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Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Cairo 32-22
The parameters of change in Egypt’s foreign policy
Emad Gad

In place of the old policies which were designed to safeguard the regime's interests, new approaches to the Palestinian question and other regional issues are being drawn up that will reflect Egypt's new voice

Netanyahu and the Arab spring
Abdel Moneim Said

It has not taken long for US president Barack Obama’s reaching out towards the Arab revolutionaries to run up against the Israeli wall

The ICC’s Challenge in the Middle East and North Africa
Habib Nassar

The ICC must better communicate what is driving its actions to the public of the Middle East and elsewhere if it is to develop confidence in its capacity to act as a guardian of international criminal law

A memory of youth
Mona Anis

Remembering the student uprising of 1972 and its leader Ahmed Abdalla

Time for a new era of growth with social justice
Juan Somavia

The Director-General of the International Labour Organization pledges for a new era where people’s needs are at the heart of policy-making and the benefits of globalization are shared equitably

Managing unity and the power struggle among the forces of the January 25 revolution
Taha Abdel Alim

For Egypt's future to reflect the hopes and demands of the revolutionary forces, they will have to come together to raise the country's economic and cultural conditions

Remembering Ahmed Abdalla
Roger Owen

Ahmed Abdalla, political scientist and activist, died five years ago today. In this talk given on the first anniversary of his death, Roger Owen recalls the man and the historic events he witnessed as an active participant

Happy Turks
Abdel Moneim Said

Real democracy is an intricate everyday process, as Turkey has found and continues to learn


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