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FROM AP: Explosions rock La chemical plant; no injuries...  2 minutes ago
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EU: Palestinian State Vote Could Be 'Dangerous'
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Hezbollah Rise In Lebanon Gives Syria, Iran Sway
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In Turkey, Syrian Refugees Seek Escape From 'Savagery'
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Actor Aaron Eckhart Gets Militant About Battle: Los Angeles -- Now on DVD
Brad Balfour, 06.14.2011
Veteran Interviewer and Pop Culture Chronicler
"It took me a long time to get over the movie," Eckhart said. "I'm ready for the sequel. I wear khakis, keep my hair short, and stay by the phone."
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Is A Civil War in Syria's Future?
Amb. Marc Ginsberg, 06.14.2011
Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco
With military intervention rightfully off the table against Syria's Bashar Assad, a realistic assessment of who may pick up the pieces after he goes and under what conditions is exactly what we should be doing now before it is too late to affect any dire outcome.
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Jerusalem Street Names Reveal Rich Tapestry of History
Alan Elsner, 06.14.2011
Author, 'Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America’s Prisons'
If you don't mind steep hills, Jerusalem is a delightful city in which to take a morning run.
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Yale's Distressing Decision to Shut Down Its "Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism"
Alan Dershowitz, 06.14.2011
Criminal and civil liberties lawyer
At a time of increasing -- and increasingly complex -- anti-Semitism throughout the world, Yale University has decided to shut down the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism.
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Iran, Russia and Hezbollah: Strange Bedfellows in Syria
Haggai Carmon, 06.14.2011
International attorney and author of four intelligence thrillers
Why is the UN Security Council unwilling to condemn Syria? President Bashar al-Assad is butchering his own rebellious citizens and other than public expressions reproaching the massacre in Syria, the world does nothing.
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Will a Democratic Transition Happen in Egypt?
Rabah Ghezali, 06.14.2011
French Commentator
When forcing him to resign under American pressure, the Egyptian Army did not exactly arbitrate between Mubarak and the protesters but rather between Mubarak and themselves.
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Six Words That Could Change History
Abraham H. Foxman, 06.14.2011
National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
Israel, if it stands for anything in the Arab mind, is an assertion of Jewish equality. This is difficult for Arabs and Muslims to swallow under any circumstances, but particularly so because that assertion is being made in the heartland of the Arab world. But they must.
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To Those Seeking Freedom in the Middle East
Guy Oseary, 06.14.2011
Entrepreneur, Manager, Executive Producer
When I watch your revolution, I don't see an enemy. You look like someone I would meet in a café or a conference. Like someone I would start a business with or approach as a customer. Someone I could find on Facebook or follow on Twitter.
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Jerusalem 2011
Ir Amim, 06.14.2011
The Ir Amim blog seeks to establish a vibrant and open meeting space to discuss Jerusalem
To be an egalitarian city, the unification of Jerusalem would had to have held this as its vision. Jerusalem could have been a model of a city that di...
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Eden Revisited: Shahram Karimi and the Re-Enchantment of Art
Lisa Paul Streitfeld, 06.13.2011
Art critic, curator and New Media artist
Shahram Karimi is the consummate artist, master of many mediums. In depositing his emotional baggage in the center of this stunning exhibition, the artist transforms his outsider identity into the ultimate insider.
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AIDS Summit at the UN: Not Enough Talk About Sex
Evelyn Leopold, 06.13.2011
Veteran reporter at the United Nations
World leaders gathered at the United Nations to mark the 30th anniversary of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Adrienne Germain and Alexandra Garita discuss the declaration and the controversies that arise whenever sex is a key part of an agenda.
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Accelerating the Persian and Arab Springs
Alireza Jafarzadeh, 06.13.2011
Author, 'The Iran Threat'
The souring relations between Ahmadinejad and Khameini signal a worsening of the regime's internal strife. The widening gaps represent a turning point for a regime that survives on repression and brute force.
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Truth Will Set You Free
Wajid Ali Syed, 06.13.2011
Journalist and documentary producer
Even if the U.S. and Pakistan were on the same page on how best to combat terrorism, conflicting and false interpretations of history don't help.
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Iran's Physical Abuse and Psychological Torture Needs to Stop
Alex Fattal, 06.13.2011
Ph.D. candidate in anthropology at Harvard University
Last week, our families published information that has been gnawing away at us for many months: my brother Josh and his friend Shane Bauer have been beaten while in Evin Prison in Iran and live under the fear of execution.
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The Damascene Sword
Michael Brenner, 06.13.2011
Senior Fellow, the Center for Transatlantic Relations; Professor of International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
Washington's public reactions to the downward spiral of civil strife in Syria are symptomatic of its general disorientation. When in doubt, revert to hackneyed slogans.
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Egyptian Filmmaker Uses Twitter to Gather 300 GB of Revolution Video (VIDEO)
Andy Plesser, 06.12.2011
Amr Salama, an Egyptian fillmaker and a central figure in creating the alternative media universe during the revolution in Egypt, is finishing a doc...
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Christians at Risk: A Jew's Concern
David Harris, 06.12.2011
Executive Director, AJC; Senior Associate, St. Antony's College, Oxford University
If a page is to be turned in the Arab world's most populous country, it cannot come at the expense of a vulnerable minority. As a Jew, I identify with the Copts' situation.
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The Dirty Tricks Dictators Play
John Jackson, 06.14.2011
Co-Author of Small Acts of Resistance
It is clearer than ever, that movements that are disciplined, non-violent, unified, and politically cunning, pose powerful threats to the autocrats they challenge.
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Arab Americans: Confronting Challenges, Learning Lessons
James Zogby, 06.11.2011
President, the Arab American Institute; Author, "Arab Voices"
This week, a bit of controversy erupted when it was announced that the performance of Malek Jandali, a Syrian musician, had been dropped from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's annual convention.
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Hossein Derakshan: Sued Here and Imprisoned There
Steve Clemons, 06.14.2011
Publisher, 'The Washington Note'
Yesterday, the father of blogging in Iran, Hossein Derakshan, the young person who had helped hundreds if not thousands of bloggers inside Iran, failed to secure an appeal of a 20-year sentence imposed on him by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
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As Sanctions Ratchet Up, Iranian Americans Bear Increasing Burdens
Jamal Abdi, 06.10.2011
Policy Director, National Iranian American Council
It is more important than ever for Americans, particularly Americans of Iranian descent, to evaluate the unintended impact the Iran sanctions coming out of Congress are having here in the U.S.
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