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Hugo Chavez Recovering After Surgery In Cuba
PHOTOS: Puyehue Volcano Erupts
Teen Survives Being Shot, Tortured And Dangled From Bridge

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Language of Education Rings True -- in U.S. and Brazil
Gloria Bonilla Santiago​, 06.13.2011
Board Chair of the LEAP Academy University Charter School
LEAP has been invited to partner with Rio schools to tell how providing poor children with access to a great education can help to break the cycle of poverty.
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A Villain Who Looks Like a Fascist and Talks Like a Communist: The Strange Politics of John Ford's The Fugitive
The New York Public Library, 06.13.2011
Creating the library for the future
How did the Cold War play out in Mexico? For Seth Fein, who is giving a free lecture at The New York Public Library tomorrow evening, much of the story can be understood in the production of a 1947 John Ford movie.
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Golf, the Sport of Aristocrats, Returns to Communist Cuba
Yoani Sanchez​, 06.12.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
The new golf courses that are beginning to extend across Cuba appear profoundly strange to the national eye, aware as we are of the deterioration and improvisation that runs through the rest of the country.
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Canada's Step Away From the Kyoto Protocol Can Be a Constructive Step Forward
Robert Stavins, 06.12.2011
Director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program
The international community may have begun to recognize that incremental steps in the right direction are better than acrimonious debates over unachievable targets
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Texas Execution Could Risk Americans' Safety Abroad
Sandra Babcock​, 06.09.2011
Attorney for Humberto Leal; Clinical Professor of Law, Northwestern University Law School
When Texas authorities arrested Humberto Leal García, a Mexican national with no prior criminal convictions, they tried, convicted, and sentenced him to death without ever informing him of his consular rights and without notifying the consulate.
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'Green News Report' - June 7, 2011
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen, 06.07.2011
Co-host of the radio's nationally syndicated 'Green News Report'
TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport. The 'GNR' is also now available on your cell phone via Stitcher Radio's mobile app!. IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Anoth...
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Key Actions on Climate & Energy That World Leaders Need to Take at the Earth Summit in 2012
Jake Schmidt​, 06.06.2011
International Climate Policy director, Natural Resources Defense Council
Carbon pollution from fossil fuel use reached the highest level yet in 2010, according to the International Energy Agency. So should we throw up our hands?
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When Ninety Miles Is an Abyss: My Sister Leaves Cuba
Yoani Sanchez​, 06.06.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
I remember when my sister told me she'd entered her name into an international visa lottery. Yunia was always very lucky in games of chance, so I knew what to expect from the outset.
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Seeking Justice in Mexico, and the Legacy of Robert Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy​, 06.06.2011
Founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights
On this day, 43 years ago, in the midst of a national struggle to make real the promises of justice and equality, we lost Robert F. Kennedy. We honor his legacy when we stand with heroes who are devoted to the pursuit of justice and put their lives on the line for others.
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A State Department That Can
Sean Penn, 06.05.2011
The American people should call for a moratorium on the CISADA sanctions of Venezuela until a congressional hearing may be convened and strategic benefits evidenced in balance with the historic effects of similar sanctions in other developing and impoverished nations.
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Cuba's Much Lauded Health Care System No Longer Has Even Aspirin to Give Us
Yoani Sanchez​, 06.05.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
Given the choice between the Hippocratic oath and ideological fidelity, many physicians prefer to violate the privacy of their patients rather than to oppose, with the truth, the State that employs them.
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Was Pablo Neruda Murdered?
John Lundberg​, 06.03.2011
Writer, poetry teacher
Pablo Neruda once wrote, "We all arrive by different streets, by unequal languages, at Silence." But just how the great poet arrived at his ultimate silence is the subject of heated debate in his home country, Chile.
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What I Learnt in Rio: Discussing Ways to Manage Capital Flows
Olivier Blanchard​, 06.03.2011
Economic Counselor and Director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund
Governments have five tools to adjust to capital flows: monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign exchange intervention, prudential tools, and capital controls. The challenge is to find, for each case, the right combination.
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Join, Silence, Kill: Stalinism Alive in Cuba
Yoani Sanchez​, 06.02.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
I could barely sleep last night. A book left me tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling grid in my bedroom. The Man Who Loved Dogs, the novel by L...
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From a Cuban Tenement to an Italian Brothel: The High Price of Escape
Yoani Sanchez​, 05.30.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
She recreated, in her letters and phone calls, a reality very different from what she was living. Not a word of extortion, nor of the husband who had evaporated leaving her in the hands of a "boss" whom she had to obey.
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The Food Debate and Rio+20: Both Sides Now
Sara Franklin​, 05.31.2011
Freelance Writer, Oral Historian and Food Systems Consultant
More than empty rhetoric and business as usual, Via Campesina plans to arrive at Rio+20 armed with their grievances as well as solutions.
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Beyond Free Trade with Colombia
Milburn Line, 05.27.2011
Executive Director, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice
Armed forces are accused of murdering 2,547 civilians and presenting them as combat kills; there are now 27,000 forced disappearances in Colombia
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My Jesus Christ Is Bigger Than Yours
Kevin Richberg​, 05.26.2011
Travel Writer Looking for the Next Great Travel Adventure
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Photo Exhibit: Saving Sharks in Chile
Matt Rand, 05.25.2011
Director, Global Shark Conservation Campaign, Pew Environment Group
Shark finning is legal in Chile, and a serious threat to the estimated 53 species of sharks found in the country's waters. As recently as 2008, Chile exported 36 tons of shark fins to Hong Kong.
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For Basque Radicals, Cuba Turns From Refuge to Prison
Yoani Sanchez​, 05.25.2011
Award-Winning Cuban Blogger
I was eight months pregnant when I met two Basque radicals living in Cuba, Rosa and Carlos, or at least that's what they called themselves then. They ...
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Scorching Roma in the New Lamborghini Aventador
James M. Clash, 05.25.2011
There's a good reason why experts advise against taking the last ski run of the day. Whether from fatigue, carelessness or a sense of invincibility, it often ends in disaster. In Italy, I found that out for myself.
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Mexican Teen Survives Being Shot, Tortured And Dangled From Bridge
Hugo Chavez Recovering After Surgery In Cuba
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