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June 7, 2011


FROM AP: Clinton off to plot Libya strategy with allies...  just now

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The Twitter Typo That Exposed Weiner
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Steve Rosenbaum: Extreme Transparency: The New Way We Live
CEO, Magnify.net; Author, 'Curation Nation'
My fellow traveler read my powerpoint from behind me on the airplane. And my car service driver watched it live on the web. Certainly my 'private' presentation to the TEDx community was more public than I ever imagined.
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Congressman Weiner and Sexting Amongst Friends
Hemanshu Nigam, 06.07.2011
Founder, SSP Blue; Former NewsCorp/MySpace CSO; Former federal prosecutor
If you're thinking about sexting, you might as well print it, sign it, and put your address, phone, and photo on it and then put it on a billboard in Times Square for the world to see.
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Taking a Vacation From Facebook
Steven Crandell​, 06.07.2011
I am proud of my son. He had the gumption to unfriend the Big Friend-making machine and detach on-line from his peer group.
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Announcement of "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" From E3 2011
Sony 'learns lessons' from hacks
LHC scientists trap antimatter
Weinergate's Lasting Impact: The First Big Social Media Political Sex Scandal
William Bradley​, 06.07.2011
Political Analyst, NewWestNotes.com
It seems fitting that Anthony Weiner's surrealistic meltdown of a press conference came on the same day that Steve Jobs unveiled another path to making our lives more virtual, more convenient, and more risky.
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Innovate: Education -- The Next Literacy
Mickey McManus​, 06.07.2011
President and CEO, MAYA Design, Inc.
What if there were a basic literacy beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic that we missed, or that wasn't necessary until this moment in our history?
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Seeking the Lost Seeds of Big Bang
Santhosh Mathew, PhD, 06.07.2011
Professor and science writer
Physicists believe an asymmetry that occurred in the early universe is the root cause of everything, including our own existence.
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How Do We Buy the Best Camera for Our Needs?
Digital 1 to 1, 06.06.2011
When buying a camera we need to ask ourselves what kind of photographer are we? And what are our comfort zones when taking pictures? And how do we want to experience our photography?
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Apple: A Video Game Giant, Missing in Action at E3
Roy Bahat, 06.06.2011
President, IGN Entertainment
More games have been published on Apple's platforms than any other. They are far and away the most commonly created and downloaded apps, and millions of birds are not happy.
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A Nation in Need of Awe
Terry Newell, 06.04.2011
Founder, Leadership for a Responsible Society
NASA launches have become so routine that the media barely take notice. After 125 missions, perhaps this is to be expected. We can get used to almost anything, taking for granted what our energy, ingenuity, and dreams have granted us.
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A Struggle Over the Sovereignty of the Net and Nations
Jeff Jarvis, 06.03.2011
Author: 'Public Parts', 'What Would Google Do?'
With the net, we have a counterweight to government and media. So the net is not a subset of lands we now know. It is not a a new land. It is the public sphere. Or it can be. It is up to us to protect it.
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Social Influence in Real-Time
Beverly Macy, 06.06.2011
Co-Author, 'The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing'
Yes, Facebook presents the possibility of a massive marketplace, some 700 million strong. And a viral video can garner millions of views. But coaxing that interest into a transaction remains the brass ring everyone's grabbing for.
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Are Movie Theaters Doomed?
Seth Shostak​, 06.06.2011
Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
To combat new technologies Hollywood could try a tactic it's used before by vastly improving the "movie-going experience," perhaps with such a quantum leap in visual quality as to keep people streaming to the multiplex.
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Apple Issues Malware Fix But it's Time for Mac Users to Wake Up
Larry Magid, 06.03.2011
Technology journalist
As Microsoft did a number of years ago, Apple needs to admit it has security issues and not only provide technology fixes but also education to help its customers understand that using a Mac, while nice, is not all worry-free.
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Blogworld Expo NYC -- 2011
Marcia G. Yerman​, 06.06.2011
NYC writer focusing on women's issues; co-founder, cultureID
The BlogWorld and New Media Expo, recently held in New York City, was packed with panels and content based on a series of different "tracks." Content creation, publicity, mobile, branding, media, and monetization were just a few of the offerings.
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Why Loyal3 May Point the Way to a Successful Facebook IPO, And More
David Kirkpatrick​, 06.03.2011
Author, 'The Facebook Effect'
Loyal3 could help answer the question of how Facebook might both go public and retain its independence and innovativeness, without being crushed by Wall Street's shortsighted pursuit of quarterly profit.
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Anonymous Declares Cyberwar Against 'the System'
Timothy Karr, 06.03.2011
Campaign Director, Free Press and SavetheInternet.com
A new YouTube manifesto from someone claiming to speak for Anonymous calls on everyone in the online world to join a revolt against governments and corporations that are intent upon stifling free speech online.
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Is 3D Dying or Just Leveling Off?
Scott Mendelson​, 06.03.2011
Film Critic
About 18 months after Avatar turned everyone into a 3D fanatic, the 'cool' factor is wearing off, as audiences are realizing that most 3D isn't going to blow their minds or take them to another world of immersion.
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DUMBO Wi-Fi: Taking Your Office Outdoors
Tucker Reed, 06.03.2011
Director of Special Projects, Two Trees Management Company
As the Digital Age changes our personal relationships, information consumption and business operations, is it also going to change our physical environment as well?
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Exclusive: BBC Reports 10 Million Apps Downloaded Worldwide
Andy Plesser​, 06.03.2011
The iPad has "truly become the fourth screen." Session time on the device matches the time spent with traditional media such as periodicals and television.
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Using New Technology as Early Detection to Fight Costly Silent Killer
Hilary Kramer, 2011.06.07
Does 'iTunes Match' Offer 'Parley' to Music Pirates?
Eliot Van Buskirk, 2011.06.07
Weinergate's Lasting Impact: The First Big Social Media Political Sex Scandal
William Bradley​, 2011.06.07
Taking a Vacation From Facebook
Steven Crandell​, 2011.06.07
Extreme Transparency: The New Way We Live
Steve Rosenbaum​, 2011.06.07
Apple Leaves Facebook In The Cold
Experts Struggle To Define A New Breed Of Hacker
Apple's Biggest News: The Top 5 Announcements
David Kusek: Apple iCloud -- Amnesty for Music Pirates?
Nintendo Unveils All-New Wii Console
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iOS 5 vs. iOS 4: What's New?
So-So Or Superb? Critics Take On Apple's iCloud
'The Sims' Will Soon Be On Facebook
Staggering Stats From Apple's Press Conference
Groupon Gets To The Grocery Store
Facebook, Microsoft Back AT&T;'s T-Mobile Takeover
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Lady Gaga Backs New Social Network
11 Things You Need To Know About Apple's iOS 5
Still-Frail Steve Jobs Takes The Stage For Big Press Conference
Hackers Claim ANOTHER Sony Attack
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Apple Unveils iTunes Match
All About Apple's Lion
Even More Skype Problems Reported
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Live TV Comes To Xbox 360
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How Apple's New Music Services Measure Up To The Competitions'
FBI Partner Attacked By Hackers, Passwords Stolen
Critics Point To Groupon Warning Signs
China Paper Warns Google May Pay Price For Hacking Claims
Nintendo Hacked
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