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Rev. James Martin, S.J.: Who Was St. Peter?
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WATCH: Rev. John Unni Defies Boston Archdiocese To Preach Gay Inclusion
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Canceled Mass Outrages Boston Gay Community
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Standing Up For Gays In A Boston Catholic Church
Tom Matlack, 06.14.2011
Venture capitalist-turned-writer
Father John had an official message from the Archdiocese which he never read. Instead he walked amongst his flock, back and forth, speaking with so much passion that at times his face became red.
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Who Will Care For Us?
Rev. Dr. Cindi Love, 06.14.2011
Executive Director, Soulforce
My first message to our elected officials is to quit using our money and time to demonize gay people and get on with the important work of building effective service delivery systems for our people who need help.
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Pope v. Speaker
Roman Sidortsov, 06.13.2011
LL.M. Candidate, Senior Global Energy Fellow, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Vermont Law School
How do two Catholics -- the current speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and the pope -- respond to a question about climate change?
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Catholic Charities Sues For Right To Discriminate
Waymon Hudson, 06.12.2011
LGBT Rights Activist
Although they are providing a state-funded service in the public sphere, they are looking to be able to pick and choose who they provide that service to based on their religious dogma, not state law.
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My Prayer for Pentecost
Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, 06.10.2011
Catholic Visionary
The Holy Spirit embodies the life force of the universe, the power of God, the animating energy present in all things and captured by none. On this great feast of Pentecost, the coming of the Spirit of God, I invite you to pray with me.
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What Saint was the 'Little Flower'?
Rev. James Martin, S.J., 06.08.2011
Catholic priest and author, 'The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything'
In this segment from the film "Who Cares About The Saints?", Rev. James Martin discusses the life and legacy of St. Thérèse of Lisieux.
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Are Latinos Part of the Great American Culture Wars?
Ray Suarez, 06.06.2011
Host, HITN's Destination Casa Blanca
For decades, Latinos have been portrayed as "Republicans in training" by hopeful GOP operatives. After all, we were told, they are Roman Catholic, fam...
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The Vatican's Unsupportable Logic
Edward Flattau, 06.06.2011
Environmental newspaper columnist
There is strained logic, to put it mildly, in the statement that condom use will increase rather than reduce the spread of AIDS
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The Ordination of Women and the High Calling of Dissent
Brandon G. Withrow, 06.03.2011
Author, 'Katherine Parr: A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen'
"How can we as men say our call from God is authentic, but your call as women is not? Who are we to reject God's call of women to the priesthood?"
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Never Has So Much Damage Been Done By So Few
Sister Mary Ann Walsh, 06.06.2011
Director of Media Relations, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Sexual abuse of a child is an intolerable aberration for which there is no excuse. For those who somehow thought it was acceptable, education and prison time proved the answer.
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In Issue of Adoption, Catholic Charities Should Adhere to Basic Fairness
Alvin McEwen, 06.02.2011
Blogmaster, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters
While I understand wanting to adhere to one's faith, this is an issue in which the welfare of the child must come first. Studies have shown that children do not suffer from a same-sex household.
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Santo Immediatamente! The Case for Beatifying Archbishop Oscar Romero
Rev. James Martin, S.J., 06.01.2011
Catholic priest and author, 'The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything'
Romero's faith moved him from being a tool of the wealthy to a champion of the poor, a church leader dedicated to reconciliation and a bishop unafraid to interpose himself between violence and his flock.
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Catholic Church Chooses Discrimination Over Charity in Illinois
Waymon Hudson, 06.01.2011
LGBT Rights Activist
The church certainly has the right as a private institution to believe what they want and to act accordingly. However, they simply do not have the right to bring that discrimination into the public sphere.
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Catholic Bishops Should Include Fish in 'Meatless Fridays'
Bruce Friedrich, 06.09.2011
Vice President for Policy, PETA
Not eating animals is a smart, compassionate decision, regardless of whether those animals are furred, feathered or finned. What better time to let fish off the hook?
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Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: An Unholy Alliance
Rev. Jennifer Butler, 05.25.2011
Executive Director, Faith in Public Life
Rep. Ryan said that the Republican budget is consistent with Catholic social teaching, but his plan reflects the philosophy of Ayn Rand more.
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Christian Dates of Doom
Sunil Adam, 05.25.2011
Editor, 'The Indian American'
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The Catholic Sex Abuse Report: Too Little, Too Late?
Rev. Debra Haffner, 05.25.2011
Ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, sexologist
I found myself alternatively fascinated and infuriated as I read the new 152 page report by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests."
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Catholic Church Reform Should Start With 'I'm Sorry'
Kim Michele Richardson, 05.25.2011
Author, 'The Unbreakable Child'
If the Catholic Church is to erase this stain on its reputation, it will have to be based on a complete reversal of its callous shielding of abusers within its ranks. I and other victims are still waiting.
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Sexual License of the 1960s Does Not Excuse Pedophile Priests
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, 05.25.2011
Rabbi and writer
A new report argues the high incidence of sexual abuse by priests in the 1960s reflected the growing aberrance of American society during that period, including "an increase in premarital sexual behavior and divorce." Are they serious?
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Fingerprinting Grandma, Checking the Old Priest's Background
Sister Mary Ann Walsh, 05.25.2011
Director of Media Relations, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
After an intensive investigation, John Jay researchers concluded: "The Catholic Church has taken serious steps toward understanding and reducing the problem of sexual abuse of minors by priests." The response must continue.
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Beyond Stereotypes of 'Conservative' and 'Liberal' Christianity
John Backman, 05.25.2011
Writer and principal, The Dialogue Venture
Amid all the hostility among people of faith, many of us reserve our most potent venom for people of our own faith: those who disagree with us, that is.
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Catholic Bishops To Take Second Look At Abuse Reforms
Quick Read | Comments (192) | 06.11.2011
Priest Accused Of Helping Mobster Suspended By Diocese
Quick Read | Comments (51) | 06.10.2011
Catholic Priest Pleads Guilty To Stealing Thousands From Collection Plate
Quick Read | Comments (28) | 06.10.2011
Who Was Thomas Merton? Film Explores Influential Catholic Writer
Quick Read | Comments (13) | 06.01.2011
Pope Praying For US Tornado Victims
Quick Read | Comments (186) | Tornadoes
Pope To Speak To International Space Station
Quick Read | Comments (38) | 05.25.2011
What Caused The Catholic Abuse Scandal?
Quick Read | Comments (789) | 05.25.2011
Will Father Michael Pfleger Leave Chicago?
Quick Read | Comments (19) | 05.25.2011
Brazil's Landmark Gay Ruling
Quick Read | Comments (428) | 05.25.2011
Catholic Priest Named As Next House Chaplain
Quick Read | Comments (49) | House Of Representatives
Pope John Paul II Beatified
Quick Read | Comments (478) | 05.25.2011
Gingrich Explains His Religious Conversion
Quick Read | Comments (638) | 05.25.2011
Miracles Claimed From Late Pope's Intercession
Quick Read | Comments (81) | 05.25.2011
Spotlight On Abortion Activist Makes Catholics Nervous
Quick Read | Comments (161) | Planned Parenthood
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Pope Pledges Support For Gypsies
Catholic Bishops To Take Second Look At Abuse Reforms
Canceled Mass Outrages Boston Gay Community
Priest Eugene Klein Suspended After Indictment: Accused Of Helping Mobster Hide Property
Where Is John Paul's Blood Going?
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Former N.J. Governor Denied Episcopal Ordination
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| lgbt
Pope Does Q&A; On Suffering For Good Friday
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Mobsters Threaten Soccer Team Over Easter Procession
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| 05.25.2011
Filipinos Endure 'Sacred Pain' For Lent
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Catholic Bishops Stand Behind Criticism Of Book
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| 05.25.2011
Beatification Of WWII Martyrs Divides Lutherans, Catholics
Quick Read | Comments (70) | 05.25.2011
Child-Abusing Belgian Bishop Shocks Belgium With Tell-All
Quick Read | Comments (1,114) | 05.25.2011
Pope Appeals To China Over Naming Of Bishops
Quick Read | Comments (30) | 06.14.2011
Were These Nails Used In Jesus' Crucifixion?
Quick Read | Comments (650) | 06.12.2011
Excommunicated Priest Now Faces Expulsion
Quick Read | Comments (302) | 05.31.2011
Pope Urges Dialogue In Libya, Not 'Use Of Arms'
Quick Read | Comments (300) | 05.28.2011
Vatican Mourns Taylor As 'Last Diva Of Cinema'
Quick Read | Comments (85) | 05.25.2011
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