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Robert Gates: No Opt-Out For Opponents Of Gays In The Military
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Army's 101st Airborne Pays High Price For Surge Year
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U.S. Considering Steeper Troop Reductions From Afghanistan
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Peace on the Cheap
Glen Pearson, 06.06.2011
Director, London Food Bank, former Member of Parliament
Now that the exit from Afghanistan is in sight, how have Canadians upheld the other end of our military activity in maintaining peace in the troubled regions of the world? In two words: we haven't.
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Costs of War Hit Home, Politically
William Hartung, 06.05.2011
Director, Arms and Security Project, Center for International Policy
The combined costs of the wars this year amount to nearly $170 billion. While $19 billion less than '08, it's a modest drop considering Iraq spending decreased almost $100 billion since then too. In other words, 4 of every 5 dollars saved from Iraq were reinvested in Afghanistan.
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America Invades Itself
Pablo Andreu, 06.02.2011
Political and cultural writer, creator of dailypygmy.com
"The world will no longer view the United States as a superpower hellbent on policing other countries," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "They may think we're kind of weird, though."
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The Top 3 Signs This War Will End
Jim Wallis, 06.02.2011
Christian leader for social change
Congress is fed up with the war in Afghanistan, and its members' turn against the war mirrors the quickly changing public opinion.
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A Bad Day That Never Changes
Robert Koehler, 06.02.2011
Syndicated writer
I have a theory that it's all related, and all speeding up at once: global climate change, endless war. We are reaping the seeds we began planting 10,000 years ago, when we left the Garden of Eden and set out to achieve dominion over Planet Earth.
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Farishta: A Compelling Novel About War & Rebuilding, Love & Loss
Stephenie Foster, 06.03.2011
International expert on politics
This is more than a book about one woman and her desire to help Afghans find their own way. It is a story of the daily dangers Angela and colleagues face, the trauma that can accompany their work, and the difficulty they have reentering society.
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Harsh Realities Impinge on Obama's Emerging Doctrine
William Bradley, 06.01.2011
Political Analyst, NewWestNotes.com
In the wake of the take-down of Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama used last week's glittering European tour to further lay out and demonstrate his emerging multilateral geopolitical doctrine.
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Sharing Three Cups of Tea With the Tea Party
Jalees Rehman, M.D., 05.31.2011
Scientist and Physician
Tea Party members and the Taliban will likely find some common ground and perhaps even consider initiating joint political ventures.
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Change in Taliban Tactics Not a Result of Pressure
Ahmad Shuja, 05.31.2011
Writer, blogger, analyst
The recent attacks on security establishments reveal Taliban's strategic thinking and inclination to undertake projects that take time and cultivation.
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Desperately Seeking Mullah Omar
Michael Hughes, 05.31.2011
Foreign Policy Strategist, New World Strategies Coalition
U.S. and Afghan intelligence have illustrated their desperation by spreading fabrications about Omar's death, hoping to provoke him to react with haste and angrily issue denials via statements or audio recordings that could give up his position.
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Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Didn't Have To Die in Afghanistan
Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe, 05.30.2011
Producer, director, political activist
Memorial Day is a national holiday dedicated to remembering Americans killed in wartime. This year, unfortunately, we remember war dead who didn't have to die, and unless Congress and the president act, we'll remember more needless deaths next year.
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Memorial Day 2011: Let Us Especially Remember...
Dorian de Wind, 05.29.2011
Retired U.S. Air Force Officer
We have come a long way in one short year towards eliminating barriers that have prevented too many of our service men and women from serving to their full potential -- sometimes even from serving.
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Bush-wacked Americans
Diane Francis, 05.29.2011
Editor at Large, The National Post
To find most of the blame for America's unsustainable fiscal situation, one need go no further than George Bush's presidency. The Bush tax cuts of 2...
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Memorial Day Tribute: Keep the Troops at Home
Doug Bandow, 05.30.2011
Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute
America was born in war. The existence of evil means that war may always be an ugly necessity. But these days most of Washington's conflicts are wars of choice, military interventions for almost any reason other than protecting vital American interests.
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It Takes a Woman to Lead the Way to Peace: Mayor Kitty Piercy Leading the Way to Bring Our War Dollars Home
Jodie Evans, 05.27.2011
We understand Congress is addicted to the military dollars spent in every Congressional district, but an economy built on death and destruction does not create a thriving community.
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Reflections on Memorial Day
Ashwin Madia, 05.28.2011
Interim Chairman of VoteVets.org
This weekend, as we remember the sacrifices by exceptional men and women on behalf of our country so often brought about in part through the cruelty of chance, let's also remember how blessed we are to live in a country that draws such fine people to service.
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Asserting War Powers, House Moves to End Afghanistan, Libya Wars
Robert Naiman, 05.27.2011
Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy
Voting on amendments on the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the House of Representatives took action to hasten the end of the wars in Afghanistan and Libya.
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The Search for War
Norman Solomon, 05.26.2011
Author of War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
In times of war, U.S. presidents have often talked about yearning for peace. But the last decade has brought a gradual shift in the rhetorical zeitgeist while a tacit assumption has taken hold -- war must go on, one way or another.
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The Time Is Now to Bring Them Home
Rep. Jim McGovern, 05.26.2011
U.S. Representative from Massachusetts' 3rd District
I've met with our troops in Afghanistan. I've met with them after they've come home. They're incredible. But politicians put them into harm's way. And we now have an obligation to get them safely home.
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Incarcerating Our Budgets
Michael Bendetson, 05.26.2011
Since 1987, government spending on corrections has grown a 127% in comparison to a meager 21% increase in educational funding. If a nation's budget is a symbol of its priorities, Uncle Sam is in trouble.
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Stop GOP Push for Perpetual Warfare
Rep. Charles Rangel, 05.25.2011
Representative from the 15th Congressional District in New York
I absolutely condemn the provision added in the defense authorization bill that essentially allows the president to declare war against anyone, anytime and anywhere.
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PHOTOS: Diane Sawyer In Afghanistan
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| 06.06.2011
Amid Crises And Leadership Turbulence, A 'Steady Hand' At The Pentagon
Quick Read | Comments (34) | 06.06.2011
Bradley Manning Supporters Rally At Kansas Prison
Quick Read | Comments (4,739) | 06.04.2011
Gates: Only Modest Troop Reductions In Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (3,712) | 06.05.2011
WATCH: American-Born Al Qaeda Member Urges U.S. Muslims To Start Killing Americans
Quick Read | Comments (590) | Al Qaeda
Top Democrat Becomes War Critic
Quick Read | Comments (174) | 06.03.2011
Gen. Petraeus Vows To Keep Civilian Deaths To A Minimum
Quick Read | Comments (230) | 06.02.2011
U.S. Military Undecided On Pace Of Troop Cuts
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| 06.02.2011
Boehner Asks Obama To Make The Case For Libya, Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (651) | 06.02.2011
U.S. Trolling For Taliban To Open Talks
Quick Read | Comments (1,343) | 06.01.2011
Afghan President Says He Will No Longer Allow NATO Airstrikes On Houses
Quick Read | Comments (867) | 06.01.2011
Afghanistan War Cost To Be Biggest Factor In Debate Over Troop Reductions
Quick Read | Comments (798) | 05.30.2011
On Memorial Day Weekend, Veterans Remember Those Who've Died (VIDEO)
Quick Read | Comments (66) | 05.30.2011
How Doctors Saved A 'Human Bomb' In Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (30) | 05.30.2011
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Robert Gates On DADT: No Opt-Out For Opponents Of Gays In The Military
U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Pays High Price For Afghan Surge Year
Bradley Manning Supporters Rally At Kansas Prison
Afghanistan War: U.S. Trolling For Taliban To Open Talks
Afghanistan War's Enduring Legacy: A Surge In U.S. Troops Suffering Double And Triple Amputations
Quick Read | Comments (2,339) | 05.30.2011
How To Honor Fallen Soldiers This Memorial Day
Quick Read | Comments (53) | Military
Taliban Executes New Tactic
Quick Read | Comments (1,223) | 05.29.2011
Suicide Bomber Wounds German General
Quick Read | Comments (500) | 05.28.2011
Clinton: Osama Bin Laden Raid A Watershed Moment For Pakistan
Quick Read | Comments (270) | Pakistan
Hillary Clinton Arrives In Pakistan To Repair Frayed Relations
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Afghanistan Withdrawal Bill Falls Just 12 Votes Short Of Passage
Quick Read | Comments (253) | 05.26.2011
7 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Taliban Bombing
Quick Read | Comments (879) | 05.27.2011
Congressman Calls For Immediate Withdrawal In Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (233) | 05.26.2011
WATCH: Senior Dem Senator Calls For 'Change Of Course' In Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (78) | 05.25.2011
Head Of Afghan Girl's School Killed By Taliban
Quick Read | Comments (55) | 05.26.2011
Inside The Secret World Of Child Brides
Quick Read | Comments (973) | 05.26.2011
Bipartisan Group Pushes To Get U.S. Troops Out Of Afghanistan
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| 05.26.2011
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