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FROM AP: Explosions rock La chemical plant; no injuries  2 minutes ago
@drgrist: The dark side of clean coal in China:  6 minutes ago
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Who's Left? The World's Most Wanted Criminals
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Patriot Act Extension Signed By Obama
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WATCH: Obama's Tells The Nation That Osama Bin Laden Is Dead
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100% Scared: How the National Security Complex Grows on Terrorism Fears
Tom Engelhardt, 06.09.2011
Editor of TomDispatch.com
in terms of damage since 9/11, terror attacks have ranked above shark attacks but below just about anything else that could possibly be dangerous to Americans
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Sex, Violence, and Terrorism
Connie Lawn, 06.07.2011
The Skiing White House Reporter
Sex, violence, and terrorism. These topics are probably not discussed much in college classes, but they should be. These are the topics we often deal with in the news business.
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Waking Up to the Awakening
Neetu Mahil, 06.07.2011
2011 has begun with a bang. January saw Sudan split in two; February, great upheaval in the Middle East; March, a tri-fold disaster in Japan. April, a...
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A Double Game in Pakistan? More Like Double Shame
Rob Asghar, 06.03.2011
Member, Pacific Council on International Policy
In a nation of 180 million people, only two million Pakistanis pay taxes. This may at first glance seem a tragic consequence of poverty, but bear in mind that roughly 30 percent of Pakistanis live in poverty, not 99 percent.
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9/11 Healing
Joe Peyronnin, 06.02.2011
NYU Journalism Professor
On this coming September 11 it will be ten years since the greatest terrorist attack on American soil. Among the 2,753 people killed in the attack on ...
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First You Must Say Hello
Amitava Kumar, 06.01.2011
Author of "A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb."
While shooting, Tapa was his sole crew, shooting, directing, recording sound; his actors are all non-professionals, appearing in a film for the first time. Tapa has said that he was committed to showing ordinary daily life in Kashmir.
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Donald Rumsfeld: Being Waterboarded Is Better Than Being Killed by a Drone
Elisabeth Braw, 06.01.2011
Senior Reporter, Metro International
"Three prisoners have been waterboarded but not at Guantanamo and not by the Department of Defense. They were waterboarded with the authority of President Bush and the approval of the Department of Justice."
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How to Bring Jihadist Fundamentalism to Its End
Amir Madani, 05.26.2011
Author, 'Afghanistan'
Bin Laden's demise is a serious blow to al-Qaeda but not the end of al-Qaeda, because its ideology endures.
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Responding to Pakistan's Civil War: Cut the Aid, Increase the Trade
Rob Asghar, 05.25.2011
Member, Pacific Council on International Policy
Is Pakistan an unambiguous and unambivalent friend of America? No. But that does not mean it should be turned into an enemy.
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Obama Threatens to Veto Bill Expanding War and Restricting Prosecution of Terrorists
Daphne Eviatar, 05.25.2011
Senior Associate, Human Rights First’s Law and Security Program
As House Republicans continue to press for new and expanded war authority, the White House has issued a rare threat to veto any legislation that would needlessly expand the war on terror.
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The Best Way to Destroy an Enemy
Ethan Casey, 05.25.2011
Author, 'Alive and Well in Pakistan: A Human Journey in a Dangerous Time'
I hope that Pakistanis who are understandably offended by U.S. violation of Pakistan's sovereignty will keep in mind that individual Americans don't represent, nor are we necessarily well represented by, the American government.
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Republicans Quietly Press for Dangerous Expansion of War on Terror
Daphne Eviatar, 05.25.2011
Senior Associate, Human Rights First’s Law and Security Program
While Congressional Republicans argue publicly they're not seeking to expand the War on Terror beyond its current parameters, they're quietly making clear elsewhere that they intend to do just that.
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The President's Speech -- What Obama Should Have Said to AIPAC
Barry Lando, 05.25.2011
Author, "Web of Deceit"
We can no longer afford to confuse supporting the State of Israel with supporting the policies of the leaders who control the Israeli government at a particular time.
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Tough on Terror? Only If It's OK With the Gun Lobby
Dennis A. Henigan, 05.25.2011
Brady Center Vice President and Author of "Lethal Logic"
How can any politician pretend to be serious about protecting the nation from terrorism while voting to allow known terrorists to buy guns?
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Deceptive Desperation
Imran Khan, 05.26.2011
The reluctance of bearded Taliban to carry out their own suicide attacks goes contrary to the "desperation" argument presented by Pakistan's religious right.
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The Fallacies of the Torture Debate
Craig Martin, 05.25.2011
Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore School of Law
In the famous ticking time bomb hypothetical, it is moral to torture one person in order to save the lives of thousands, that the right to life trumps the right to physical integrity and security. This is a false construct.
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Al Qaeda's New Boss and His Challenges Ahead
David de Sola, 05.25.2011
The choice of al-Adel, and the unclear status of Ayman al-Zawahiri, offer some insights into the current state of the organization and the challenges it faces in a post-bin Laden world. Here are the key takeaways.
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Renewing the Patriot Act: Who Will Protect Us From Our Government?
John W. Whitehead, 05.25.2011
Attorney and author
What the Patriot Act did was legitimize a violation of Americans' long-cherished privacy rights. Its passage has snowballed into a massive assault on our constitutional freedoms.
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America's Deadliest School Massacre Is the One You Never Heard Of
Lev Raphael, 05.25.2011
Author, 'Rosedale in Love'
The toll was 44 killed, 58 wounded. The means were unprecedented. In the end, suicide bomber Andrew Kehoe was that American cliché: the kind of man you'd never expect to go criminally berserk.
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Yemen Is the Next Big Battleground
John Kiriakou, 05.25.2011
Former CIA counterterrorism officer
The greatest threat to America's safety and security over the past five years has not been from Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda, dug into Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's been from Yemen-based offshoot al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
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Fault Lines: What We Say (and Don't Say) About Islam
Chez Pazienza, 05.25.2011
CEO, DXM Media/Managing Editor, Deus Ex Malcontent, LLC
At some point we have to stop treading lightly around Muslims as a default position and truly do what we now only claim to do: treat them the same as everybody else. No better and certainly no worse.
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Jury Begins Deliberations In Mumbai Terror Trial
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| 06.09.2011
Al Qaeda's No. 2 Issues Eulogy For Bin Laden
Quick Read | Comments (591) | 06.08.2011
NATO, Russia Chase 'Hijacked' Plane As Part Of First Anti-Terrorism Exercise
Quick Read | Comments (59) | 06.07.2011
WATCH: American-Born Al Qaeda Member Urges U.S. Muslims To Start Killing Americans
Quick Read | Comments (765) | Al Qaeda
Bomb Suspect Nabbed After Three-Hour Stand-Off In England
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| 06.02.2011
Pakistan General Rules Out Waziristan Offensive
Quick Read | Comments (37) | 06.02.2011
U.S. Trolling For Taliban To Open Talks
Quick Read | Comments (1,346) | 06.01.2011
UK Delays Release Of Anti-Terror Cartoon
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| 05.31.2011
Clinton: Osama Bin Laden Raid A Watershed Moment For Pakistan
Quick Read | Comments (270) | Pakistan
Final Suspect Convicted In Plot To Blow Up Jet Fuel Tanks At JFK Airport
Quick Read | Comments (153) | 05.26.2011
Terrorist Names Other Spots He 'Liked' For Future Attacks During Chicago Trial
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| 05.26.2011
Al Qaeda Bomber Leaves Behind A Fingerprint
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| 05.26.2011
Senate Votes To Move Ahead With Patriot Act Extension
Quick Read | Comments (586) | 05.25.2011
Troop Morale In Afghanistan Plummets
Quick Read | Comments (5,343) | 05.25.2011
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Osama Bin Laden's Final Message To His Children: 'I'm Sorry For Neglecting You'
Osama Bin Laden's Abbottabad Neighbors Noticed Unusual Things
9/11 Responders To Be Warned They Will Be Screened By FBI's Terrorism Watch List (EXCLUSIVE)
Osama Bin Laden Death: Obama Ran Serious Risks With Mission To Kill Terrorist Leader
Pentagon To Bin Laden Raid Leakers: Shut Up
Quick Read | Comments (2,050) | 05.25.2011
Bus Bombing Kills Ten In Afghanistan
Quick Read | Comments (96) | Afghanistan
Raiders Knew Bin Laden Mission A One-Shot Deal
Quick Read | Comments (2,482) | Osama bin Laden
Potential Juror In Terrorism Trial Wants Out, Has Oprah Tickets
Quick Read | Comments (40) | 05.25.2011
Pakistan Interrogates Teen Suspected Of Supporting Taliban
Quick Read | Comments (13) | 05.25.2011
Gunmen Kill Saudi Consulate Driver In Pakistan
Quick Read | Comments (228) | 05.25.2011
2 Charged With Terrorism In Alleged NY Synagogue Plot (VIDEO)
Quick Read | Comments (21) | 05.25.2011
The Plan To Kill Osama Bin Laden
Quick Read | Comments (6,591) | 05.25.2011
Obama's Grandmother Reportedly Targeted By Al Qaeda Affiliate
Quick Read | Comments (831) | 05.25.2011
The Age Of The Manhunt
Quick Read | Comments (26) | 05.25.2011
Man Pleads Guilty In Springfield Bomb Plot
Quick Read | Comments (231) | 05.25.2011
U.S. Braced For Fights With Pakistanis In Bin Laden Raid
Quick Read | Comments (1,165) | 05.25.2011
'Natural Viagra' Found At Bin Laden's Compound
Quick Read | Comments (415) | 05.25.2011
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