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German Girl Forgets To Set Facebook Party As Private, Greets 1500 Uninvited Guests
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Obama Says Germany Will Play A Major Role In Libya
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10 Countries With The Worst Income Inequality
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German Based E. coli O104:H4 Outbreak Is Now Second Largest and Most Deadly in History
William Marler, 06.08.2011
Foodborne illness attorney
Canadian press reported Monday afternoon that the deadly E. coli O104:H4 outbreak has now sickened more than 2,330 people across Europe, most of them ...
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The 54th Venice Biennale: And the Winner Is...
Artlog, 06.07.2011
Blogger, Artlog.com
The results are in for the 54th Venice Biennale's award recipients.
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Just Say No to MEADS
Mark Pfeifle, 06.06.2011
Fmr. Deputy National Security Advisor for Communications and Global Outreach
The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) is over budget, 10 years late and needs another $804 million to complete its next phase. It's time for the U.S. and Germany to collectively decide to end the MEADS program.
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'Green News Report' - June 2, 2011
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen, 06.02.2011
Co-host of the radio's nationally syndicated 'Green News Report'
TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport. The 'GNR' is also now available on your cell phone via Stitcher Radio's mobile app!. IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Obama ...
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Advantage: Keynes?
Amitai Etzioni, 06.01.2011
GWU Professor
If you want to know what is going to happen next to your investments, the job and housing markets, and more generally to the economy, you may want to follow what is happening to the ideas of British economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes argued that when economies are sputtering, the government must increase deficits, because its increased expenditures will stimulate the economy to better growth. But what happens when our leaders don't realize the economy is sputtering, and uncork the champagne early?
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Germany Phases Out Nuclear Energy
Tina Gerhardt, 05.31.2011
Academic, independent journalist
Merkel's decision could have a ripple effect for the nuclear industry worldwide, given that Germany is the largest developed country to phase out nuclear energy, and could prove useful for a rethink of U.S. nuclear energy policy.
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'Green News Report' - May 31, 2011
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen, 05.31.2011
Co-host of the radio's nationally syndicated 'Green News Report'
TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport. The 'GNR' is also now available on your cell phone via Stitcher Radio's mobile app!. IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Facin...
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Did Netanyahu Attempt to Score Partisan Points Against Obama in Washington?
Sigurd Neubauer, 05.27.2011
Foreign affairs specialist
Conservative republicans may feel more sympathetic towards Netanyahu's leadership style, but it would be foolish to lose liberal Americans by playing up partisan differences by publicly undercutting Obama's call for direct negotiations with Abbas.
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E. coli Outbreak: Exporting Bill Marler to Germany or Japan
William Marler, 05.27.2011
Foodborne illness attorney
Either public health is so underfunded that they cannot catch an outbreak, or the food industry has finally taken my advice and are "putting me out of business."
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Is America a Third World Country?
Maria Rodale, 05.25.2011
CEO and Chairman of Rodale, Inc. and book author
The other day I was talking to a dear friend of mine who had just returned from a business trip to China. "Coming back to America felt like returning...
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Georg Baselitz: The Early Sixties
Alexander Adler, 05.25.2011
Significantly younger but born into the same war-torn state as fellow countrymen Max Pechstein and Otto Dix, among others, Baselitz' graphic imagery echoes his predecessors' more vivid and visually processed sense of trauma.
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The Climate Post: U.K.'s "Greenest Government Ever" Charges Ahead With Nuclear Power
Mason Inman, 05.25.2011
Journalist, The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University
David Cameron, has repeatedly pledged to create the "greenest government ever," and now the country has adopted a new, ambitious goal for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, aiming by 2025 to slash them by half, compared with 1990.
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Brazil´s Biofuel Drama Goes Global
Eric Ehrmann, 05.25.2011
Writes on sport and global affairs from Brazil, member of PEN
Brazil's biofuel drama is a reminder that solutions packaged in green wrappers fail to scale with billions facing starvation in the Americas, Africa and Asia.
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Bill Clinton Says He Followed Helmut Kohl's Lead
Steve Kettmann, 05.25.2011
Berlin-based American author
I was on hand Monday night in Berlin with Angela Merkel and a tent full of luminaries to hear Bill Clinton give former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl the night of his life.
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The Beastie Boys & The Blue Nun: Great Stories from Peter Sichel
Brad Haskel, 05.25.2011
Sommelier and Restaurateur
Peter Sichel freely admits, he was never more famous than the time he did that "Beastie Boys Thing".
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I Will Shed No Tears for John Demjanjuk
Dorian de Wind, 05.25.2011
Retired U.S. Air Force Officer
While a five-year sentence may sound excessive for a 91-year-old man, I cannot ignore nor forget the fact that, because of monsters like John Demjanjuk, some of my surname never had the chance to even reach the age of nine.
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Was Rahm Right About Progressives?
Steven Hill, 05.25.2011
Author, 'Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way Is the Best Hope for an Insecure Age'
In 2009, then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel infamously said that progressives are "fucking retarded." Lately I've begun to think he was corr...
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When Japan Sneezes, Germany Catches a Cold
The European Magazine, 05.25.2011
Online Magazine
The German electorate made nuclear power their top concern -- they made Fukushima theirs. This in spite of the fact that a single person had not yet died from radiation exposure in Japan.
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How to Make Organic Bratwurst "Burgers"
Maria Rodale, 05.25.2011
CEO and Chairman of Rodale, Inc. and book author
When I was in Germany recently, I tried the local Nuremburg sausages, which are a skinny little bratwurst that taste so good. Now, I can get "bratwurs...
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My Grandmother Just Emailed Me From Her iPad 2! An Inter-Generational Tutorial
Saskia Miller, 05.25.2011
Writer and Media Entrepreneur
While my grandmother has barely slowed down since the days of running her own clothing boutique, we still wondered: at nearly 90 years old, would she be able to adapt to an iPad?
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GEN Launched To Foster Mutualization and Cooperation Among World's Editors
Magda Abu-Fadil, 05.25.2011
Director of Journalism Training Program, American University of Beirut
A new worldwide organization is bringing together editors from different platforms, engineers and developers in news media in a bid to foster more sustainable professional journalism.
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Obama Greets German Chancellor On White house South Lawn
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Venice Biennale Gold Lion Winner: Christian Marclay's 'The Clock'
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| 06.06.2011
White House Preps For German Chancellor's Visit
Quick Read | Comments (94) | 06.06.2011
European Interest Rate Hike Expected In July
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| 06.06.2011
Major Twist In Search For E. Coli Outbreak's Origins
Quick Read | Comments (357) | 06.07.2011
WATCH: German Waiters, Chefs Race To Be Fastest In Town
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| 06.06.2011
PHOTOS: Germans, Geishas, And Graffiti: Highlights This Week
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| 06.04.2011
E. Coli Outbreak Could Be Deadliest Ever
Quick Read | Comments (281) | 06.03.2011
'Rocky''s Next Big Fight: Broadway?
Quick Read | Comments (17) | 06.02.2011
Smoking Gun In E. Coli Outbreak Difficult To Track Down
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PHOTO: Steve Martin Victim Of Art Fraud (UPDATE)
Quick Read | Comments (172) | 06.02.2011
Spain Considers Legal Action Against Germany Over E. Coli Allegations
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| 06.01.2011
Iran Blocks German Chancellor's Plane En Route To India
Quick Read | Comments (588) | 05.31.2011
Krugman: European Central Bank Not Facing 'Failure Of Its Fantasies'
Quick Read | Comments (104) | 05.25.2011
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Facebook Party Gets Out Of Control After German Girl Forgets Privacy Setting
E. Coli Outbreak Source Not Found In Sprouts, New Test Shows
E. Coli Outbreak: Germany Steps Up Hunt For Source Of Deadly Strain
Obama, Merkel Meet On South Lawn Ahead Of Press Conference
German Insurance Company's Office Sex Party
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| 05.25.2011
Family Separated In World War II Camp Reunites
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Man Says His HIV Is Cured
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Swedish Queen To Probe Father's Nazi Allegations
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| 05.25.2011
A Timeline Of Recent Nazi War Criminal Prosecutions
Quick Read | Comments (103) | 05.25.2011
10 Countries Where Unemployment Has Soared
Quick Read | Comments (342) | 05.25.2011
Germany Arrests Three Al Qaeda Suspects
Quick Read | Comments (152) | 05.25.2011
Director Of Auschwitz Institute Works To Prevent Genocide
Quick Read | Comments (22) | 05.25.2011
Meet The 'World's Most Premature' Baby
Quick Read | Comments (105) | 05.25.2011
Fareed Zakaria: Short-Term Good News Is Bad News For U.S. Economy
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Turkish Woman's Playboy Spread Sparks Muslim Outrage In Germany
Quick Read | Comments (396) | 05.25.2011
Euro Falls After Moody's Further Downgrades Ireland
Quick Read | Comments (20) | 05.25.2011
British Architect Wins Contemporary Architecture Prize
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| Architecture
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