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Crawling, indexing & ranking
Learn about building search-engine-friendly sites and diagnosing issues with your site's crawling, indexing or ranking.
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Malware & hacked sites
Learn how to recover from being hacked, how to prevent malware, and how to remove the "This site may harm your computer" warning.
6330 discussions
Images & video content
Find out more about the tips and tricks of working with images and video content when it comes to interaction with search engines.
945 discussions
Problems or questions about verifying your site in Webmaster Tools? Start here.
7462 discussions
Removing content
Get help removing information from Google's search results. Post your URL(s) using a URL shortener if you don't want your post associated with that URL in search results.
3860 discussions
Webmaster Tools
Get help with the tools & data available in Google's Webmaster Tools.
11485 discussions
Sitemaps are a way to tell Google about pages on your site we might not otherwise discover. They're a valuable addition to your site but do not control how many or which pages will be indexed.
5583 discussions
Google +1 button
+1 is shorthand for "this is pretty cool" or "you should check this out." Let visitors recommend your pages right on your website and help your site stand out. Learn more about the +1 button.
155 discussions
Chat with fellow site owners about website issues not covered above.
6673 discussions
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