope's Croatian Mass
On the Ground in Afghanistan
Record radiation levels at Fukushima
Think Twice, UN!
Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison​, 06.05.2011
You would think U.S. policymakers would take advantage of Abbas's showing his true colors and cut him loose (and cut him off from billions in Western aid). Not so. Instead, Abbas gets a reward for climbing into bed with terrorists.
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Letter From the Arab World: The Speeches Revisited
James Zogby, 06.04.2011
President, the Arab American Institute; Author, "Arab Voices"
While one could quibble with aspects Obama's state department speech and his remarks before AIPAC, I was struck by some things he said that didn't register in the U.S. press or in the Arab World's media.
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A Struggle Over the Sovereignty of the Net and Nations
Jeff Jarvis, 06.03.2011
Author: 'Public Parts', 'What Would Google Do?'
With the net, we have a counterweight to government and media. So the net is not a subset of lands we now know. It is not a a new land. It is the public sphere. Or it can be. It is up to us to protect it.
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Syria's Shame
Amb. Marc Ginsberg​, 06.03.2011
Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco
Despite economic isolation and growing international outcry, Bashar al-Assad knows he's safe -- by our statements, we have signaled to him that he is "too big to fail."
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Report From Tokyo: How Long Should TEPCO Call the Shots?
David Wagner​, 06.03.2011
Director of Crisis Communications, Country Risk Solutions
One has to wonder how long Tokyo Electric Power should call the shots. There is something inherently wrong with allowing the hen to rule the hen house. Yet that is what is happening.
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It's Not Only Strauss-Kahn Who Should Be on Trial. It's the IMF Itself.
Johann Hari, 06.03.2011
Columnist, the London Independent
There's an inane debate in the press about who should be the next head of the IMF. If we took the idea of human equality seriously, we would be discussing how to disband the IMF entirely and start again.
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Trade Agreements Kill Jobs, Wages, Democracy
Dave Johnson​, 06.03.2011
Fellow, Campaign for America's Future
Our trade agreements have pitted working people in countries that do not protect rights or people against the working people here who fought to win the protections of democracy. The result has been devastating.
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Europe Must Rise to the Challenges Presented by the Arab Spring
Emma Bonino, Mark Leonard​, Ana Palacio and Daniel Sachs, 06.03.2011
Europe's response to the Arab Spring has been lacking in ambition, imagination and generosity. From the actions and words of European leaders there has been too much focus on halting the flow of migrants and not enough on the historic opportunity before us.
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Was Pablo Neruda Murdered?
John Lundberg​, 06.03.2011
Writer, poetry teacher
Pablo Neruda once wrote, "We all arrive by different streets, by unequal languages, at Silence." But just how the great poet arrived at his ultimate silence is the subject of heated debate in his home country, Chile.
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AIPAC: A Lobby Without Parallel
MJ Rosenberg​, 06.03.2011
Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network
AIPAC is the only lobby that both Democrats and Republics fear challenging. There is no other lobby in Washington, not one, that has that kind of power.
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Crowdsourcing: Putting the "Public" Back in the Public Sector
Alison Craiglow Hockenberry​, 06.03.2011
Contributing editor at Ashoka's Changemakers
It won't be much longer that the IMF can select its leadership like it's still the 1940s -- in back room conversations between the Americans and Europeans.
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What I Learnt in Rio: Discussing Ways to Manage Capital Flows
Olivier Blanchard​, 06.03.2011
Economic Counselor and Director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund
Governments have five tools to adjust to capital flows: monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign exchange intervention, prudential tools, and capital controls. The challenge is to find, for each case, the right combination.
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Hillary: Agent of Change, Rock Star
Kathy Kemper​, 06.03.2011
Founder and CEO, Institute forEducation
It's a common misperception that the challenges women face are "soft" social issues. But the central role women play in society translates into a "butterfly effect" affecting ever-larger circles of humanity.
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AIDS at 30: The Real Story
Laurie Garrett and Larry Kramer, 06.03.2011
June 5th marks the 30th anniversary of the recognition that a new disease was killing our species. It would become our era's Great Plague, killing somewhere between 28-35 million human beings, and infecting about 75 million with HIV.
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Syria: Preparing for the Post-Assad Era
Dr. Josef Olmert, 06.03.2011
Adjunct Professor, American University’s School of International Service
The Syrian crisis may seem to be off the front page, but this is a deceiving quiet. The popular Sunni uprising is in full swing, and with it the repression by the regime, which claims a growing number of casualties.
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A Double Game in Pakistan? More Like Double Shame
Rob Asghar, 06.03.2011
Member, Pacific Council on International Policy
In a nation of 180 million people, only two million Pakistanis pay taxes. This may at first glance seem a tragic consequence of poverty, but bear in mind that roughly 30 percent of Pakistanis live in poverty, not 99 percent.
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A State Department That Can
Sean Penn, 2011.06.05
Think Twice, UN!
Ken Blackwell​, 2011.06.05
Cuba's Much Lauded Health Care System No Longer Has Even Aspirin to Give Us
Yoani Sanchez​, 2011.06.05
No Longer Number 1!
Alyn Ware, 2011.06.04
Costs of War Hit Home, Politically
William Hartung​, 2011.06.04
Raging Greeks Stage Biggest Anti-Austerity Protest
Libyan Woman Who Claimed Rape Reportedly Headed To U.S.
Russia: NATO 'One Step' From Land War In Libya
Likely E. Coli Culprit Identified: 22 Killed, Thousands Sick In Breakout
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Strauss-Kahn To Plead Not Guilty On Monday
Police Forcibly Remove Yoga Guru And Supporters From Hunger Strike
Mexico: State Leader Of Zeta Cartel Caught
French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde Likely To Be Next IMF Chief
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More Protesters Shot Dead In Syria
Top Al Qaeda Commander Killed
Doug Bandow: The "Cheney Brigades": A Second Chance for War Advocates to Fight
Bahrain Police Open Fire At Protesters In Capital
Robert Gates Makes Farewell Visit To Afghanistan
Winslow T. Wheeler: Did Robert Gates Terminate 30 DOD Hardware Programs, Saving $300 Billion?
Former Secretary Of State Dies
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WikiLeaks Founder Takes On Damage Done By Publishing Secret Docs
North Korea Vows Military Action Against South
HuffPost Reports
David Lohr
WATCH: American-Born Al Qaeda Member Urges U.S. Muslims To Start Killing Americans
Hitler's First Anti-Semitic Writing Found?
Czech Lesbians Being Drawn To Prostitution
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