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The Most Ridiculous Anti-Bullying PSA Ever
blogs.seattleweekly.com — Bullying is a serious problem in the United States. That said, the following video that 16-year-old beauty pageant participant Courtney Stodden rec... 13 hr 59 min ago View in Crawl 4
Abandoned Russian Riviera: Resort Paradise to Ruins [46 PICS]
lovethesepics.com — Once upon a time, in a subtropical climate on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, there were glorious scenic wonders like beautiful beaches, lush wooded mou... 23 hr 3 min ago View in Crawl 4
Don't Waste Your Time on the Film "Tree of Life"
splicetoday.com — The Tree of Life is one of the most pretentious, self-serving, self-indulgent, vague, incomprehensible, and mind-numbingly boring films I’ve ever s... 14 hr 47 min ago View in Crawl 4
LulzSec Takes Down Two Brazilian Government Websites
gizmodo.com — After hitting Bethesda Softworks, the US Senate, Sony, terrorists, rival hackers and even the CIA, LulzSec strikes again. The hackers' latest... 21 hr 43 min ago View in Crawl 4
Hey, remember when Mark Cuban played for the Mavericks? [image]
midwestsportsfans.com — Admit it: you forgot Mark Cuban played for the Dallas Mavericks before becoming their owner 10 hr 38 min ago View in Crawl 4
Manage Your Contacts More Efficiently with CRM
allthingscrm.com — What is CRM? How is CRM useful to you? How can CRM systems help you manage your contacts more efficiently? What reporting elements are available wh... 10 hr 39 min ago View in Crawl 4
Earth Day Predictions of 1970. The End Is Near
island-adv.com — Harvard Biologist: “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” - “It is already... 11 hr 10 min ago View in Crawl 4
Very Well SAID!!! (Comic)
datsucks.com — Made my day!! :D 21 hr 8 min ago View in Crawl 4
World’s Strangest Delicacies !
boredplace.com — Every culture has their own traditional foods and methods of preparation, but what seems mouth-watering to some can be utterly vomit-inducing to ot... 16 hr 20 min ago View in Crawl 4
Video: Wildfires Cause "Animal Cops'" Houston SPCA to Evacuate Animals
blogs.discovery.com — A wildfire breakout in Texas on Friday made the Houston SPCA -- known from our series Animal Cops Houston -- decide to evacuate 40 horses, donkeys ... 11 hr 49 min ago View in Crawl 4
First Look at David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method"
empireonline.com — David Cronenberg, a filmmaker who's spent his illustrious career examining the darker recesses of the human psyche, has found kindred spirits ... 11 hr 50 min ago View in Crawl 4
Kreayshawn: Female Rapper Against Fashion Labels and Hip-Hop Trends
splicetoday.com — Kreayshawn, a self-described editor, director and artist who studied at Berkeley film school, challenges the conspicuous consumption favored in hip... 11 hr 1 min ago View in Crawl 4
Jake and Amir: Daughter
collegehumor.com — Family is like milk. Spoiled rotten. 10 hr 55 min ago View in Crawl 4
Facebook's Journey From Founding to IPO [INFOGRAPHIC]
mashable.com — Here's a quick look about how far Facebook has come from scrappy dorm-room startup to world-changing enterprise. 7 hr 43 min ago View in Crawl 4
Google Plus 1 Button Influences Search Engine Optimsiation
sigmainfotech.com.au — Google’s + 1 Button-Search Engine Optimsiation is one the major ways of generating traffic to a website and the recent release of Google’s + 1 butt... 22 hr 7 min ago View in Crawl 4
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