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Friday, 24 June 2011
Cairo 35-22
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‘‘Why does everyone assume that the MB will be the biggest party? Even this article says "the Muslim Brotherhood remains the largest political party in the country". Based on what evidence? Five polls have been held: Pew, Gallup, IRI, Charney and (sorry, I've forgotten the name)........’’
Ali Ramzy
20:34 WADA falsely accused Ghaly of doping, says CAS
18:42 ICC judges to announce Gaddafi warrant decision
18:39 Egypt's military council: We are committed to a civic democratic state
18:30 Oil drops 5 per cent as international reserves are tapped
18:17 Serena Williams wins in 3 sets to reach 3rd round
18:06 Egypt eyes $1 billion worth of investment in pharmaceuticals
17:46 Presidential candidate Amr Moussa visits Pope Shenouda III
17:35 EGX30 ended the week in green by 0.10 per cent with high turnover
17:06 Clashes outside Senegal parliament over vote law reform
17:06 US calls for 'immediate' power transfer in Yemen
17:05 Gasperini top pick for Inter job
16:53 Turkish court refuses to release new MPs from prison
16:13 Bahrain opposition slams life terms for Shiite activists
16:08 No action for Mido with Zamalek this season
16:02 Dissident MB youth hold founding meeting of new party
15:48 Algeria’s new coach targets 2013 ACN and 2014 World Cup
15:33 Ashley Young joins Manchester United
15:21 Apple removes anti-Israel app from App Store
15:19 Palestinians easing demands for settlement freeze
15:14 Netanyahu seeks communication with Arab facebook generation
15:11 Rights groups find fault with Ben Ali conviction
15:07 Egyptian FA condemns seven clubs for complaining to FIFA
14:50 Global Water Dance Festival in El-Gouna
14:43 Egypt government seeks help of Sinai tribes to protect gas pipeline
14:21 Cigarette prices up again as govt imposes higher sales taxes
14:12 Chinese artist Ai Weiwei: Free in body, not voice
14:11 Wafd announces plans to put up presidential candidate
13:23 Young Santos to compete with Barcelona in Club World Cup
13:17 Allies debate Libya ceasefire, China shifts ground
13:11 Kuwaiti premier weathers bid to oust him

Egypt’s political landscape is dominated these days by the Constitution or elections first debate. Where do you stand?
Parliamentary elections should be held first, and on schedule.
The Constitution should be drawn by a constituent assembly reflecting the aspirations of all sections of the nation. I choose Constitution First.
I support the proposal of possible presidential candidate Mohamed El-Baradei to draw up a Bill of Rights first
I support the proposal of possible presidential candidate Amr Moussa to hold presidential elections first.
I believe the whole debate to be a waste of time.
I have no position on the matter.   

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Debate rages over Constitution or elections first options
The constitution or elections first debate heats up as a call is issued for a million man protest on Friday 8 July, but there are those who believe it's all a waste of time
Egypt's Consensus Conference wants military to guarantee secular character of the State
Amr Moussa outlines road map to Egypt’s transitional period on Twitter
Campaigners seeking new constitution threaten 'million man march' if their demands are not met
Political party seeks to gain momentum in establishing a permanent Egyptian constitution
Egypt PM clarifies his stance on ministerial reshuffle and timing of elections
The 8 July 'Friday of anger' to side-step the consitiution first debate
Egypt outgoing FM calls for a national security council
A memorandum submitted by Foreign Minister Nabil El Araby on the eve of his departure to take over as Arab League chief, urges the government to set up a national security council
Amr Moussa attends farewell event at Arab League
Handing off to Nabil Al-Arabi, Amr Moussa prepares for his bid for the Egyptian presidency, though an internet poll put him behind
Non transparent LE27 billion cuts in 2011/12 budget
One week before the enforcement of the new budget, the sources of only less than a third of the cuts have been revealed by the Egyptian cabinet, with the larger part of the savings still classified
Khufu’s second solar boat revealed
Buried for 4,500 years, King Khufu’s second solar boat, designed to ferry him to the afterlife, has been uncovered
Mubarak's UK fortune £40 million: Ambassador
The British ambassador in Egypt states that the fortune of former president Hosni Mubarak and his associates in the UK may be estimated at £40 million
Ahly and Zamalek to showdown Wednesday
Despite security concerns, the top of the table derby clash between the two Cairo giants will go ahead as scheduled
'Speak up!' blogging on sexual harassment in Egypt just a start
Bloggers and activists tweeted their hearts out to raise awareness about Egypt's sexual harassment plague
Revolutionary dreams on a peasant’s budget
Two revolutions in the offing, yet with soaring production costs and steep loans, Egypt's farmers are.....
Hussein Salem: A businessman from the times of crony capitalism
Al-Ahram, in a four-part series, traces the hidden story of one of the richest men in Egypt, now wanted.....
Under a new Secretary-General, the Arab League begins a new phase in its life
The freedom of disclosure and access to information must be set down in law if the country is to move forward intelligently
To marry a Buddhist
Abdel Moneim Said
Fed a TV diet of trivial issues, the Egyptian public is not asking — neither itself nor others — what really is freedom, what is dignity, and what is justice
Buried for 4,500 years, King Khufu’s second solar boat, designed to ferry him to the afterlife, has been uncovered
The precious artefact collections exhibited at the presidential palaces are safe and sound according to the committee assigned by the Ministry of State for Antiquities
The 14th century house of Zeinab Khatoun in Old Cairo is set to become the headquarters for the Cairo Urban Rehabilitation Project
Egyptian soccer star Hossam Ghaly and an American female marathon runner were falsely suspected of doping because of a Malaysian laboratory’s mistakes, the Court of Arbitration for Sport said in a ruling
Ahmed Hossam's “Mido” registering problems continue, and Zamalek officials ask him to reduce his fees
Algeria's new Bosnian coach, Vahid Halilhodzic, sets his sights on the future but knows that past mistakes must be addressed
Mona Anis
On xenophobia
Fathi's corner
Book review
Tahrir messages
It blooms!
For Libya
Visual Arts
Before and after
Czech finale
Post-Revolution Life
Visual Arts
Film Review
Sarkhet Namla
Muslim Brotherhood youths are seeking independence as they refuse to abide by strict rules imposed by the seniors of the Islamic group
During a career that spanned the 1960s and 70s and placed him firmly in the sphere of Egyptian and regional power, Hussein Salem made the contacts that were to gain him the fortune he sought
The prosecutor general is to form a committee to investigate torture cases, but the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights presses for expediency
Bahrain sentenced eight prominent Shi'ite Muslim activists and opposition leaders to life in prison on Wednesday on charges of plotting a coup during protests in the Gulf island kingdom earlier this year
Wounded Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh is "well" but the date of his return from hospital in Saudi Arabia cannot be confirmed
South Sudan will become a separate country on July 9, but the two sides have yet to come to a final arrangement on how to manage the oil industry after the split
Cigarette prices soar after the government imposes a higher sales taxes on all Egyptian brands
Decision on minimum wage for private sector riding on two issues, says manpower minister
The issue of a variable minimum wage dependent on firm size and geographical location is among those still to be finalised by the governemnt
A World Bank report on assets recovery looks behind the scenes of the political uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa
The Extra Gallery in Zamalek is displaying Esmat Dawestashy's artistic works before and after the Egyptian revolution
On Saturday, 25 June, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra will perform music by Smetana, the historic Czech composer, while recalling the Czech Velvet Revolution and marking the Egyptian Revolution
A 4-day event held at El Sawy Culturewheel aims to show the talents of Libyans in a manner the general public has not been accustomed to

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