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29 Nov 2010 - 05 Sep 2012
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Cairo 32-22
Folk: turning back the clock
An evening of story telling by Samira Kirollos explores the rich lives of three Pharaonic icons: Akhnaton, Hatshepsut and Cleopatra  
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Gaza Monologues in Rawabet
Folk Arts: Gaza Monologues
Folk Hero:Al-Zahir Beibars
The classic epic of real-life-figure-turned-hero al-Zahir Beibars describes a struggle between the good and the bad during the 300-year reign of the mighty Mamluk generals

Egypt in Colours - Transforming and Enriching Cairo
Egypt in colours is an initiative started in February 2011 by five Faculty of Arts graduates, with a passion for art that they always wanted to share with the public

Street Smart: The hidden jewel on Shawarbi Street
The city has a way of accommodating the past without deferring to it; scratch beneath the layers added by time and another age is there to be discovered

Street Smart: The Jewish alley of Old Cairo
Ahram Online visits part of Egypt’s lost heritage, the Jewish alley of Old Cairo, known as Haret El-Yahud

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Folk: El Tanboura - celebrating 22 years of resistance
For 22 years, El-Tanboura folk troupe have been documenting our social history through songs of resistance

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