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Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal: New Photos Emerge (VIDEO)
First Posted: 06/ 6/11 12:28 PM ET Updated: 06/ 6/11 05:28 PM ET
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The controversy surrounding the lewd photograph sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-N.Y.) Twitter account took a new turn Monday. Andrew Breitbart's website BigGovernment.com claims that a new woman has come forward with photos, chats, and emails sent to her by the congressman that suggest the two were involved in "an online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs."
The first picture posted on BigGovernment.com shows Weiner holding a piece of paper with the word "me" written on it, and an arrow pointing to his face. According to the website, Weiner sent the photo in order to prove to the woman that he it was in fact the person corresponding with her online.
A second photo shows Weiner with two cats in the background. It was allegedly emailed to the woman from anthonyweiner@aol.com with the subject line "Me and the pussys."
A third photo appears to show Weiner shirtless. The photo was allegedly sent to the woman on Friday, May 20, 2011 via a Yahoo! email address that she claims was an alternate alias for Rep. Weiner. BigGovernment.com did not specify the email address but said a Google search for it revealed an invisible Yahoo! profile with more photos of Weiner sans shirt.
Weiner is scheduled to address the media at 4pm Monday. According to NY1, Weiner will not announce his resignation.
Earlier, On Wednesday, May 18, 2011, according to BigGovernment.com, Weiner allegedly sent the woman an email from that same Yahoo! address and attached the now-infamous photo of a man's bulging underpants.
Breitbart's website has not revealed the identity of the woman, and the photos themselves do not prove that an illicit relationship was taking place.
An ABC News official told the New York Times that the network has interviewed a woman who says she received the same photos from Weiner that Breitbart obtained.
Radar Online is also reporting that a woman was involved in a lengthy "sexting" exchange with the congressman via Facebook last month,. "I have more than 200 messages from him and they're all explicit in nature," the woman, who volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker, told Radar Online. She also told the website that she had phone sex with Weiner for 30 minutes on his government-provided phone.
Weiner's office has not responded to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.
Last month, BigGovernment.com revealed that a lewd photo of a man's bulging underpants had been sent to a 21-year-old female college student in Seattle from Weiner's Twitter account. It was quickly deleted, but a frenzy of coverage and comment ensued on blogs, cable news outlets and other media. Weiner's spokesman said that the congressman's Twitter account had been hacked and dismissed the episode as a prank.

live blog
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Speaking at 4:00 PM ET
Rep. Weiner is scheduled to speak at 4:00 PM ET. Live video at the top of this live blog.
Not Resigning?
@ NY1headlines : Sources: Weiner To Remain In Office Amid Expanding Online Scandal http://bit.ly/mGABIR
Breitbart Takes Over
At the Weiner presser, Breitbart takes to the microphone to defend his site's reporting.
"I'm not going to get into how Weiner should respond to this," he says. "I'm here to respond to some basic questions."
"We didn't name the girl," he says, but other sites "attacked the messenger."
"How is this revenge? There was zero premeditation involved in this. This is a legitimate story."
Breitbart: Weiner Owes Me An Apology
"I'm doing this to save his family" Breitbart says about his decision not to post a photo that the BigGovernment.com site describes as "extremely graphic, and leaves nothing to the imagination."
"I would like an apology from him... This was his political strategy -- to accuse me of hacking," Breitbart says.
"I'm trying to do the decent thing here and not release the photo."
Breitbart: Weiner's The One Who Must Answer Questions
"When I'm the one being accused, I have the right to speculate," Breitbart says.
"He's the one who has more questions to answer than I do," he concludes -- and indeed we're all waiting for him to take the stage.
Breitbart: I Did Not "Crash" Weiner's Press Conference
Breitbart on the phone with Fox News: "I did so at their invitation. I did not do so as a means to crash. In fact when I was walking up there I asked whether this was a good thing to do."
Breitbart: Weiner Photos 'Putting The Country In Harms Way'
Breitbart to Fox News, on his motivation for publishing the Weiner photos "I think that these guys are putting the country in harms way -- just like Congressman Lee or Congressman Weiner -- I believe that when you are sending these photos out to people across America, you are putting yourself in a blackmail position."
Weiner: I Have Made Terrible Mistakes
"I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people I care for the most."
Picture Is Of Weiner
"The picture was of me, and I sent it"
More Women
Weiner said that over the past several years he has engaged in inappropriate conversations online and over the phone with about six women. "I have never met any of these women or had physical relations with them at any time."
Not Resigning
"I am not resigning," Weiner said. "It was a very dumb thing to do, but it was not part of any plan to be deceitful."
Weiner Will Not Seek Treatment
"This is not something that can be treated away. It is a deep weakness of mine, and it is a mistake."
Did His Wife Know?
"My wife has known about some of these online relationships since before we were married. But she did not know until this morning that I had not been truthful about the twitter posting last week."
He says he and his wife are staying together.
Breitbart Gets His Apology
"I apologize to Andrew Breitbart, I apologize to the members of the media, and I apologize first and foremost to my wife."
Where Is His Wife?
Weiner's pointed humor makes a brief appearance when a reporter asks where his wife is:
"She is not here."
Any Other Bombshells?
To to question of whether he had ever paid for escorts or engaged in other such behavior: "I have never had sex outside my marriage."
Woman Who Received Weiner Photos Comes Forward
ABC News has released an interview with Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old single mother from Texas who provided ABC with dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages and cell phone call logs.
During one flirtatious Facebook chat last month, Broussard said, she issued the man on the other end a challenge.
"I asked him to take a picture and write 'me' on it so I would know," Broussard said in an interview.
The reply, she says, came moments later. Email records provided to ABC News by Broussard show that at 3:08 p.m. on May 5th she received a message from anthonyweiner@aol.com, which is listed as an email address for Weiner on one campaign document found online.
The message included an image of a man, who appears to be Weiner, sporting a tie and a wedding band, holding up the message "me" on a piece of white paper.
"I didn't think it was him," she says. "I thought for sure, 'why would someone in that position be doing this?'"
She says the online relationship started on April 20, 2011.
Read more here.
Weiner: I Did Not Commit A Crime
Weiner: "I lied because I was embarrassed. ... But did I violate the Constitution because I lied about a Twitter post? I don't think so."
Weiner's 9th District
The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza reports:
Weiner’s 9th district, which takes in parts of Brooklyn and Queens, is surprisingly competitive between the parties although any Democrat would likely be favored in any special election or open seat scenario.
Should Weiner Resign After His Admission?
The Wall Street Journal notes:
Earlier this year, Rep. Chris Lee, a married Republican from New York, resigned within hours after it was revealed he had sent a topless photograph of himself to a woman he met on Craigslist.
Should Weiner do the same?
Pelosi Calls For Ethics Ivestigation
CBS News producer Jill Jackson tweets:
@ jacksonjk : Leader Pelosi calling for ethics investigation into Rep. Weiner's actions.
More from Jackson:
Pelosi wants ethics investigation "to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred."
Pelosi: "I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony's wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents. "
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Recency  | 
Page: 1 2 3 4 5  Next ›  Last »   (281 total)
41 Fans
18 minutes ago (11:21 AM)
I'm not condoning his behavior but I would like to see what these women were saying to him in their posts. It is possible that he was set up by female conservati­ve operatives tasked with taking him down. It's not like it hasn't been done before. Monica Lewinsky lived in the apartment right next door to Bob Dole at the Watergate Hotel. Never heard that one did you?
Permalink  | Share it
at least it's Lemon meringue !
188 Fans
20 minutes ago (11:19 AM)
Breitbart is a worm of a man . He crosses the "common decency" line into the privacy of some one else life for nothing more than monetary gain .. How can he even show his face in public ? What Weiner did was not illegal. It was an issue that only HE, his wife and the women he created on line relationsh­ips with should know about. Breitbart is a absolute bottom feeder and should be scorned publicly .
Permalink  | Share it
Jeffrey Vakassian
17 Fans
28 minutes ago (11:10 AM)
So, what else is going on?
Permalink  | Share it
truth be told again
39 Fans
44 minutes ago (10:54 AM)
What a piece of scuzz Breitbart is. Why not apply the "character­" test to HIM too?
Permalink  | Share it
Just My Thoughts 2011
20 Fans
50 minutes ago (10:48 AM)
Thank goodness for Andrew Breitbart.
Anthony Weiner needs to have some pride, and do the right thing. He should to resign. Then he needs to get into therapy and begin rebuilding trust with his family and friends. That should be what's most important to him.
Permalink  | Share it
366 Fans
58 minutes ago (10:40 AM)
Jimmy Carter The Playboy Interview - Nov 1976
"Because I'm just human and I'm tempted and Christ set some almost impossible standards for us. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Christ said, I tell you that anyone who looks on a woman with lust has in his heart already committed adultery. I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times.... This is something that God recognizes­, that I will do and have done, and God forgives me for it. But that doesn't mean that I condemn someone who not only looks on a woman with lust but who leaves his wife and shacks up with somebody out of wedlock. Christ says, don't consider yourself better than someone else because one guy screws a whole bunch of women while the other guy is loyal to his wife. The guy who's loyal to his wife ought not to be condescend­ing or proud because of the relative degree of sinfulness­. "

We then ELECTED him PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and by the way he carried EVERY Southern state and won with 50.1% of the vote to Ford's 48% (Bush beat Kerry 50.7 to 48.3% in 2004 and we won't talk about 2000) and the magazine was already on the newstands and had been read by millions besides being on the nightly news..
Permalink  | Share it
Kathryn Walsh
1 Fans
1 hour ago (10:10 AM)
His mother must be so proud.
Permalink  | Share it
65 Fans
2 hours ago (10:01 AM)
Anthony Weiner(D-N­Y) a United States Of America House Of Representa­tives Member; Went behind his wife's back, actively having affairs of the heart. Then to further present his true character lied about it to millions of people claiming his account was hacked for “political reasons”. Rep. Weiner then finally admitted at least 6 other women are involved in his “Private affairs”.

The laws and regulation­s that Rep. Weiner votes for, using his best judgments, does affect your every day life. This person (I hesitate to call him a Man) is crafting legislatio­n on moral, social, and economic policy in the name of the citizens. It is not just his district.

There is a term char·ac·te­r
1. the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.
2. one such feature or trait; characteri­stic.
3. moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character (Which Rep. Weiner(D-N­Y) has little of it appears)

Rep. Weiner is obviously lacking in sound moral character and judgment.

Judgment - common sense, good sense, gumption, horse sense, mother wit, sense - sound practical judgment; "Common sense is not so common"; "he hasn't got the sense God gave little green apples"; Source: Thefreedic­tionary

Rep. Weiner (D-NY) has little to no common sense. He has displayed that he has no sense of honesty, moral or practical judgment, and therefore one must conclude that he is unfit to serve as a member of the United States Of America House Of Representa­tives. Period
Permalink  | Share it
50 Fans
2 hours ago (9:55 AM)
Mr Wiener has a very nice body. He's got nothing to be ashamed of there.

He's also a great progressiv­e (liberal) politician­.

When a man or woman drops their drawers in what they believe to be a private encounter it's no ones business but the two adults involved.
Permalink  | Share it
36 Fans
1 hour ago (10:27 AM)
...a nice body.....a­nd a face that could stop a clock.
He's a public official who lied to the people he represents­.
If that's ok with you than your bar is set rather low.
Permalink  | Share it
10 Fans
43 minutes ago (10:56 AM)
Wrong, when you assume a political post you are held to a higher standard become answerable to your constituen­ts.
Permalink  | Share it
Vince Vaccaro
0 Fans
3 hours ago (9:02 AM)
What a creepy, lying sack of poop this guy is ........
Permalink  | Share it
50 Fans
2 hours ago (9:56 AM)
be careful about throwing stones.
Permalink  | Share it
102 Fans
3 hours ago (8:53 AM)
This is what happens when you think with your little head instead of your big head.

Anthony Wiener is human.He made a mistake that could cost him his marriage if his wife decides not to forgive him.What greater price could he pay than that?

You can always get another job but someone you love enough to marry has to be special to you. I hope he learns to value those he loves from this. He is a good congressma­n according to the voters in his district. That does count for something. If he learns from this than he will be a better husband.
Permalink  | Share it
38 Fans
3 hours ago (8:39 AM)
Any pictures of his current wife ? When do we get a press conference with her saying she stands by her man ?
Permalink  | Share it
if it wasnt for TSA i wouden`t have a sex life at
586 Fans
4 hours ago (7:45 AM)
He should have sent those pic's to someone that would treasure them.....

......like Barney Frank
Permalink  | Share it
32 Fans
2 hours ago (9:09 AM)
Oh, how clever of you.
Permalink  | Share it
if it wasnt for TSA i wouden`t have a sex life at
586 Fans
4 hours ago (7:45 AM)
Anthony Weiner & Brett Favre should start a support group called....­..........­.are you ready for this......­....
"Pricks who send pics of there d**ks !"
Permalink  | Share it
1 Fans
2 hours ago (9:33 AM)
Thank you I needed a good belly busting laugh today and that is funny as it gets!
Permalink  | Share it
10 Fans
58 minutes ago (10:41 AM)
i think you meant "their" not "there"...
Permalink  | Share it
if it wasnt for TSA i wouden`t have a sex life at
586 Fans
23 minutes ago (11:15 AM)
Permalink  | Share it

Chris Morrison
Independent Centrist
63 Fans
4 hours ago (7:31 AM)
One of the things that happens when you get elected is you don't get to do what everybody else does on a daily basis, especially when everybody else is paying your salary.
Permalink  | Share it
truth be told again
39 Fans
42 minutes ago (10:56 AM)
Apparently fuly 20% of ALL relatinosh­ips start online. Apart from the fact that he's married, Weiner didn't do anything that 1 in every 5 people do.
Permalink  | Share it
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