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May 19, 2011
9:04 AM
Who ya got?
Written by Dan Huard • Filed under Company
From former Presidents to sports gods to the
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Apr 20, 2011
10:44 AM
GUESTPOST: Cause-Based Social Media and the Power of Acquaintance
Written by Jerryjamesstone • Filed under Company
Everybody remembers their first time and mine was January 15, 2009.
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Apr 11, 2011
1:30 PM
Algorithm Experiments and Better Comments
Written by Will Larson • Filed under Company
update:The best sort has been temporarily turned off pending a bug fix
update 2:The best sort has been turned back on
Trucking right along, the Digg team has a couple of new site changes to discuss which are either going live today or have already been live for a couple of days.
Let's dive a little deeper into these changes.
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Apr 11, 2011
10:15 AM
Tune in today and tell us "who's got next?"
Written by Emily Crume • Filed under Company
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Apr 5, 2011
9:21 AM
Digg Dialogg with Guy Kawasaki!
Written by Emily Crume • Filed under Company
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Apr 1, 2011
8:46 AM
Written by Ben_fw • Filed under Company
As many of you know, we've been working hard over here at Digg.
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Mar 29, 2011
10:19 AM
How Digg is Built
Written by Dave Beckett • Filed under Technology
At Digg we have substantially rebuilt our infrastructure over the last year in what we call "Digg V4". This blog post gives a high-level view of the systems and technologies involved and how we use them. Read on to find out the secrets of the Digg engineers!
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Mar 22, 2011
10:26 AM
GUEST POST: Political Social Media Extends Way Beyond The Binary System
Written by Dirtyfries • Filed under Company
Welcome to our first guest blog post! We're looking for community members with a true passion for social media.
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Mar 21, 2011
1:26 PM
The Digg Goes On
Written by Matt Williams • Filed under Company
Got some love from a longtime Digg user at SXSW: “If I don’t start my day with Digg, it’s not a good day.” We’ve had some great comments like this from many of our users, and several questions at the
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Mar 16, 2011
4:00 PM
How to Get Started on Digg and Filtering My News Recent
Written by Will Larson • Filed under Company
Building on our recent launches of My News Trending and removing RSS, we have another batch of improvements launching today on Digg:
  1. streamlining the experience for new users,
  2. making it possible to filter your My News Recent by activity type,
  3. easier searching with an updated site header,
  4. improved About site with better navigation.
Now let's dive a little bit deeper into these changes and what motivated them.
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