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Monday, 04 July 2011
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Khufu’s second solar boat revealed
Buried for 4,500 years, King Khufu’s second solar boat, designed to ferry him to the afterlife, has been uncovered  
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Egypt Minister of Antiquities Hawas to assert rights of countries with ancient civilisations in Peru conference
The protection of ancient artefacts, whether it be copyrights or the return of those held in international museums or smuggled antiquities, is one item on Egypt's minister of antiquities list at the Peru conference

New Pharaonic artefacts discovered in North Egypt's site of San El-Hagar
A collection of painted blocks used in the construction of king Osorkon II’s temple have been unearthed in San El-Hagar in the Delta city of Sharqia

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Antiquities ministry denies any misappropriation of public funds using artefacts
An official from the antiquities ministry alleges that the independent press and political opponents are behind a rumour campaign to settle old scores

Hawass to give US lectures to promote tourism in Egypt
Egypt's antiquities minister is actively trying to reawaken the country's tourism industry, arguing the economy will only suffer more without a vibrant tourism sector

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Eighth archaeological seminar to be inaugurated Sunday
The eighth archaeological seminar will review new techniques and theories as recovered artifacts go back on display for the first time since the January revolution

Old Cairo's Hanging Church restored
After more than a decade of restoration, the Hanging Church in Old Cairo regains its original lure and allure

Ancient Coptic church to reopen after 13 years for Easter ceremonies
Egypt PM Essam Sharaf is to officially inaugurate the Hanging Church in time for Coptic Easter ceremonies after 13 years of restorations to the building

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The gospel according to Judas
The only known copy of the Gospel of Judas, which casts an unorthodox light on events leading up to the Crucifixion, is returning to Egypt

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20th century courthouse in Alexandria makes Egypt's antiquities list
As one of the newest additions to the antiquities list, the distinguished early 20th century courthouse will receive at least $6.8m in maintenance and will host a museum-like display of its period objects

Safeguarding Egypt's Islamic Heritage
Although it was stolen three months ago, the theft of the minbar (pulpit) in Qanibay El-Ramah mosque was revived two days ago, creating a conflict between the Ministries of Al-Awqaf (religious endowments) and Culture

More than just a street
Al-Muizz Street is officially opened following its recent rehabilitation, carried out with a view to developing it into an open air museum to showcase the best of Cairo's Islamic art

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