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11 Nov 2007 - 20 Oct 2017
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Security Chaos and Misuse of Weapons
Press Releases
08-Feb. 2009PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Death of Palestinian Tortured by Security Services in Khan Yunis
01-Dec. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigating the Death of Kamel Nofal at the Hands of Police in El-Maghazi Refugee Camp
30-Nov. 2008PCHR Condemns Attacking Journalists and Media Institutions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
27-Nov. 2008
PCHR Is Concerned Over Regrettable Incidents at Al-Aqsa University in Khan Yunis and Al-Azhar University in Gaza City  
10-Nov. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigations into Wounding 5 Palestinian Civilians by the Palestinian Police in Hebron
19-Oct. 2008PCHR Condemns Eruption of Violence at Gaza City’s al-Azhar University
07-Oct. 2008PCHR Calls for Disclosure of Circumstances of Palestinian Death in Custody in Jericho
05-Oct. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Killing of Mohammed al-Masri in Khan Yunis
05-Oct. 2008PCHR Condemns Attack against Former PLC Member Ra’fat al-Najjar and Family by Palestinian Police
18-Sep. 2008
PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Death of a Palestinian Following Abduction by Unknown Militants
16-Sep. 2008
11 Palestinians, Including 2 Children and a Police Officer, Killed and 42 Others Wounded in Clashes between the Police and Wanted Persons in the Gaza Strip
11-Sep. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigation into Wounding a Palestinian Child by the Security Services in Bethlehem
31-Aug. 2008Girl Murdered by Relatives in Khan Yunis to “Maintain Family Honor” 
15-Jun. 2008
Stop This Tragedy! PCHR Concerned Over Casualties Caused by Continuing Internal Explosions: 8 Palestinians, Including a Child, Killed and More than 40 Injured After Explosion in Beit Lahia
04-Jun. 2008
Woman Murdered by Relatives to “Maintain Family Honor”
25-May 2008PCHR Warns against the Continued Militarizing of Society, Hamas Members Takeover the Khan Yunis Youth Club
21-May 2008PCHR Seriously Concerned by Abductions and Interrogations of Palestinians by Al-Quds Battalions
05-May 2008PCHR Condemns Student Clashes in Al-Azhar University Yesterday
04-May 2008Armed Clashes between El-Qassam Battalions and National Resistance Battaltions Kill 1 Civilian in Rafah
16-Apr. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigation into Wounding 4 Civilians by Security Forces in Nablus
15-Apr. 2008PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Death of a Palestinian Following Abduction by Unknown Militants
05-Mar. 2008PCHR Condemns Assault on Director of Gaza Community Mental Health Programme in Central Gaza 
25-Feb. 2008
PCHR Calls for Independent Investigation into Death of Detainee Subjected to Torture and Medical Negligence
18-Feb. 2008
PCHR & Al-Mezan Call for Investigating the Explosion in El-Bureij Refugee Camp
15-Feb. 2008Unidentified Militants Attack YMCA Headquarters in Gaza City
03-Jan. 2008Seven Killed and Dozens Injured in the Gaza Strip: Gaza Human Rights Organizations Condemn Violence between Fatah Supporters and Palestinian Police in the Gaza Strip
09-Dec. 2007
PCHR Calls for Investigating the Abduction, Torture, and Shooting of 3 Gazans
08-Nov. 20073 Palestinians Killed and 11 Others Wounded in Gaza Strip since the Beginning of This Week
28-Oct. 2007
PCHR Condemns Threats against PICCR
28-Oct. 2007
3 Young Women Killed in Qalqilya in 2 “Honor Killing” Crimes
21-Oct. 2007
PCHR Calls for Investigating the Death of 4 Palestinians and injury of 31 in Rafah and Gaza City
21-Oct. 2007PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Death of a Palestinian Who Was Detained by Militants
02-Oct. 2007PCHR Calls for Investigation into Incidents in Abassan Village
02-Oct. 2007PCHR Calls for Investigating the Injury of a Woman and her Son
02-Oct. 2007PCHR Condemns the Abduction and Torture of PFLP Activist in Gaza
16-Sep. 2007PCHR Condemns the Attack on Watan Press Office in Gaza
03-Sep. 2007PCHR Calls for Investigation into the Killing of a Child at Rafah International Crossing Point
26-Aug. 2007
Palestinian Killed and 3 Injured, including a Woman, in Security Chaos Incidents
19-Aug. 2007PCHR Calls for Investigating the Abduction and Killing of a Palestinians from Nuseirat Refugee Camp
15-Aug. 2007New Murder Crime in what is known as “Honor Killing” in the Northern Gaza Strip
26-July 2007 PCHR Condemns the Raid on Afaq TV Station in Nablus and Destruction of Its Equiopment
26-July 2007PCHR Condemns the Bloody Clashes between El-Shabeba and Islamic Student Blocs inside El-Najah University in Nablus
24-July 2007PCHR Calls for Investigating the Assault on PLC Member Ashraf Jum’a in Rafah
22-July 2007Executive Force Raid the Beit Lahia Development Association in the Northern Gaza Strip
22-July 2007PCHR Condemns the Murder of 3 Young Women in the Gaza Strip 
18-July 2007PCHR Condemns Assault against PLC Member in Nablus
05-July 2007Urgent Call for al-Quds Brigades to Keep a Suspect of Collaboration with Israeli Security Services Alive and to Hand Him over to the Palestinian National Authority
27-June 2007PCHR Is Deeply Concerned Over Storming Headquarters of Gaza Governorate by the Executive Force
14-June 2007Victims of Internal Clashes between Fatah and Hamas Increase: 84 Killed including 2 Children, 5 Women, and 15 other Civilians; and nearly 600 Injured
13-June 2007Another Bloody Day in the Gaza Strip: 36 Palestinians Killed and 250 Others Wounded in the Fighting between Fatah and Hamas Movements
12-June 2007Gaza Drowns in Blood Because of the Conflict between Fatah and Hamas Movements
11-June 2007
Bloody Fighting in Gaza on the First Day of the General Certificate of Education Exams
10-June 2007PCHR Condemns Internal Fighting in Rafah
20-May. 2007PCHR Calls for a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Gaza Clashes, 47 Killed and Scores Injured in Internal Fighting Between Fatah and Hamas
17-May. 2007A New Nakba in the Occupied Palestinian Territory: 32 Palestinians Killed and Dozens of Others Wounded in Bloody Internal Fighting in the Gaza Strip
14-May. 2007Four Palestinians Killed and 30 Injured, including 3 Children, in Renewed Internal Fighting
07-May 2007
PCHR Strongly Condemns Bloody Attack in Rafah: A Palestinian Killed and 7 Others Wounded
13-Mar. 2007Alan Johnson! Sorry…They are not Part of Us
27-Feb. 2007PCHR Condemns the Killing of 3 Women from Gaza City
27-Jan. 2007Are We Proud of This?! 19 Palestinians, Including Two Children, Killed and at Least 70 Others Wounded in Shameful Bloody Clashes between Hamas and Fatah Movements
24-Jan. 2007Prisoner Detained by the Executive Force Dies in Suspect Circumstances
07-Jan. 2007PCHR Calls for an End of Violence between Fatah and Hamas Movements
19-Dec. 2006PCHR Condemns Escalating Violence between Fatah and Hamas Movements: 6 Persons Killed, 26 Others Wounded and Mutual Kidnappings
11-Dec. 2006Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Call upon the PNA to Urgently Take Measures to Ensure the Security of People
15-Oct. 2006PCHR Condemns Attack on Palestine Workers Radio
03-Oct. 2006PCHR Condemns the Violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
02-Oct. 2006PCHR Condemns Bloody Incidents in Gaza
17-Sep. 2006PCHR Condemns Attacks on Palestinian Churches
17-Sep. 2006PCHR Condemns the Killing of a General in the General Intelligence Apparatus and his 4 Bodyguards in Gaza City
28-Aug. 2006Palestinian Killed by the Executive Force in Khan Yunis
06-Aug. 2006Two International Journalists Kidnapped in Gaza City Yesterday
06-Aug. 2006PCHR is Concerned Over the Repeated Attacks on Prisons, and Calls for Investigating these Attacks: 6 Palestinians Killed and 3 Injured by Gunmen in an Attack on Jericho Central Prison
13-Jun. 2006Serious Escalation in Tensions between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and West Bank
05-Jun. 2006Serious Escalation in Tensions Between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip
29-May. 2006PCHR Condemns the Attempted Abduction of Ashraf Nasrallah in Gaza
23-Apr. 2006Following Clashes and Tension between Fatah and Hamas, PCHR Calls for Use of Dialogue and the Law
01-Apr. 2006
PCHR Condemns the Clashes between Palestinian Gunmen and Security Personnel in Gaza City
15-Mar. 2006PCHR Strongly Condemns Attacks on International Institutions and Citizens
15-Feb. 2006Child Killed in a Family Dispute in Khan Yunis
14-Feb. 2006
University Lecturer Injured by Gunmen in Gaza City
10-Feb. 2006Egyptian Diplomat Kidnapped in Gaza
09-Feb. 2006
A Palestinian Family Survives a Stray Rocket Launched by Palestinian Gunmen against Israeli Targets
09-Feb. 2006
Theft of Green Houses and Agricultural Equipment in the Evacuated Settlements
05-Feb. 2006
PCHR Strongly Condemns Attacks on International Institutions and Citizens
05-Jan. 2006
Security Chaos Deteriorates Daily: Two Egyptian Soldiers Killed by Palestinian Gunmen on the Egyptian Border, and a Palestinian is Killed by Gunmen in Gaza
04-Jan. 2006
Two Citizens Killed in a Family Quarrel in Khan Yunis and Gunmen Raid Public Institutions in Rafah
02-Jan. 2006
Unknown Armed Persons Blow up UNRWA Beach Club in Gaza and Others Kidnap and Italian Citizen in Khan Yunis