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28 Nov 2010 - 13 Jan 2022
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Sunday, 12 June 2011
Cairo 32-20
Libya frees MBC cameraman after two months
Egypt Salafist party gets green light
High judicial authority shelves interrogations of judges critical of military trials
Two judges critical of military trials of civilians had no intention to insult the military judiciary
National Council meets for the first time
Representatives of the country's main political forces assemble in National Council's first meeting
Teenage activist claiming police brutality accused of lying
The Khaled Said Facebook page expressed doubts about Salma El-Sawy’s alleged kidnap and torture by National ‎Security forces
Arrested peasants, workers and students to be detained for an extra 15 days
Demonstrators arrested on Wednesday to be further detained, lawyers appeal and activists condemn arrests as anti-democratic
Arms deals with Egypt to continue, says US
A Pentagon official confirms that arms deals with Egypt will not be affected by the revolution
Egypt secularist forces want constitution first, elections later
Liberal and secular political activists are haunted by growing fears that the policies of the ruling Military Council might end up serving the interests of Islamists – especially the Muslim Brotherhood
Renewed strikes met with police aggression
Egyptian workers take to the streets, defying the controversial anti-strike law, as they call for better working conditions but the police use force to cut out their voice  
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Israeli spy detained for 15 days
A Mossad officer's laptop contained top-secret information, according to MENA

Prosecutor General continues investigations into lootings of presidential palaces
A few medals and gold jewelry have been found left in Mubarak's palaces, according to an investigative committee

Culture council general secretary boycotts national dialogue ‎
Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, the Supreme Council of Culture's general secretary, announced ‎that he will not take part in the National Dialogue’s seminar about the future of culture ‎in Egypt

'We tried to assassinate Mubarak 12 times,' says leader of El Jamaa El Islamiya
The leader of group that killed Sadat gave an interview Sunday in Kuwaiti news

Sorour’s supporters assault photographers
Fathi Sorour’s supporters assaulted photojournalists for trying to take ‎photos of the former parliamentary speaker

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