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The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis: Love Will Make A Way: The Intersections Of Interracial And Same Sex Marriage
Diane Winston: Religion And AIDS At 30
Desmond Tutu: God Is Not A Christian

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Worshipping the Irrational Jesus
Mark Osler, 06.08.2011
Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas
Much of American theology, high and low, seems devoted to making Christianity unthreatening to our base desires, our culture and our economy. This project is nothing less than a denial of God.
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The Oldest Injustice
Christopher Cocca, 06.08.2011
The mistreatment of women is one of the longest-running forms of human wickedness in our history and culture, down to the present. But Christianity ought to be a wellspring of egalitarianism.
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Is God's Justice Different Than Ours?
John Shore, 06.08.2011
Author of 'Penguins, Pain, and the Whole Shebang' & 'I'm OK -- You're Not'
If it's true that by justice God means something diametrically opposed to our understanding of that word, what, then, are we to make of Jesus when he talks about love?
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The Renunciation of 'The Waiting Game'
Elizabeth E. Evans, 06.07.2011
Freelance writer, columnist and priest-in-charge, St. Marks Episcopal Church, Honey Brook, PA
I was amazed, not to say a little disgusted, to find that Haggard is going to have a role in an upcoming pro-abstinence movie.
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Welcome Those Returning to Integrity
Brad Reid, 06.07.2011
Managing Director, Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity at Lipscomb University
Individuals who return to integrity may find themselves forever stigmatized, set apart, and not welcomed back into relationship and community. Sometimes the harshest critics are themselves lacking integrity.
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Confronting an Immoral Budget
Rev. Jennifer Butler, 06.07.2011
Executive Director, Faith in Public Life
The message from the mainstream faith community is clear -- the economic agenda pushed by religious right political operatives is extreme, and it contradicts Christian moral values.
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Biblical Memorization and Carrying the 'Flag of Shame'
Cornelia Seigneur​, 06.07.2011
Faith & Culture Writer
I feel it is important to be able to ask questions when we see someone in our churches do something we disagree with. But it is also important to be able to forgive.
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Spiritual Reflections on 'The Tree of Life'
Rev. James Martin, S.J., 06.06.2011
Catholic priest and author, 'The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything'
I'm pretty religious and knew that "The Tree of Life" tackled what are sometimes ominously called "Big Questions" about religion. But I was unprepared for the power of the film, which is like living inside a prayer.
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Many Mansions in Whose House?
Bishop Pierre Whalon​, 06.06.2011
Bishop of Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
What else do we need to trust God for? If he has prepared a place for us for then, what about now? If we are willing to trust about our death, what about our life now?
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Summer of Tolerance NYC
Joshua Stanton​, 06.06.2011
co-Founder, Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue and Religious Freedom USA
As New York -- and all of America -- approaches the tenth anniversary of 9/11 there are legitimate fears that Islamophobia may re-emerge as a response.
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Walking the Abraham Path to Christian, Jewish and Muslim Understanding
Dick Simon, 06.06.2011
Co-founder, Peace Action Network
As arranged by the Abraham Path's local partners, I ate with people, slept in their homes, visited their schools, viewed their factories and fields, and talked with them about their beliefs, frustrations, hopes and desires.
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Fast Food Marketing and the Local Church
Brady Boyd, 06.03.2011
Senior Pastor, New Life Church
Have we, as American pastors, given up our calling as shepherds and unknowingly become fast food entrepreneurs who are building a religious business and not a church?
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WWJD? A Non-Violent Conflict Resolution for Palestine
Sami Awad, 06.02.2011
Executive Director, Holy Land Trust
Jesus could have suggested we make peace with our enemies or negotiate peace agreements or peacefully resolve conflict. Instead, he entreated them to go further: to "love" them.
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Ralph Reed and the Holy Grail
Randall Balmer, 06.02.2011
Reed, I suspect, has his eyes on the Holy Grail of conservative politics: figuring out a way to unite evangelical conservatives with Tea Party conservatives.
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The Jim Tressel Scandal: Smashing Celebrity Icons
Rev. Jonathan Weyer, 06.02.2011
Author, 'The Faithful'
I hate what Tressel did. I hate that he lied. But even more, I hate that I put him in a position to break my heart so much. He should never have been there in the first place.
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Why the Apocalypse Is So Compelling
Thomas David DuBois, 06.02.2011
Author, 'Religion and the Making of Modern East Asia'
Wouldn't we do better to ask why the apocalypse is so compelling? What is it about the times we live in that would make rational people accept the idea that the end of the world was upon us?
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Questioning The Roles of Religion and Talk Radio in Promoting Hate Crimes
Rev. Chuck Currie, 06.01.2011
United Church of Christ minister
Two Portland men were attacked just over a week ago -- for holding hands -- in the dark of night. Those who attacked them broke the law to be certain but they also committed a sin against God.
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Pastoral Transitions in a Social Media World
Bruce Reyes-Chow​, 06.01.2011
Pastor, Blogger, Dad
May 31, 2011 marked my final day as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and this post will be the last time, for a while, that I'll focus on my...
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Five Questions for Avoiding Religious Follies
Brad Reid, 06.01.2011
Managing Director, Dean Institute for Corporate Governance and Integrity at Lipscomb University
There is a never ending parade of financial and religious follies. This does not mean that one should have nothing to do with money or religion. Here are five questions to ask in the religious arena.
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18 Questions You Might Want to Ask About Our Interfaith Son's Bar Mitzvah and Coming-of-Age
Susan Katz Miller, 06.01.2011
Interfaith blogger, On Being Both
We honored our interfaith son's transition to adolescence with the essence of the Bar Mitzvah (reading from the Torah and Shabbat prayers), but also included elements drawn from his Christian heritage.
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God Is, and Remains, With Us in Joplin
Bill Pape, 06.01.2011
Interim Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church in Joplin, Mo.
As the interim pastor of Peace Lutheran, I stay in Joplin only three days a week, commuting from my home in Kansas City, Mo. So I rode out the tornado in the motel basement. The motel was south of the storm's path.
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